Prevarication, Deceitfully Yours

Monica L. Smith



At the tender age of eighteen, Jessica had only memories of her mother Anna Marie – the color of her hair, how it glistened in the golden sunlight, her seductive green eyes that could see straight through to your soul, the fullness of her lips, and the softness of her skin.


Anna Marie had been separated from Jessica early in her life, leaving Jessica to fend for her virtue in the foster care system. Anna Marie didn’t abandon Jessica because she wanted to be free of the responsibility of having a child. She was murdered by her boyfriend, Charlie Daniels.


One of Jessica’s favorite memories of her mother was a song that she sang to her every morning before school, “Good morning to you, good morning to you, good morning my Jessie…get ready for school.”

Prevarication, Deceitfully Yours Description:

Prevarication – Deceitfully Yours, blends a mixture of an awakening of steamy sexual desires with the search for true love. Sub stories within it also provide an element of suspense.


Jessica is a beautiful young Creole nursing student whose life has not been easy. Her mother was murdered when Jessica was very young, and she was bounced between families within the foster care system. Some were pleasant; some were like Hell on Earth, especially since Jessica developed early into a desirable young teen. Finally, at the University of Louisville, she falls in love with Justin, a young man she meets at a party. He fulfills many of her needs, but she realizes she has deeper, kinkier desires in the bedroom – something Justin seems unprepared to offer.


Among the classes she attends is one in pharmacology, taught by a man named Denver. He’s married and has two daughters but he senses Jessica’s desires and soon they begin a sex-based affair. Jessica knows it’s wrong – her heart belongs to Justin – but Denver is an experienced man able to give her what her body craves.


Before the book’s end, there will be a scandalous revelation about the affair that lands on the front page of the newspaper, and another revelation that ties Justin’s mother to the man who killed Jessica’s mother, both threatening to shatter Jessica’s world. Worst of all, one of the men in her life will end up dead.

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