Mandy Magro


You’ve taken the first step to grabbing hold of the reins of your sex life – so good on you! Now it’s time for the fun stuff…

LOVE, it’s the universal language, but so is SEX.  And sex can be so much fun!

Throughout the ages, sexuality has been repressed and exploited. This book is about finding the happy medium, and getting your groove back in the bedroom, and on the couch, and on the kitchen bench…you get the picture. Everyone falls in love at some point in their lives. But, like it or not, love isn’t enough to maintain a long-term relationship. Sorry! You
have to have great sex too, and often! And no, ladies, once a month is not often. And men, women need more than the offer
of a full body massage to be turned on – they know just what you’re thinking. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Remember your first kiss where the world faded away and your entire body tingled? When you thought you could never feel so in love, so sexually attracted, so passionately head over heels ever again. If you could bottle that feeling and sell it, you’d be a squillionaire! Because sadly, in 99% of cases, once the “honeymoon” period is over and the reality of life kicks back in, that raging inferno of passion, the one where you wanted to tear each others clothes off with every opportunity you got,  the batteries are going flat. Eventually, even that torchlight seems to go out, leaving the relationship in darkness. This

This leaves some partners frustrated and wondering why they’re not “getting it” much anymore (other than their birthdays and at Christmas) and leaves others wondering if they’re ever going to lust for sex again.

Don’t lose faith. Not all is lost. You can have your cake (be in love) and eat it too (have mind-blowing, knock-your-socks-off
sex). All it’s going to take is for you, and your partner, to follow the Sex-Steps, Sextion by Sextion, and give every Sex-Step you choose to act out your full, whole-hearted effort. You ready for the ride of your life? Was that a yes? I thought so…great; it’s the first step!

Sex Description:

By bestselling Australian author, Mandy Magro…

Let’s be honest, we all love a good romp between the sheets – or anywhere for that matter. And why shouldn’t we? Sex is great, and free!

Designed with couples in mind, this flirty guide will be the only thing you need to get back on the love train. Sextion by sextion, sex-step by sex-step, you will ignite the inferno of passion that’s been laying dormant for way too long. With a little humour, a bit of sass, and a lot of fun, you can spice up your sex life and get the passion back into your bedroom, and various other places, in as little as a few weeks!

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