Reading from “Strangers in Another Country” by Larry Taylor

Larry Taylor

strangersSet in the late 60s the stories attempt to describe problems encountered by a handful of marginal men of color with personal and social issues who find themselves on an elusive quest for a “better life” in two culturally different environments: London, England, and Stockholm, Sweden.

The main characters are few and most of them are from Guyana, a former British colony situated on the mainland of South America. The other main characters are from the English-speaking Caribbean island of Trinidad (& Tobago). There is an Afro-American and a West African from Gambian.

The first tale is about loneliness, lovelessness, disappointment and despair in the life of Mr. Charlie Cheddar in London.

However, a recently acquired friend Julian has promised to introduce him to Helen, believing that a love relationship would change his life to one of positivity. And so he is hopeful that the day´s event would restore happiness and joy in his life.

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