Father’s Day Book Mania

Natashia Thewes

While celebrated on a variety of dates around the world, Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of their children. Whether looking for something to read this weekend or a gift for your book-loving dad, we have the must read book list for your Father’s Day weekend. Enjoy!


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Sci Fi


The Rogue (Planets Shaken Book 1) by Lee Brainard

“Men’s hearts shall fail from fear…for the planets of the heavens shall be shaken” (Luke 21:26).

When rookie astronomer Irina Kirilenko discovers a planet-size comet in the Kuiper Belt on a collision course for Mars, she first faces stonewalling from the Minor Planet Center, then coercion and stricture from NASA. They press her to embrace an ingenious reinterpretation of her discovery and ban her from talking about it.

It slowly dawns on her that the government is fostering a massive conspiracy to keep the public oblivious to the truth—Earth is facing an existential threat. Unwilling to be silenced, she recruits fellow astronomer Ariele Serrafe to evaluate her discovery, placing both in the crosshairs of government agents.


Tapper: A Novel by S.A. Combs

TAPPER—a projecting empath—is the product of a corrupted government. Nurtured from birth and ruthlessly trained, Tapper learns the art of manipulation and persuasion—becoming an elite operative with a gift of immense power. He’s the government’s prized spy until he does the unthinkable. Horrified by his actions, branded as a monster, he goes into self exile on Mitta-4—a colony planet on the fringe of the known universe—to settle down and lose himself in a new life. There, he finds danger comes in many guises.

A dark and deeply moving story filled with amoral behavior and one man’s quest to atone from his darkest impulses.




The Extraterrestrials! in an Adventure with the American Army: The True Story of What Happened at Roswell, New Mexico by Ken Patterson

Bored with the usual cattle mutilations and earthling abductions, The Alien Captain and his daring, gray explorers head to Kansas to participate in a crop circle contest. Unfortunately, due in part to a gray navigator’s poor self-esteem and hereditary earwax problems, another crewmate’s random Tourette’s-driven outbursts, and The Alien Captain’s obsession with meeting William Shatner at an upcoming Star Trek convention, the grays unintentionally pilot their flying saucer into The Shite Black Hole. Transported back in time the hapless travelers crash in a remote spot in America’s southwest. Having no other options, the grays accept an offer from the Roswell Airfield intelligence officer, Major Marcel, to stay in the base’s plush, underground quarters. It soon becomes apparent, however, that Marcel’s seemingly generous offer comes with a condition: the U.S. Army wants the grays to build a working flying saucer. Initially, they accept this offer, but soon find they are not up to the task of constructing an interstellar spacecraft. The grays also quickly discover they are not actually guests, but prisoners. Their host’s promise of free room and board and all the bowling they can handle is not everything it is cracked up to be.




Last Seen: A Dr. Pepper Hunt Mystery by J.L. Doucette

Psychologist and police consultant Dr. Pepper Hunt, struggling to deal with the murder of her husband, leaves the private practice they shared and relocates to Wyoming. There, in the stark landscape of the high desert, there is nothing to remind her of everything she lost and left behind. Then her new patient, Kimi Benally, goes missing in a Wyoming blizzard after her last therapy session―making Pepper the last person to see her. She knows the secrets Kimi shared in therapy hold clues to her mysterious disappearance, and she joins forces with Detective Beau Antelope to try to discover what’s happened to her. But as she follows the trail of Kimi’s obsession with the past, Pepper begins to fear the worst for her missing patient―and her own haunted memories surface.



Isabel Murrow is precariously balancing her career and her family. Hard-working and caring, worried but supportive, all Isobel wants, in a perilous world of bullies and temptations, is to keep her daughter Phoebe safe.

Phoebe has just attempted suicide. She says it is Isabel’s fault.

Saving Phoebe Murrow is a timely tale about an age-old problem – how best to raise our children, and how far to go in keeping them from harm. Set amidst the complicated web of relationships at the school gate, it tells a story of miscommunication and malice, drugs and Facebook, prejudice and revenge.






Black Dragon by Adam Boustead


“Taste of me and know the dark desire.
I am the mirror whose reflection you dare not look upon…”

Black Dragon is the third collection in The Dragon Chronicles, a series of dark fantasy tales.






“Who or what anchored her to that palace?” Chandra Kenderley is the crown princess of the world’s mightiest empire. She has successfully foiled two conspirators, each with different visions of what her empire should be. In the truest testament to her power, Derek, her greatest and most dangerous enemy, has become a loyal personal guard. Sorcery may be nothing more than a people’s superstition with little basis in fact, but in the face of such feats their beliefs only grow stronger. Peace in Kensrik will be short-lived. The people still demand more drastic changes to the way they are governed, and even a prime minister sympathetic to Chandra’s plight can’t do better than suggest that Chandra flee for her own safety. How wonderfully convenient that an invitation should arrive from a land not even marked on the world maps of the day, suggesting one place where Chandra might be not only welcome but respected. That’s what the sender is counting on; the same puppet master who hoped that Lords Merton and Belheff would get the job done. Alathea has plans to reshape the entire world, and they encompass a dangerous obsession with Derek and Chandra. She knows Chandra must accept that invitation. She knows Chandra will have nowhere else to go, and she expects poor bewitched Derek to follow Chandra until Alathea can save him from humiliating servitude…




