Ghosts and Physics

April Arnold



“What are you getting?” Mick asked, still absorbed in the “entrees” section of the menu as well as the giant glass of iced tea he’d been sipping for the past several minutes.

Katie dropped her own menu onto the table, scrunched her eyes closed in concentration, and waved her right hand around in circles before slamming a single finger down onto a random portion of menu print. She opened her eyes and replied, “Apparently I’m having the ‘printed in USA.'”

“Of course you are. I should’ve known. But I’ll bet the grilled salmon would work better for your stomach.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Printer ink always has given me indigestion. Then the salmon it is! What are you having?”

“Hamburger with extra ‘burger,'” Mick said.

“They call that a ‘double’ now. C’mon, Mick, this is a seafood restaurant. The surf ‘n turn option is the only scenario in which you’re allowed to order anything that doesn’t breathe underwater.”

“Who says?”

Kate closed her menu and pointed at the front-page logo. “Eva does. She owns the place. She gets final say.”

Mick grinned. “If she has final say, then why did she put a hamburger on the menu in the first place?”

“Well if you’re gonna get all nitpicky,” Katie responded with a teasing pout. She removed the silverware that had been wrapped tightly and sanitarily inside her napkin then looked down just long enough to lay said napkin in her lap. When she looked back up again, Mick was staring disbelievingly at his menu. Precisely where the item “hamburger” had been printed, there was now a big, black, burned spot.

Katie frowned. “That’s weird.”

“Tell me about it.”

“You’re getting the shrimp.”


Long, long ago, but not so very far away, I, Katie Burgess, was born. Okay, so it wasn’t that long ago, but considering the story I’m about to tell, it could be interpreted as such. It all depends upon your definition and perception of time: is it linear or layered?

Ghosts and Physics Description:

Katie has a theory: are ghosts actually ghosts, or are they instead people momentarily trapped in another time/space that isn’t their own? Being the physics genius that he is, it’s up to her boyfriend Mick to help her prove or disprove this theory.

Mick constructs a machine that amplifies existing electromagnetic fields in an attempt to distort the time/space continuum. Contrary to their popular belief, the machine works thereby proving Katie’s theory to be accurate. One side-effect of this momentous achievement, however, occurs when the machine malfunctions, stranding them in the year 1922. In addition, the nice couple they meet in 1922 is then stranded in the much faster-paced 21st century. How do they survive in an almost completely unfamiliar state of being?

Compound survival with a covert organization attempting to steal The Machine for nefarious purposes, and hilarity is bound to ensue. Will Katie and Mick figure out how to reverse this debacle? Will the bad guy conquer all and destroy past, present, and future as they know it? You should probably find out!

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