Book Lovers Day

Hannah Jenkins


August 9 is Book Lovers Day, an unofficial holiday that encourages people to pick up a book, or five, and spend the day reading.


On this day, honor all the bookworms and book lovers in your life. If you are a book lover yourself, then treat yourself to some quality reading time.


We have suggestions from a variety of genres, from Romance to SciFi, so scroll down and find your next read.


Or use our matchmaker video to help you pick!





MC: Knight: Book One, by L. Ann Marie


Steve is the VP of the MC. He’s autistic, talks funny—especially when stressed, and swears like a sailor. His mind works like a machine, focusing singularly on potential problems and clearing them with precision and stealth.

Military trained as a SEAL, he was a satellite for his team, but rarely involved with them. Working alone is what he’s best at, doing it quietly is what he excels at, and eliminating a threat to his MC family is what he was born to do.

When he turns that focus on Jess she doesn’t stand a chance and her natural sub tendencies are a perfect fit.

Jess is content being single, but after three years of being asked out she finally says yes to Steve. Jess lives with a debilitating ailment and is determined to hide that from her new MC family. Using her finance degree, Jess helps the MC stay out of the drug trade and they offer protection from union bosses in return. Pres and Jess work together to make the businesses profitable enough to keep his MC going and growing.

Keeping drugs out of their newly attained, clean world is a challenge that Steve will not walk away from, especially when Jess becomes a target.

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Diary of a Hollywood Hottie …and Other Starlet Indignities, by Taylor Marsh



Olivia Stark is the highest paid starlet in Hollywood. She has just come through a harrowing event that could have been pulled straight from “Law & Order SVU.”

Olivia is to figure out how she can maximize her starlet power into a career that will give her the same clout as the men who get paid more simply because of their gender. Olivia wants real power in Hollywood, not just the easy attention that comes with youth, beauty, and starlet billing.


She wants longevity.

How does she get it?

Tap into the influence that the men in her industry wield, but how?


Diary of a Hollywood Hottie …and Other Starlet Indignities is a peek into what it’s like to be a 20-something hottie in Hollywood. It’s a psychological exercise by a woman who’s grappling with her own power, her desire to have a healthy relationship with a man, and the need to make her work and personal life fit together.  There’s a sensitive, fearless young woman behind the body, talent, and prowess that comes with being a starlet in Hollywood.


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Estate of the Heart, by Janet Franks Little



Cameron Coleman’s latest project is her largest and riskiest historic renovation to date. A new architect offers to help in exchange for preservation experience. Then Cam makes two major mistakes—she falls in love with him and The Harte Estate. When evidence of an arson points to her apprentice, she must trust her heart, or be burned by love again.






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Mystery, Thriller and Suspense



A Deep Thing, by A.K. Smith



What was her husband hiding in the jungles of Mexico?


Rocked by her husband’s tragic death, Kendall Jackson strives to put her life back together. But Ryder, her nineteen-year-old stepson, is bitter and wants nothing to do with her. And she can’t keep the grief at bay. Sometimes, it’s so strong, she wonders if life is worth living.


A call from a cave diver in Mexico gives her hope of mending the relationship with her stepson. Before his death, her husband arranged a diving expedition as a birthday gift for his son. Kendall persuades Ryder to honor his father’s last wish.


From the campus of Western Maryland College to the woods of Camp David and the caves of the Yucatán, Kendall and Ryder take a journey to discover what her husband worked so hard to hide, and to protect his treasured secrets from falling into the wrong hands. The choices they make will decide their fate and the future of others. Will they risk everything for the truth?

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The Daughters of the Darkness, by Luke Phillips


1898, East Africa. The Tsavo man-eaters kill 130 people over the course of nine months. The unusually large, pale-coloured, and maneless male lions mark history in what became known as their reign of terror.

Now, history is repeating itself. A new pride of killers has arrived in Tsavo, staking out their own bloody legacy. One that includes the murdered wife of conservationist and former hunter Thomas Walker.

Torn between the newfound happiness he has discovered in the Highlands of Scotland with his new fiancée, and his loyalty to the man whose brother has been taken by the man-eaters, Thomas must face his past and creatures feared as myth by his friend and the people of Kenya.

