30th Century Escape

Mark Kingston Levin

What will sex be like in our distant future?

To get more than a glimpse read 30th Century Escape By Mark Kington Levin

Jennifer the heroine was born and raised in the 30th century. She’s been tasked with attacking the Syndos – genetically-enhanced humans – before they destroy humankind.  She will use the one-way time-travel device in 2971 to trans-time back to 2015 as she was a historian and archeologist specializing in the 21st century.   There she will infect the Syndos as they are created with a virus to kill their disposition towards sociopathy.

In the 30th century, sexual variation of sexual behavior of all kinds are accepted by society. Their attitude towards sex has changed. The men take the wife’s family name and women are often the sexual aggressors. However, there are the Syndos who have two wives.

This is my view of our future given current trends in the past 300 years. Jennifer is bisexual and is looking for a man to have children with and women to enjoy sex with her and her husband. On the other hand, the Syndos have two wives, but the women are free to have lovers of either or both sexes. Even multiple sex partners are equally acceptable for men and women in the 30th century including swinging couples, bisexuals, homosexuals and others.

What is happening in our society today? According to university researchers, poly love or open marriages has been growing for decades along with couples adapting to and practicing the swinging lifestyle. These swinging activities were sometimes called wife swapping in the sixties. Thousands of years ago these activities were acceptable in the Ancient Greek and Roman societies as well as many other with no stigma. Given recent trends on gay and lesbian marriages, and increasing openess to open relationships and other less traditional forms of relationships,  the pendulum may be swinging back.

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