A young woman without prospects at a ball in Gilded Age Newport, Rhode Island is a target for a certain kind of “suitor.” At the Memorial Day Ball during the Panic of 1893, impoverished but feisty Penelope Stanton draws the unwanted advances of a villainous millionaire banker who preys on distressed women–the incorrigible Edgar Daggers. Over a series of encounters, he promises Penelope the financial security she craves, but at what cost? Skilled in the art of flirtation, Edgar is not without his charms, and Penelope is attracted to him against her better judgment. Initially, as Penelope grows into her own in the burgeoning early Women’s Suffrage Movement, Edgar exerts pressure, promising to use his power and access to help her advance. But can he be trusted, or are his words part of an elaborate mind game played between him and his wife? During a glittering age where a woman’s reputation is her most valuable possession, Penelope must decide whether to compromise her principles for love, lust, and the allure of an easier life.




Coming of Age/Children’s


The Fire Escape Stories by Chuck Cascio

The Fire Escape Stories, Volume I, is comprised of nine episodes that make up Mike Burns’s strongest childhood memories of living in Brooklyn, New York, in the 1950s.

Mike and his cousin, Salvatore “Sally-Boy” Boccanera are born one minute apart, in the same hospital, and it seems like they’ll never be more than a minute apart the rest of their lives. Their experiences knocking around the city are challenging, funny, touching, and at times disturbing—all of the ingredients that define growing up. Life lessons happen in the Italian bakery Sally-Boy’s father owns, where the boys loll and play, with ears and eyes wide open. But maybe the biggest lesson of all looms over Mike’s father, who’s determined to make drastic changes in pursuit of a better life.

Hanging in the balance, at the center of the boys’ tumultuous lives, is the fire escape. It’s a place that is uniquely theirs, and Mike best describes its spell, recalling how it reeks in the rain, blisters in the sun, and ices over in the snow. It’s where he and Sally-Boy talk and think and philosophize and plot and try to understand all they can about themselves and the world.


Mr. Picaso & Birtie: Explore the Louvre by Victoria James


With a little creativity and a modified convertible, Mr. Picaso and Birtie explore international museums and discover a world full of art!







Spirituality 103, the Forgiveness Code: Finding the Light in Our Shadows by Iván Figueroa-Otero

A battle between the light of your knowledge and the shadows of your ignorance is happening as you read this cover. Your warrior of light is receiving wounds that cause your life’s suffering.

Do you want to give your internal warrior the best weapons to reach victory?

In this book, the third in the School of Life trilogy, Dr. Figueroa-Otero helps us discover our mind’s magical mirror, where this epic battle determines where we are in the road to return to our light source. You will learn about your spiritual DNA, emotions, and where to find the healing code for our emotional scars—forgiveness.


When Will We Ever Learn by Robert Newbrook

“The author relates to the thought processes and deeds of an average person who constantly seeks improvement in the way the human mind and the world works.
Moving through philosophy, belief, and relationship phenomena, the book also describes the author’s personal experiences of such events as took place in Libya during the six-day war in 1967 between Egypt and Israel, plus a historical incident in Canada involving the American Indian Movement and the FBI in the 1970s.”


Second Half Thinking: The Need for Elders / Sages, Not Just Leaders by Dennis Trimboli

A society that improves its citizen’s lives is “progressive.” America is proficient in producing individuals with knowledge, vision, and a focus on achieving success however, societal issues remain. This is because America is focused on producing “leaders.” The continued perception and classification of social issues as liberal / conservative, democratic / republican, etc., reflect ego driven, divisive, and First Half (FH) of life thinking. Society can only progress and resolve its problems when it develops people who have a different focus about life. Society must develop elders. Second Half (SH) of life or elder thinking eliminates labeling and ego thereby making long term resolutions possible. Elder thinking is not automatically obtained upon reaching a certain age or retirement status. Rather, it is developed either naturally within established structures or individually elected and sought after. Currently, our leaders have stifled the natural development process and it will take at least a generation for this method to be revitalized. The second method can begin immediately. It is individualistic. As unlikely as it may seem, the second way is only possible after an individual is humbled by experiencing life’s devastating events and, thereafter, elects to undertake a new but unclear, perhaps mystical or spiritual, journey to evolve into an elder. In doing so, the developing individual assimilates the concepts of suffering, love, empathy, good character, gratitude, trust, and hope with an outward focus towards others. Additionally, the individual becomes part of something bigger than their self. As the individual’s life improves, so does the lives of others. Society then progresses.




My Wounded Soldier: Fight for Glory…Fight for Love by Diane Munier

This is a special edition, formerly Book One and Two of the My Wounded Soldier series and the complete saga of Tom Tanner.

Tom musters out of the Twenty-Seventh after the Civil War. Battle-weary and broken-hearted, Tom plans to go west when his father prevails on him to come home. It’s there that his future takes a turn. Soldiers roam the country, some bent on mischief. When a drifter kills the neighbor, it’s Tom the widow sends her son to find. Tom arrives at a gruesome scene, and the widow is ready to birth.




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