Arriving in Africa, Thomas finds the situation worsening as a local arms dealer and war lord declares the ‘critters of the bush’ are under his command to drive those not loyal to him from the land. With all not as it seems, the odds are stacked against Thomas and the small band of friends trying to restore balance to the region and its wildlife.


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Mildred In Disguise: With Diamonds Paperback, by Toni Kief


Toni Kief, author of Old Baggage, is excited to introduce a new work of fiction – and another feisty older woman, Mildred Petrie. Mildred sat in the human resources department at the casino, painfully aware of her age compared to the other applicants. She had assumed after a long marriage that they would settle into a comfortable retirement, but when her husband died it all changed. Little did anyone realize the loss would lead her to a life of corruption, crime and disguise. Only Mildred can find the truth! A thrilling read in sensible shoes.




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Breathe In, by Michelle Bellon



Breathe in. Breathe out. This mantra gets Tessa Benson through the day.


The man she loves walks all over her, and she just wants to get by without her heart shattering to pieces. If she could find her voice, she’d scream.


Everything changes in one night, when she’s snatched from the streets and tied to a bed, a camera set up to capture her dying moment. And the person who paid to watch her die…is still out there somewhere.


Tessa prowls dark neighborhoods in a quest for justice, but she doesn’t find the killer. Not until they strike again…in the place Tessa is least expecting, and where it hurts worst.


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What Hides Beneath, by J.L. Canfield


Hidden beneath a lump of clay and dirt is a very rare art work crafted by a Japanese artist known as a warrior. Two museum curators, who specialize in Asian art say it is valuable but renowned appraiser, Annette Williams claims it is worthless and her words carry weight in the art world. So which is it?


Pete White, an insurance investigator disappears from the museum where he is researching the treasure. Did he uncover its true value or find it’s a fake?


Lieutenant Detective Philip Samyn wonders why he is assigned to investigate a low priority robbery from a museum. Is his boss trying to push him to retire? He never thought his last case would be a missing laptop. That’s not how he envisioned leaving the force.


His investigation proves we see never the complete picture. There is always something hidden beneath.


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The Vatican Protocol, by Brian Gallagher


Struggling writer and nearly bankrupt Sean O’Shea is searching for the blockbuster story from which he can create a best seller. The goal is to regain his financial independence and self-esteem. When he learns of a horrific 1936 UFO crash in Germany’s Black Forest, he chases the story to its origin. The discovery of insidious Nazi involvement piques his interest and when he unearths secret assassinations of previous investigators, he is hooked. As his probe continues, witnesses are murdered and he becomes the target of deadly agents sent by the most powerful man in the Vatican-The Black Pope. The cover-up is greater than he ever imagined. When he discovers that UFO’s, Nazis, Wewelsburg Castle and the Vatican are connected, he has the killer story he envisioned, though it just may kill him to get it published.



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Barbecue and Bad News, by Nancy Naigle



Savannah Dey politely agreed to attend her ex-husband’s wedding, but she’d be grateful for any reason to get out of it…which is why the speeding ticket from the handsome sheriff of Adams Grove is both a surprise and a reprieve. With one quick call to her editor, the aspiring columnist finds herself with a new assignment and the perfect excuse to get closer to the man who pulled her over. Now, all she needs is a way to deal with all the bad memories the small town dredges up…


Sheriff Scott Calvin can’t forget the woman who set off his radar, but he’s determined to send Savannah on her way. He’s done making bad choices, and this beautiful city gal is sure to leave Adams Grove once she finishes her story. By the time she’s stirred up a hornet’s nest, he’s already falling for her. Will trouble bind them together, or will her secrets tear them apart?



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The Merlon Murders: A Duncan Dewar Mystery, by Victoria Benchley


When hot shot investigator and math genius Duncan Dewar decides to head a life insurance inquiry, he has no idea what he’s soon to encounter. Hoping to learn more about his ancestry, Duncan is drawn to the village of Taye, Scotland, where his past and future are about to collide, altering the trajectory of his life forever. Was the laird of Castle Taye accidently crushed by a merlon from his own battlement, or are more sinister forces at work? Is the alluring widow and beneficiary of eleven million pounds to blame, or innocent? Is a ghost seeking vengeance against members of Clan MacNab for the slaughter of her loved one hundreds of years ago? Will Duncan be the next victim of the merlon murders? Follow Duncan on a culinary tour of breathtaking Scotland as he navigates through relationships with the villagers of Taye in his quest for answers. The Merlon Murders I is part one of a two part mystery.



