Amazing January Sale Guide for Inspirational Reads

Amazing Reads

As we enter into New Year what better way is there than to spend the evenings curled up with a book? Here are some great books at amazingly low prices that you should add to your reading list!


The Irreducible Primary

An active cognizance of our influence on the big-picture flow of creation, in which we all participate, is the responsibility of every human being. It is only through this effort that we can understand those spiritual competencies that are most relevant to the critical cause-and-effect interactions that have the most sway over our existence.

So too is it incumbent on humans to embrace the concept of unconditional love, and to understand why we alone get to take the journey toward it. It is only in a space where spirituality is allowed to uncover our inner structure and dimensions of consciousness that we engage this important energy force.

God’s Plan for Your Future

Is there a God? If so, why does He allow evil in the world? Why do bad things happen to good people? What is the purpose of my life? Are heaven and hell real? What happens to my soul when I die? Can I earn my way to heaven by being “good?” The answers to these and other perplexing topics are found in the 66 books of Scripture. Unfortunately, the volume of the Bible intimidates many who seek the answers.

This book is the solution. It condenses the entire Bible into a single volume by gathering relevant verses from the Hebrew and Christian texts and arranging them by topic in outline fashion. The first two chapters review the rise of the Jewish people and the lessons it teaches.


THE BOOK OF THOMAS THE DOUBTER: Uncovering the Secret Teachings is a biblical, historical novel based on the Gospel of Thomas and Acts of Thomas uncovered among the ancient Nag Hammadi texts.

The book depicts Thomas carrying out Jesus’ secret teachings as a disciple and as an apostle in India. In India, there are sites and landmarks commemorating Thomas. Also in India are the Thomas Christians (the Syrian Nasrani), affirming their founder as the disciple Thomas.

Strength in a Heartbeat

This is my journal I kept when my daughter Lauren Meizo became sick and eventually ended up needing a heart transplant. When my daughter became ill, I gave up my business designing custom gift baskets to be by her side 24/7. Family comes first. Lauren’s health declined to the point that I lived in the hospital in Boston Ma. with her for months on end.

During that time, our story will define all the ups and downs of life in a hospital. To sum it up… I have slept in hospital chairs, window sills and couches. Skipped meals and cried from fear. I have become an expert on Lauren’s condition. I am a strong advocate that had to make life changing decisions. I am a parent of a medically complex Warrior!!!

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