Furlasia Travel Brochure

Michael VanderLoon




Located in the eastern hemisphere of the planet Daulest, lies a region filled with spectacle, beautiful scenery, and of course a touch of the unusual. Furlasia is a region consisting of many different species. In the north of Furlasia there are the men, to the west of are Terrians, smack dab in the center are the Arnouts, to the far east, in the murky waters of Neveraus are the Akordans and north of that are the Delopars. Each of these unique species is desperate to make it’s presence known in the world, especially the Akordans. Akordans are very similar in appearance to alligators. They are muscularly built and stand typically over six feet tall. They are a unique race and due to their appearance and aggressive nature, they are not normally well accepted.


Arnouts dwell in the city of Cristol. They are late descendants of the Goddess Pomari and traveled to Furlasia around a hundred years ago after their home land of Tandorne was covered in plague. They are truly special indeed, apart from being able to fly, they can also summon energy from The Echo, as well as travel in and out of it at will. They also have been known to be telekinetic and telepathic but not all Arnouts display this trait.


There’s not much to be said about the men and women of Morlay other than the fact that they are quite keen on industry and moving forward technologically. They are the sole pioneers of steam technology and have kept the unique tech pretty close to the chest. The same can be said of the Terrians. They too are quite proud of their technology and although in all other aspects they are living in the medieval age, they have constructed riffles that use energy to inflict maximum damage. Just as with the men of Morlay, this technology has been kept to themselves. Terrians are emotional beings with elongated, fine pointed ears and a natural inclination for drama, a trait which is quickly noticeable to outsiders.


The Delopar are cat like creatures with brown spots. They are extremely agile and short tempered, as well as expert fighters. Their home has been left mostly in ruins after a harsh war with a necromancer, which has left them living a mostly nomadic existence.


Furlasia has seen some fantastic moments, as well as some truly heinous ones. There have been attacks from giants, angry beasts and even a necromancer named Agavordis. Luckily for everyone, the wizards, led by Kunklestick, have been there to help in all of Furlasia’s most dire needs. Among Furlasia, the wizards are the peacekeepers and Kunklestick, although flawed and tortured by mental anguish, continues his quest to do the right thing. It is he who predicted that the war with the necromancer would return, and he who has decided that the wizard from his visions must be found and trained, so that when that darkness returns, Furlasia will stand a fighting chance.


On the surface, one could be forgiven for seeing Furlasia as a hostile land filled with violence, but it’s in the quiet moments that it really shines. Take a stroll through the forest and listen to the birds and the primates playing under the beating sun. Go north a bit and you can climb mountains covered in beautiful green grass that produces a pleasant aroma when blown in the breeze. There are desert regions and even ice-covered ones. Furlasia really is an around the world experience. So, whether you’re interested in learning a bit of magic, watching the phoenix’s gracefully glide, swimming in the glistening waters of Cristol or surfing the waves of the Peridan Sea, there is something here for everyone. So, don’t delay, stop by Furlasia today!

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