Writers of SciFi

Don Viecelli

I joined BooksGoSocial Science Fiction Team 2 one year ago in January 2017 along with 10 other members. Since that time we have grown to 19 active Members and work with 7 Collaborators from other Teams.

We call ourselves, Writers of SciFi. It has been a much more productive experience than I imagined. Along the way we have learned what it takes to be successful Indie Sci-Fi Authors.

The lessons learned were mostly from trial and error. However, we did have BooksGoSocial guidelines, training tools and helpful suggestions to point the way. Our Team is more than willing to offer suggestions to other BGS Teams in exchange for some friendly Collaboration or Social Marketing efforts.

You can track our activities on BGS Google Spreadsheet at this link.

I was asked to say something about my work, which is completely about Science Fiction. I have authored ten Sci-Fi books so far, the first one self-published by an POD distributer in 2003. Since then I have steadily increased my online presence using Amazon, Barnes & Noble (Nook) and Smashwords self-publishers. My work is easily viewed on my website.

My most successful books are part of The Guardians Series, Books 1, 2 and 3. Go to my BookFunnel link for a Free copy of The Guardians – Book 1, no Newsletter sign up required.  

Interested in joining an author team? Click here.

We allow you to read the first pages of a book, look at its cover and then buy it, but only if you like it. Nothing beats sampling a book. Experience the simple pleasure of finding books that you like, fast, with BooksGoSocial.com.
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