Where to Seek Motivation, Being a Writer



Many believe that writing is a matter of talent, forgetting that it is also a daily hard work. We do everyday exercises, follow the order in business and life, but when it comes to creative work, we tend to rely on inspiration or, in extreme cases, the deadline.


However, to transform writing into something more than a hobby, you need to write regularly. And that’s the moment of many challenges, including the lack of motivation and inspiration.


So how do you motivate yourself to write?



#1 Reward Yourself


Do you know why bad habits take root much faster than the useful ones? Yes, just because they give us instant reward! The same is true for writing.


However, healthy habits can take root well too if they are associated with something beautiful. It may be a glass of fresh juice immediately after the chapter is done or anything else that points to the positive result of your labor.


I believe there are 3 basic rules of motivation:


  • It should be something that you really interested in. If you don’t like writing, you will never become proficient in it. Choose a worthy reward that will please you with no feeling of guilt.
  • It should be something that you can enjoy right after writing. It is very important for businesses that require a long-term motivation, such as the success after writing a book or an increase in the number of subscribers after the release of the informational product.
  • It should be something special. If you watch TV every single day, why choose another movie as the reward? Come up with something unique that you have never experienced before.



#2 Avoid Self-Flagellation

If you have just started writing and something is unfamiliar or does not work the way you want, please don’t blame yourself as it’s pointless, counter-productive, and can lead to the subsequent reduction in motivation. Praise yourself for each attempt, regardless of whether it was successful or not.



#3 Don’t Overwork and Follow the Inspiration

Hard work and perseverance are good features, but you need to keep your batteries full of charge. Don’t expect to work full-time without any productivity loss. There no single writer that can keep such a tempo. Feel tired? Then take a break or switch your activity. To come up with creative things, you need fresh brains.

It happens sometimes that the author doesn’t have any desire to write on the current topic, being at the same time full of other interesting ideas. Use this state to the full advantage. The moments of pleasure from writing are, actually, the main reason for being a writer. Cover what you currently want to cover.



#4 Become a Held Hostage

The method is quite radical, but rather effective. Give someone something valuable to you. It may even be the money. Every time you perform which was originally planned, the keeper returns you back some % of the total sum. The desire to get back your money and spend them on something nice can be a very effective motivation.



#5 Write a Letter

Studies have shown that students are much more productive when they write in the form of a letter. Imagine that you are writing a letter to a pretty young man, a friend, a relative – whatever – describing certain events. This will relax you a bit and speed up the process.



#6 Immerse yourself in the Writing Environment

Another interesting way to find the right motivation is to immerse yourself in the writing environment. That’s especially effective if you are accustomed to working in complete isolation. No, I don’t mean you have to steal someone else’s ideas, but you may generate a few personal ones though exciting communication with someone more competent or someone who’s treating the issue from a different perspective.




Lucy Adams is a blogger and one of the best writers from https://buzzessay.com/. This woman has a wide range of interests, so you can safely supply her with your craziest ideas. Lucy feels comfortable with covering topics related to writing, education, blogging, marketing, business, and a few more niches.

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