Belonging To Him

Lucie Babikian


Chapter 1

Clutching her jacket against the cool September breeze, Bella walked the dimly lit streets, her heart squeezing in her chest as she tried to push the vivid images from her mind. She just wanted the nightmares to stop.
Bella realized she was just a minute away from reaching Piazza Navona. With long-practiced efficiency, she schooled her features, wiping away any expression that might show her distress.

The atmosphere changed once she stepped out of the narrow street. The crowds buzzed with life all around her, people walking about or sitting around, some of them forming groups, scattering in every direction of the piazza, laughing, and talking. She tore her gaze away, not able to look closely. She wondered how it would feel to be so carefree and happy again.

She heard her best friend, Ariana, calling her. Turning, she spotted her and made her way to where Ariana stood with three of her friends. She knew Giorgio from the couple of times he’d visited Rome. He was a good friend of Ariana, doing his master’s degree in London. She’d also met Monica and Paolo previously at the gatherings she and Ariana had had at their apartment, but she wasn’t as close to them as Ariana was. She liked them, though. They seemed like good people and were fun to be with. However, at this point she wasn’t overly comfortable being close to anyone.

“Ciao,” she said and waved in their direction, but before she got any closer, Ariana flew to her and caught her arm. With a big smile on her pretty face, she dragged Bella to the side, away from their small group.

Belonging To Him Description:

A dark past haunts Bella Valenti and she vows never to open herself to a man again. When she meets billionaire playboy Lorenzo Moretti at a Rome nightclub, she wants nothing more than to escape his magnetism and the vulnerability his presence arouses.

Still, the passion between them can’t be denied, and their first date is electric. She knows his reputation — this will not last. Lorenzo, for his part, finds himself surprisingly intrigued by the puzzle that is Bella.

He whisks Bella off to Monaco, where they succumb to their desires. But Bella’s past catches up with her, and Lorenzo steps in at the right moment to protect her. He demands to know what happened to her in the past, but Bella, worried he will judge her, at first refuses to tell him. It is only after another night of sensual lovemaking, that they both realize that something deep is happening between them, and Bella takes a chance and opens up.
As their love deepens, what neither of them realize is that soon Bella’s dangerous history will no longer remain in the past, and will threaten Bella’s safety, their love, and in the end, both of their lives. Will Lorenzo be able to save her in time? Will they both live through it?

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