The Geometry of Love

Jessica Levine





I was in the old Barnes & Noble on Eighteenth Street—the original, quirky haven, half on one side of the avenue and half on the other— looking at the remaindered poetry, when I noticed a man wearing two collared shirts, a red one on top of a white one, with the sleeves pushed up. I’d once known someone who dressed like that.

“Michael!” I cried out.

He looked up. He was unshaven and slouched as he’d always been, and a little heavier and grayer, but still handsome enough to stand out in a crowd. A tall man, with a large, important-looking head and an arresting gravity of expression. Just what you’d expect a struggling composer to look like.

“Julia!” he exclaimed.

We stared at each other across the remainders table for a long second. I knew Michael well. While a graduate student at Yale a decade before, he’d shared an apartment with my boyfriend, Ben.

“Wow,” I said, as he came over and gave me a hug.

“You look beautiful! I almost didn’t recognize you. I mean, you were always beautiful, but now, with the makeup and the shorter hair, you’re gorgeous.”

“You look good too,” I said. “But what’s that?” I dared to touch the long scar starting at the jawbone and running down the left side of his

The Geometry of Love Description:

In THE GEOMETRY OF LOVE, an aspiring poet is living with her reliable boyfriend when she is thrown off-balance by a chance meeting in New York with an old flame, a composer who ignites her creativity.

Torn between her need for security and her desire for a more passionate and independent life, Julia grapples with questions of artistic inspiration, erotic love, and infidelity.

This beautifully written debut explores the surprising ways we make romantic choices and how those decisions shape our lives.

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