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Prodigal, by L.R. Stahlberg



Marc Rinaldi thought he’d gotten out. He’d escaped a life of murder and extortion, devoting his skills to fight for his country. But his past wasn’t done with him yet.


When forced to come home, Marc is caught up in a conspiracy within the new criminal order of Chicago, where he must choose between becoming the monster he was and the man he is desperately trying to be.


PRODIGAL is a gritty, hard boiled crime thriller packed with mystery, drama, visceral fight scenes and fast-paced action.




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The Eden Legacy, by Harold Gershowitz



June 4, 1967, was supposed to be a high point in Noah Greenspan’s year. It’s the night before the grand opening of Potomac Centre, the urban development project he spearheaded in the heart of Washington, DC. But the outbreak of the Six-Day War in the Middle East eclipses the event.


In the aftermath of the short, bloody war, Noah’s fiancee, Palestinian American journalist Alexandra Salaman, is assigned to Israel to cover the political implications for Israelis and Palestinians alike. It’s a dangerous task, partly because Alexandra was, years earlier, instrumental in preventing a terrorist attack and partly because she’s a Christian Arab engaged to Noah, a Jew. Such a marriage is certain to arouse anger from either side of the Israeli-Palestinian divide.


As Noah deals with legal and financial challenges to Potomac Centre, he and Alexandra find their relationship challenged by her insistence on staying in Israel to do her job – and by reunions with old lovers.


Neither knows that a figure from Alexandra’s past, the terrorist Omar Samir, plans to strike deep in the heart of the American capital. His target? Potomac Centre.


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Raven’s Redemption: A Cybertech Thriller, by John D. Trudel


Raven’s ragtag team thwarted an EMP attack by terrorists with Iranian nukes, but paid a terrible price. Everyone on his team was badly injured. A peaceful neighborhood was left in flames. Raven doesn’t officially exist. People are demanding explanations, but what doesn’t exist can’t be explained or defended. Politically it is easier to deny covert agents than support them.


The few who know what happened dare not say how close America came to Armageddon. An EMP attack would have killed at least 70% in major cities. Publicizing the extent of our vulnerability would create panic.

Raven’s partner Josie, a gentle psychic with exceptional powers, is catatonic. Her mind shut down from the trauma of red, raw combat. She is gone along with their dreams of someday having normal lives. Raven swore to protect her. She trusted him, but he failed. They were outnumbered and outgunned in their own Homeland.


From the White House to the UN, our enemies have friends in high places. Instead of targeting civilian populations, terrorists will now directly attack America’s leaders and the thin black line of agents that protect America. Remove the protectors and the sheep will be helpless.



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Confession Of Sin: Not All Secrets Should Be Kept, by Victoria M.Patton


Five years as a homicide detective and after his last case, Damien thought he had seen the worst of humanity. Until now. Blood coats the steps at St. Florentine Cathedral in Chicago Illinois. Lieutenant Damien Kaine and his partner Detective Joe Hagan stand over the mutilated body of Father Mandahari. Who wanted Father Mandahari to die in such a heinous way, and why? A note left by the killer indicates the Catholic Church is hiding secrets, and those secrets are getting priests killed. Another priest is violently murdered, and now Damien and Joe must battle the Catholic Church to get information that will help them narrow in on a suspect. Not only does Damien have a ruthless killer on his hands, but he also has a secret admirer who wants his attention. When Damien receives a gift, it becomes apparent this is no school girl crush. As the stalker becomes more desperate to gain Damien’s love, Damien will stop at nothing to protect Dillon. It is that desperation that puts he and Joe in a situation with deadly consequences.


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The Long Road Home, by Carolyn M. Bowen


Kate’s life was in turmoil after the death of her parents. She’d always been protected and sheltered by them. Suddenly she finds herself with a conniving fiancé living under her roof, a powerful businessman with terrorist ties from across the ocean trying to kill her and more family secrets than most American politicians. She was also unaware that a half brother she knew nothing of was about to enter her life. Her situation was getting precarious right at the moment she was least able to cope with it.






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Buried Secrets of the Scorned



This is a story of darkness and pain written from the mind of a tortured soul.

