The Salad Oil King in Pictures

M.G. Crisci

A uniquely American tale of Greed-Gone-Mad. Inspired by real events that took place in the 1940-60’s. An unpretentious, diminutive Manhattan-born high school drop-out named Alfonso Gravenese morphs into one of the great scam artists in American financial history.

Here are some of the locations from the book:


(Main Hall)
1910. Main Hall at Ellis Island, NYC, where Fonso’s,
mischevious father, entered America

Cheating Gennaro
Fonso’s favorite Catholic saint was St. Gennaro,
the patron saint at Mafia Social Clubs in Little Italy

Charlie 2
Famous Italian Accordionist, Charles Magante,
was Fonso’s favorite musician

Baby Sitter
Philomena, Fonso Gravenese’s first babysitter

Chubby Fonso Gravenese’s favorite food,
greasy Italian Zeppoles at local festivals

Mulberry Street
1918. Mulberry Street, Little Italy, where Enrico, the fish monger,
taught son Fonso how to scam neighbors

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