Flowers for the Ancients: erotic stories of the ancient world

Fionna Guillaume



In the high hill country the ancient teff grain grew in abundance, cotton was soft as a breeze, gold pebbled every creek bottom, spices flourished in the fields, and cows’ butter was sweetened by the thin mountain air. People ate well, lived well, and prospered. Safe in its mountain stronghold, the land of Sheba gathered wealth the way teff plants gather morning dew. With wealth came leisure and learning; Makeda, the Queen of Sheba, spent her riches liberally to recruit the wisest scholars of the world to her court. And, as everyone knew, it was a court of beauty.

It was common knowledge that the women of Sheba were the world’s most beautiful. With their dark skin, black eyes, and wavy hair, they naturally drew men’s gazes even without adornment. But Sheba’s maidens were richly adorned, clad in white cotton robes so fine they seemed to float with every movement. Their hair, demurely draped in white veils, was braided with golden beads that clicked as they walked, drawing a man’s ear as well as his eye, for nothing is more seductive than a woman’s hair but half-concealed. The ladies of the court wore gold and precious stones, rings upon their fingers and bangles in their ears, bracelets on their wrists, and heavy necklaces across their shoulders.

Of them all, however, none was finer than Queen Makeda. Her white robes were embroidered with gold and silver, jewels flashed from her hair and ears, hands and throat, and she walked heavily beneath the extravagant wealth of her kingdom. She was fabulously wealthy, yes, and also beautiful, for her skin was dark like royal ebony, as smooth as polished wood. Her eyes were dark too, lined with kohl to make them shine, and her curly hair was thick with perfume, combed and braided and glimmering in the light. Her lush figure, always draped in regal costume, was abundant – the envy of every woman and the desire of every man.

Indeed, there was no greater beauty in the known world, but her loveliness was exceeded by a treasure far more precious: intellect surpassing that of all others. Makeda was learned, eloquent, and wise. Fair in all her decisions, careful and poised, she understood the intricacies of both gods and men. It was a point of pride for her people that no other land had a ruler to match their Queen of Sheba.

Therefore it became a problem of some import when the name of a new king, increasingly renowned for wisdom and learning, trickled into Sheba’s court.

“Who is this Solomon?” Makeda demanded, eyes narrow with displeasure.

Flowers for the Ancients: erotic stories of the ancient world Description:

When her body shudders in orgasm, an ancient seer’s third eye opens to the future. Trumpets blaring, the Queen of Sheba invades King Solomon’s court with sensuality and beauty. A woman falls deeply in love with her co-wife, and together their passion births a legendary city. In ancient Tibet, a bride weds seven brothers, then sexually dominates them one by one. A virgin queen claims her place – and her sexuality – with an erotic game among the hanging gardens of Babylon.

They are the Ancients. And these are their stories.

Seven remarkable women are revealed in this collection of erotic tales. Spanning the breadth of the ancient world – from the Sahara to the Himalayas – these tales of sexual discovery offer a glimpse into ancient women’s lives and passions. Inspired by true historical mysteries, with riveting characters, explosive sensuality, compelling settings, and stories swinging from romantic to purely erotic, Flowers for the Ancients combines history, sex, and romance, bringing these long-lost women back to life.

This collection includes six previously published short stories and one new, all set in ancient Africa, Asia, or the Middle East. The print edition is illustrated with original art by the author.

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