Lisa Brennan has spent her life battling her own internal demons that assault her in the form of dark nightmares and twisted visions that she cannot escape from. She uses the pages of her books to share her dark secrets and find momentary relief from the torment. She locks herself away from society and develops a cold, hostile exterior that thinly veils her otherness. When she moves to 4014 Cemetery Hill Lane, in a small town in Virginia, the chilling noises and strange events begin to pull at the shreds of her sanity. She starts on a journey to unlock the secrets that lay hidden in the dark and twisting halls of the house, which are inexplicably linked to her own inner suffering.





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Maybe God was an Irishman, by Bernie Donnelly


2016: Lee Thomas is a Pulitzer-winning reporter living in New York. He should have the world at his feet, but he’s struggling to come to terms with the trauma in his life. Soon he finds his faith drawing him towards events happening an ocean away in Ireland.


Thirty years earlier, Sean Robinson is born in a small rural village in the West of Ireland. As he grows up he shows himself to be exceptional in many ways, but only a few are aware someone truly special is in their midst. Inevitably the hierarchy in both the Catholic and Anglican churches realize that they must protect and learn from this exceptional young man, feeling his influence will extend far beyond his country of birth.


Nobody is prepared for what’s to come.



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Murder in Palm Beach: The Homicide That Never Died, by Bob Brink


The doorbell rings in the home of a prominent Palm Beach citizen, quickly followed by a shotgun blast that shatters a window, cracking the calm of a cool January night. Rodger Kriger falls to the floor, mortally wounded, leaving a wife and six children.


Murder in Palm Beach: The Homicide That Never Died is closely based on a sensational, real murder that happened in the posh ocean-side town in 1976. In the thin guise of fiction, the book contains shocking new information never before made public. Author Bob Brink, an award-winning journalist, was a newspaper reporter in the locale where the assassination occurred. It made media headlines for 15 years.


An ambitious prosecutor pins the deed on Mitt Hecher, a hoodlum and karate expert. At Hecher’s trial, fellow jail inmates testify that he confessed. He is convicted and sentenced to the brutal and anarchic state prison at Raiford, where a stabbing a day and a killing a week are the “mean” average.



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Scifi & Fantasy



Adventure to Destiny: The Unity Objective Series, by Sandra Golden



Cousins J.R Black, and Helaina Unity are struggling. Helaina’s dreams, and visions are telling her things she doesn’t understand, and J.R’s drawings of a mysterious machine are driving them forward into the unknown as they seek answers. Answers to questions like: “Why are they developing unusual skills? Why can they have private conversation without even speaking one word? And what are the people of Hope Island hiding.” Helaina’s visions and J.R’s skills will take them to astonishing and unique places, as they battle dangerous enemies, from Earth, and beyond. Discovering that accepting what they are is much easier than accepting who they are. Which is “The One’s”.





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Detours in Time, by Pamela Schloesser Canepa



On a whim, feisty Tabitha takes a trip to the future with her trusted friend Milt, an awkward Science professor. Wonders and curiosities abound. However, their amusing journey soon becomes a challenging maze of difficult decisions. When an unplanned detour occurs, the two set events into action that may save one life and yet destroy another. Can these friends of completely different mindsets agree on a course of action?

Amid the backdrop of a future that reveals great wonders and horrors, Detours in Time starts as a fantastic escape and grows to present many moral dilemmas and surprises that can either destroy the strongest friendship or bring two people closer.



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Super Gym, by Em Frappier

In a world where Trainers rule and every calorie counts, you need to get fit or die trying.

There’s only one goal in the city of Famecili, and that is to become the ideal. Toned, tanned, and beautiful. The SuperGym Trainers are going to get you there by any means necessary. Health guru, Benjamin Pratt, hand-picked them to make sure you get fit or die trying. Come train with the best of the best. It’s not like you really have a choice.

Maggie is not the ideal. She’s not toned, tan, or beautiful, and she never will be. But, she is special. She has a special power that makes her dangerous, and her body seems completely resistant to change. Mr. Pratt loves a challenge and becomes obsessed with Maggie. He is going to do everything he can to make her the ideal. Maggie is focused entirely on escaping Mr. Pratt and his SuperGyms. There is a wall outside the city, and she is determined to get over it. But, is freedom what waits for her on the other side?


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Prosperine: The Adventures of the Space Heroine Hickory Lace, by PJ McDermott


A Science Fiction Trilogy with a Supernatural Edge. Unlike Earth, the planet Prosperine has never experienced a mass extinction event. For hundreds of thousands of years, creatures akin to dinosaurs were the dominant species…and slowly they evolved into something else.


