How to Get Your Joy Back! – A Women’s Guide to Midlife Career Transformation

Maria Luchsinger




I wrote this book because I believe there are too many women who are feeling hopeless about their current life and career situations. I would like to be an encouragement to others who have been through my similar life experiences. You may be going through a divorce with children, trying to find the best way to get back into the workforce. You may be deciding that you have had enough of a toxic work environment. Or you may be thinking that now is the time to do work that helps other people and is important and meaningful to you.

In addition to being a teacher and certified life coach, I am also a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. I have been through marriage and divorce. I have been alone and on call 24/7 raising two children while working full-time for several years through tough economic times. I have known the frustration of trying to find time for myself.

During the course of my over 30 years of work experience, I have had two careers. One in business, working in the financial world of escrow, and one in education. My experience in the education field included managing a licensed child care business of my own that included my children when they were young and working as an elementary school teacher in the public school system.

At the end of 2010, I was working in a stressful job in the commercial escrow department of a title insurance company that was going through a merger.

How to Get Your Joy Back! – A Women’s Guide to Midlife Career Transformation Description:

Are you ready for a change?

Rediscover your joy and plan your new direction.

Find out how your strengths intersect with your best career options.

Gain more freedom to spend time the way you want.

Learn how to develop multiple streams of income.

Whether you want to shift gears in your current job, explore a new career, or launch your own business, this guide will show you how to feel energized and motivated to fulfill your life’s purpose every day!

This book is a complete self-coaching program in one book, complete with strategies and inspiration to achieve your goals.

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