Tall, Dark & Deadly

Kharma Kelley



“Would you just look at these shoes? Can I please just finish doing this in my sneakers? They’re in the trunk of my car!” Chloë chunked the shovel in the earth hard, leaning against the handle. She felt her brand new royal blue pumps sink further into the soft, putrid dirt and she groaned in dismay.

This was total crap.

Not only did she totally screw up by listening to Eddie earlier, getting lured like the grandest of chumps, but she didn’t bring any protection at all. Not a single legitimate weapon. Hell, even pepper spray would be welcomed right now. Nada. Just a sore neck from the tranquilizer he darted her with. Yeah, that was real smart Chloë, she thought to herself. If I get out of this alive, I’ll never live it down how this nasty Cockney bastard got the drop on me. I must be slipping.

“That’s okay. I’d rather not deal with any of your trickery considering you’re almost done anyway.” Edward pulled out his gold pocket watch and checked the hour, his other hand pointing a flashlight at the dig site. “Let’s get a move on shall we, I haven’t got all night. I’m missing The Vampire Journals. I love that show.”

“Ugh. You’re a bigger loser than I thought. I have a less lame life than you, and I have three cats.”

Edward hissed at her in response, exposing his yellow fangs. “I’d be nice if I were you. I’m getting a bit peckish and I can either treat you like an appetizer or a buffet, your choice.” He straightened to his full height, puffing his chest out like some classic superhero trying to establish dominance.

Chloë rolled her eyes at his ridiculous attempt at threatening her. Gods, what the hell did I see in him anyway?

She stopped shoveling and put her hand on her hip. Her eyes cut through to him.”Sooo, is this because I dumped you back in ’48? Is that where all this hostility is coming from?”

Edward scoffed and rolled his eyes. “I think you have that backwards don’t you think, love?”

“Uh, no I don’t. In fact, I distinctly remember telling you to quote, unquote ‘piss off’ and firing arrows at your chest as you ran from my apartment.” It was by far one of the greatest moments of that decade for her. Kicking Eddie’s ass out of her life gave her freedom. If only she did it sooner, maybe she wouldn’t have been reaping the stigma of their association even till this day. Seeing him only reminded her of the kinda shit she was in the past and how it always seem to find her.

Edward gave Chloë a sinister grin. “I think you were playing hard to get… and I decided there’s far prettier and plentiful fish in the sea. Not to mention, you were simply an enormous pain in my ass!” He pointed at her. “Now shut your hole and keep digging that one!”

Tall, Dark & Deadly Description:

Chloe Hunter can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Incarcerated by The Bureau after running amok for a century with a gang of vampires, grifting and terrorizing humanity, she’s ready to make up for her dark past. Luckily, when The Bureau would rather see her at the end of a wooden stake, in comes her new straight-laced boss, Ethan Raines who’s got other plans for the enthralling ex-con.

An enigmatic vampire who finds Chloe’s hybrid blood and sexy street prowess too irresistible to pass up, Ethan requests The Bureau to release her into his custody to protect the streets of New Orleans. Now, her debt to society is to punish other supernaturals who break the law and bring them to justice.

When Chloe’s old gang involves her in a plot to unlock a mysterious box of woe, she’s forced to make some hard choices that threaten to betray the trust of the man who’s given her a second chance at life and love. Ethan may have his work cut out for him in Tall, Dark & Deadly, the first steamy blockbuster in the Agents of The Bureau series!

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