The Dregian Chronicles: The Staff of Power

D. E. Boske



Dawn broke early on the Logan Plains. The fiery orb rose in the sky and burned across his vision, leaving him temporarily blinded. When his vision returned, he scanned the distant horizon, searching for a sign.

They should have met two days ago. Darian’s absence did not bode well. The Mage was never late. The elf scanned the sky, silently cursing the lack of cover. He did not wish to be out in the open when the sun was full in the sky, as there were reports of heavy goblin activity in the area. The elf knew dark times were ahead, he could sense it. There were other far more nefarious creatures that populated Corillia and lately, Kyler’s elven senses screamed warnings that things were about to get interesting.

He removed some bread and cheese from his pack and consumed it without in-terest. He took a deep draw from the flask at his belt, knowing he would need to con-serve the rest.

The Logan Plains was a vast grassland where the vegetation grew several feet high across much of the vast open plains, making it the perfect hiding place for ambushes. The summers were sweltering, but at night, it grew cool. The winters were harsh; the bitter cold winds blowing down from Thunder Peak stripped everything bare.

The Dregian Chronicles: The Staff of Power Description:

Darian Brade has made some formidable enemies including a Dark Mage hiding within The Order that will do whatever it takes to pry The Staff of Power from Darian’s hands. Preferably, cold dead hands. The mighty green dragon, Morphindinaetlus, has not been seen in at least two centuries. Suddenly, he shows up, hot on Darian’s trail.

He is the young Mage’s enemy who wants nothing more than to capture Darian, drain his magic and thus his life force. When Darian gets infected with Dark Magic, he must find the book that will teach him the Dark Arts or die a horrible, painful death. Trust is in short supply and Darian finds himself betrayed by someone close to him. Surrounded by enemies, Darian must try to defeat the dragon and The Order. He has one friend, an elf named Kyler. But when Darian allies himself with a dangerous enemy, will it be too much for the elf? Will Kyler stand with Darian or turn his back on him? For Darian and Kyler, this could be the fiercest battle they’ve faced yet. And then there was Ty…

The Dark Magic that threatens to overwhelm the young Mage will be one of his biggest challenges. Will he be able to master it before it kills him? Darian has used his body and his charm to get what he wanted in the past. But will his sharp wit and sexy smile be enough this time?

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