Modern day Perines are intelligent bipeds, who live in a medieval, warlike, society. But their children still hatch from eggs, and eating meat is deadly to them. So, it comes as a shock to the Alien Corps when one of them is seen to be performing miracles.


Commander Hickory Lace and her crew, space pilot Jess Parker and the young genius Gareth Blanquette, are sent to Prosperine to investigate.


What starts off as a routine mission soon develops into a life-threatening crisis. Interplanetary politics, a bloody revolution, alien mercenaries, a mystic known as “the Teacher,” and a sword with supernatural power are just a few of the challenges Hickory must deal with. Explosive and unexpected, the story moves at a furious pace to reach an astonishing conclusion.



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Earth to Centauri: The First Journey, by Kumar L


2095 – An alien signal has been received on Earth, but what does it mean? Who used the archaic code to send a message? More importantly, what do they want?


Spaceship Antariksh, led by Captain Anara, is on its way to the origin of the signal. Heading up the first interstellar journey from Earth to make contact with beings from another planet, Captain Anara thought she was prepared for anything…but someone is keeping secrets from her.


Finally nearing their destination, 4.2 lightyears away, Captain Anara and her crew discover things are not what they seem. Mysteries abound and the truth is stranger than they ever imagined!


Will the crew of the Antariksh overcome unsurmountable odds to uncover the truth or will interstellar travel bring only death and destruction?



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The Touch: A Supernatural Story, by Robert Flynn III



The old beast is up to something out of character here.


Gabriel appears autistic because he hears a voice. The voice is real, but it is a supernatural presence. This voice gives him a power that he can transfer by touch. Gabriel does not trust this presence, though he finds that the wonder of what he is experiencing is far too great for him to resist.


Gabriel’s “autism” is really a defense against the weight of the power that has engulfed his heart, mind and soul, from the very beginning. He has no memory of his parents and in actuality, the voice, which causes him so much distress, is the only reality he has ever known. Living in an orphanage in Austin, Texas, all of his life, the voice has shown him more attention and love than any other person.


He befriends one other special young person in that orphanage, Joshua Fellows. Joshua also has experienced little love in his short life. The bond between these two young boys is the beginning of an amazing journey




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Young Adult


I would, but my damn mind won’t let me! – a teen’s guide to controlling their thoughts and feelings, by Jacqui Letran


Do you believe that life is unfair or that change is impossible? Are you unhappy and frustrated with your life? If you answered yes, you’re not alone! Teen Confidence Expert, Jacqui Letran, is here to show you a quick and easy path to a happier, healthier life. You can learn to create permanent changes for the better!


Your past can cause you to believe that making positive improvements requires a miracle. In Letran’s award-winning book, I would, but my DAMN MIND won’t let me!, you will learn the simple steps to overcome your obstacles and struggles. Once you understand how your mind works, you will have the knowledge and power to take control of your thoughts and feelings. The power to challenge your old negative patterns and create the exact life you want is in your hands.


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The Dragon Orb, by Mike Shelton



The fate of a kingdom rests on the shoulders of three young wizards who couldn’t be more different.

Bakari is a brilliant scholar wizard who’s more at home in a library than a battlefield. Alli is a beautiful young battle wizard whose grace in battle is both enchanting and deadly. Roland is a counselor wizard with a seemingly limitless depth of untapped power — and the ego to match it.

As the magical barrier protecting the kingdom of Alaris from dangerous outsiders begins to fail, and a fomenting rebellion threatens to divide the country in a civil war, the three wizards are thrust into the middle of a power struggle.

When the barrier comes down, the truth comes out. Was everything they were taught about their kingdom based on a lie? Will they all choose to fight on the same side, or end up enemies in the battle over who should rule Alaris?




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Liquid Gambit, by Bonnie Milani



Death is never more than an airlock away for the denizens of Hell, the last deck before the Void on the last station in human space.


It’s a place where justice is for sale and slavers hawk their human merchandise to the highest bidder. But to Rick, a scarred, bitter Lupan warrior, it’s home – or at least the one place in the known universe where he can ignore all the death warrants on him throughout the rest of the Commonwealth. It’s also the place where a few drops of the most precious liquid in all of human space can buy him a berth on the last ship back to his birth world. Until a mysterious, vaguely familiar woman walks into the dive Rick runs. And brings his deadly, ugly past in with her.




