Jesus Was a Democrat

Dan DeFreest

Jesus Was A Democrat

The purpose of this book is to offer a historical perspective on how the middle class climbed from the depths of the Great Depression to a level of relative comfort in the 1970s and then watched as Republican policies have slowly eroded the foundations that supported their version of the American dream. From the breaking of labor unions to the repeal of Glass-Steagall, to suppression of the minimum wage, conservative initiatives have focused on elevating those who benefit t most from the free enterprise system at the expense of people who suffer the most from these efforts. To this end, the embracing of Christian ideals and wrapping them around conservative Republican initiatives have ultimately held down the very people whom Jesus admonished us to lift up.

Those initiatives, which I call “moral dichotomies,” are the relevant social issues facing middle-class Americans that conservative lawmakers have been hacking away at and re-defining, while claiming, at the same time, to empathetically understand the pain being endured by the victims of their efforts. Later in this book, we’ll see how this double-minded morality will eventually have dire consequences for the conservatives in future elections, when various demographic elements of the electorate are forced back to the election booths during both off-year and general election years to voice their displeasure. These groups, consisting of women, minorities, the elderly, and disenfranchised lower-middle-class whites, make up a large portion of the real silent majority and are each, as well as collectively, growing. Their voices were heard above the crowd during the last two presidential elections and are becoming louder, even as conservative ideologies have sought to quiet them with redistricting and voter identifi cation laws. Historically, it is these voters who decide who our eventual commander in chief will be.

Jesus Was a Democrat Description:

Since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, conservatives have sought to impose an ideology on the American people that has not intentionally but inherently oppressed the middle class.

As Newton proposed, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” While conservative political initiatives have uplifted the so-called job creators, they have naturally stepped on the middle class in order to do so. Jesus Was a Democrat illustrates how the destruction of private-sector collective bargaining has created a buyer’s market for employers, while the middle class has been forced to accept lower wages and loss of benefits and then watch as American businesses outsource manufacturing jobs to Third World countries.

Using a historical perspective, Jwad demonstrates how Republicans’ ignorance of the past has led to economic and military failure today.

Dan DeFreest has crafted a book that shows how conservatives have stolen the future from our middle class and have brought this country to the brink of political revolution.

Jesus Was a Democrat examines how Republicans have failed to understand their own moral dichotomies and connects the dots between their oppressive ideology and today’s income and wealth disparity.

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