Boundaries Redefined

Bhagya Chandra



The Darshan International Hotel buzzed with activity as the staff diligently prepared the venue for the day’s meeting. The project manager, Mr. Ayub Khan, scrutinized their progress, eyes flitting every now and then to the entrance, which Mrs. Thomas, the secretary to the managing director of Sharma Industries, was due to breeze through any minute.

The impeccable service, elegant interior décor, exceptional dining options, and immaculate external appearance made the Darshan International a preferred choice for Sharma Industries’ annual meetings. The hotel offered a balanced blend of ancient sophistication and modern convenience. Mrs. Thomas arrived early in order to inspect the arrangements. A lively and upbeat Anglo-Indian lady in her fifties with slightly graying hair, she’d been working with Varun Sharma, the managing director of Sharma Industries, since the beginning of the company and took great pride in organizing the annual event.

The spacious rectangular conference room could accommodate over a hundred and fifty people. The plush-backed chairs formed two columns on the carpeted floor, facing a purpose-built stage with a large white screen to one side. Mrs. Thomas projected the presentation on the screen to test for alignment and clarity, and, once satisfied, made sure the lighting and temperature in the room was ideal. She paused and looked around, pleased all was in order.

The food arrangements were a feast for the eye. Pastries, tea, coffee, and pitchers brimming with fruit juice awaited enticingly on tables lined up along the back wall. “Mr. Khan, please ensure the tea and coffee are continuously refilled and that the beverages are hot,” she said as they walked to the dining area. Mrs. Thomas quickly glanced through the menu and confirmed it with Mr. Khan. She inspected one last time, then with a warm glow of satisfaction walked back to the conference room to take charge of the presentation.

Boundaries Redefined Description:

Widowed one-week into her marriage, Kirthi accepts her fate and resolves not to be a grieving widow all her life. She begins to rebuild her life by focusing on a career. She is hired by Sharma Industries to avert the company’s collapse.

Aditya, heir to Sharma Industries returns to India from the United States and moves right into Kirthi’s lonely and depressed heart, offering her a life she only dreamed about. Constrained by the oppressive taboo preventing all widows from remarrying, Kirthi struggles with the haunting question: would Aditya love her if he knew?

Brought together by work, drawn closer through friendship, pulled apart by cultural taboos, their love shatters prejudice and offers hope.

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