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Women’s Fiction



La Vita: Chronicles of an Italian Immigrant Family in a Small New England Town, by Don Arsenault



Assunta and her young daughters, Marietta and Maddalena, leave their mountain commune in the Gran Sasso of Italy and begin their journey to the promised better life in America where Camillo, her long-absent husband and father of the girls, waits for them. The story takes us from the confusion of their departure in Antwerp, the crossing of the Atlantic in steerage, their detainment on Ellis Island, to the mountains of northern New Hampshire where, after the birth of two more children, their better life is cut short by Camillo’s death. Left with four dependent children, Assunta, a non-citizen, must find ways to keep the family together through the Great Depression, the Bank Holiday that wiped out her substantial nest egg; Prohibition, World War 2 with its intensified anti-Italian prejudice, the threat of deportation, and the consequences of her mistaken marriage of convenience – all of which leave her with bittersweet memories of the life she lived on three continents with two husbands and six children.



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Self Help




Secrets to Shine Through the Noise, by Akasha Garnier


Author Akasha Lin Garnier presents Secrets to Shine through the Noise, A compelling journey from starving artist to mentorship, world travel, award-winning branding and a travel thriller series. In this cinematic guide, the author shares how to create an actionable plan and how to make a brand distinctive to rise above the noise.






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A Short Book on Attracting a Great Life, by John P. Durante



This is a personal development book written by an author who has used goal setting, the law of attraction, vision boards, meditation,self hypnosis, and mind movies to attract a great life. The author shares what he has learned from the experts in personal development, and offers suggestions of actions people can take to attract a great life. He is not claiming to be a self help expert like Tony Robbins, but rather as a person who has been practicing what the experts recommend for the last thirty years. The author shares stories from his life experiences, and examples of what has worked for him.





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Earthgame: Hints for Mastering the Greatest Game in the Universe, by Rochelle P. Bartholomew


Fellow members of the human race, have you forgotten how incredibly powerful and badass you are? To live IS an awfully big adventure, perhaps the biggest adventure in the entire universe. But this adventure, like all great adventures, is challenging, somewhat painful, and at times terrifying! Instead of running out to meet the challenge, many of us find ourselves stuck in a constant state of low-grade fear and anxiety. Great sages and teachers throughout time have had one message to humanity: “fear not.” You were built for this! Earthgame will show you why there is no need to feel afraid. It will uplift you and inspire you to live your days more carefree, childlike, open, and courageously. We’re going to talk fundamentals, theory, and technique. A straight up ‘how-to’ section on meditation will get you started if you are a beginner and if you are more experienced, help you go deeper than ever thought possible.


To everyone in the middle of living a life right now, Earthgame is the mid-game pep talk you may be needing!




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The Warrior, by Joyce Swann


James is sitting at a Ft. Worth intersection waiting for the light to change when he hears the roar of a truck speeding toward him. Before he can react, his motorcycle is crushed, and he is thrown fifty feet onto the median.

At that precise moment in Dallas, Elizabeth’s sleep is interrupted by a vivid dream in which she witnesses James’ accident. As she watches him begin to pass from life to death, she extends her hand and cries, “Don’t die if you don’t know Jesus!”

Although neither James nor Elizabeth is aware of the other’s existence, they begin a ten-year odyssey in which their lives are inexorably intertwined, changing their futures and the futures of those they love most.

“The Warrior” is a moving testimony to the power of prayer and God’s desire to redeem every life.



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Loving Bear: A BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance, by Amber Belmont


 Should you ever date your boss?

Jess Bevan doesn’t have time to worry if Mr Right will ever show up. She has enough to deal with studying, working, and helping her mom raise her kid brother. Love and romance was never really her thing anyway. She couldn’t cope with the inevitable heartache.

But when Nick Ford becomes her temporary manager, everything changes. He’s arrogant, annoying – and also the most attractive man Jess has ever met. He’s the one complication she can do without.

It’s hard to deny her feelings for him, but does Nick feel the same way? Is he looking for a good time or does he want something more, something Jess can’t give? And is it wise to get involved with her boss?

Loving Nick could destroy everything she’s worked so hard for. Is he really worth the risk?


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