I, Nemo

J. Dharma Windham & Deanna Windham



In My Mind’s Eye


Let this chronicle serve as the true and unvarnished tale of my life irrespective of the nonsense written about me by that knave—professor Pierre Arronax. There is nothing, and I do mean nothing, I regret more than this: That I ignored my better judgement and allowed that pompous old fraud on board my Nautilus.

The man was a fool to the bone and a tyrant to his manservant, Eduard Conseil, a gentle and inoffensive Belgian. Then there was Ned Land, a coarse and ignorant waterfront lout I ought to have slain at once but spared out of deference to his accidental fellow travelers. Fortunately, we shall not cross paths with these fellows in this first volume, and for that we can all be thankful.

Captain Nemo The Nautilus 1878

I, Nemo Description:

Watch out Clive Cussler! There are new kids on the block!” John Pye
Jonathan de Chevalier Mason has it all: A promising career designing warships for Her Majesty’s Navy, a beautiful well-born wife and two children. Two of his new ironclads are sending shockwaves rippling through the navies of the British Empire’s European and American rivals.
But Jonathan has designed another revolutionary warship–one so terrible that whoever possesses it will be the undisputed master of the seas. And no one wants it more than the very people Jonathan works for–the British Government. But, for reasons of his own, Jonathan has no intention of ever allowing his creation to see the light of day.
One gray winter morning he is arrested on a bogus charge of treason, tried and convicted in a secret court, then packed off to a remote penal island to toil ceaselessly in steaming jungle.
Then fortune smiles on Jonathan when he encounters an elderly priest and his little band of followers. Together the two men hatch a plot to escape and forever be free of the tyrannical governments that unjustly imprisoned them. But Jonathan has a score to settle and soon his betrayers will feel his wrath.
Paying homage to Alexandre Dumas, Herman Melville, and, of course, Jules Verne, I, Nemo is a deep sea, high stakes adventure that will leave you wanting more!

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