Honeytraps & Sexpionage

Richard Martinez




He notices her as soon as she walks in. He looks up as she sweeps past him, and at the sight of her he catches his breath slightly. The first thing he notices is how tiny she appears; her figure in the tight little black dress is so slender, skinny even. And yet her breasts have just enough swell to grab his attention and as she passes his eyes linger on her small yet inviting hips.

Balancing on the edge of her stool at the bar, she sips delicately from her glass of sparkling water enjoying the feeling of self-assurance that fills her; an inner confidence that took years to achieve. She basks in the knowledge that she has the power to attract almost anyone around her. And yet she only has eyes for one man.

Turning from the bar, she catches him staring. He smiles and she quickly looks away. He isn’t handsome or particularly rugged. He doesn’t even have a good physique, but she just knows she has to find out whether he wants her before the night is over. Feigning an interest in the trivial attempts at conversation coming from the barman, she keeps her peripheral vision locked on the man filling the armchair in the corner of the room. She crosses and uncrosses her legs whenever she feels his attention wandering elsewhere and by doing this secures his concentration for well over half an hour. His eyes stay fixed on her.

As time creeps on she begins to feel a little impatient. When is he going to make a move? Or will he simply be satisfied with staring at her legs all evening? Perhaps a little more encouragement is needed? A nudge in the right direction… Reaching for her drink, she fakes a small gasp from her full, glossed lips as she sweeps her open handbag from the bar and watches its contents fall to the floor. Bending over to retrieve her belongings, her honey-blonde head almost collides with his as he dashes over to the rescue. She thanks him politely.

An hour later there is hardly any distance between the newly acquainted couple. He has bought her several drinks and as his eyes focus on her chest she undoes another button of her dress to reveal a little more cleavage. His eyes fixate on the delicate dance of her fingers on the fabric and widen as she exposes the top of her bra and just enough flesh to tease him.

And then it’s over. She tells him she must leave. She has an early appointment in the morning and can’t risk oversleeping. She extricates herself from his arms, one of which is placed across her lower back, almost touching her bottom, the other resting on her right hip. He has spent the past fifteen minutes delicately stroking her there.

Suddenly there is tension in the air, a few moments when neither of them knows how to deal with her departure. Then comes the moment she’s been waiting for. He asks for her number, tells her he thinks she is beautiful and that he wants her. Boldness overtakes him enough to tell her he wants to sleep with her. Well, it makes it simpler that way. There is no doubt in her mind that he will contact her the following day and equally, there will be no doubt left in his wife’s mind when the evening’s events are replayed before her eyes.

She works for me, the slender-framed woman in the little black dress. My name is Richard Martinez and I am a private detective.

Honeytraps & Sexpionage Description:

Richard Martinez’s intense and profound memoir is the first on the market to truly give a raw and uninhibited look at the life of a real-world private investigator (Pi).

From exposing the same “honey-trapping” techniques that Donald Trump experienced in Putin’s Russia, to the Sherlock Holmes-style investigations that have resulted in raunchy adventures that give “Fifty Shades” a run for its money – it’s no wonder readers the world over are peeking into the life of the UK’s most remarkable sleuth.

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