How to get on the Wall Street Journal Best Seller’s List through Collaboration

Colleen Mooney

One of the programs Books Go Social offered to authors has been the linchpin to the success I recently achieved by making the Wall Street Journal Best Seller’s list.

I enrolled in a program to build my Twitter network and with it was offered the opportunity to join a like team of authors for cross-posting, critiquing or become part of a Twitter group.

One member of my team asked if we wanted to participate in a boxed set to try to make one of the best sellers’ list.  Almost everyone in the group BGS put me in signed on. All twelve cozy authors each contributed a story.

Cozy Mysteries almost always have a pet in them and we discovered all twelve of us had pets, and most of them were rescued. I manage and direct a breed rescue group for Schnauzers. We decided to donate all proceeds to animals in need.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma had just left Houston and Florida devastated and their shelters needing help. Our proceeds were targeted to help shelters in these areas.

Networking through Books Go Social and meeting this group of authors was amazing. I learned more, did more and accomplished more. Without Books Go Social’s wonderful programs over and above helping my Twitter network grow, they introduced me to these colleagues which helped to expand my reading audience.

To achieve our goal of making a best seller list, we did cross-posting on newsletters with authors outside of our group. Each author had to cross post with a minimum of three others. We pooled our strengths and did Giveaways, Facebook Parties, and Events for the announcements. We all divided the tasks and contributed.

We hosted a Facebook Author Takeover with 36 authors, hosting 24 more authors besides ourselves and all they had to do was mention our 12 Slays of Christmas and ask their readers to purchase it for $.99. It was a WIN WIN WIN for all involved—the authors, the animals and the readers! 

We all contributed an agreed amount of money to place ads on promotional sites. We had a Facebook group of ourselves to keep in touch and a public page to let our readers know what was coming.  We cross posted in our Twitter groups daily.

We made the Wall Street Journal Best Seller list at number 6! Our goal was reached and we did a good thing helping animals who now have a chance at a better life. Cozy readers got a great deal of 12 books from 12 Authors for $.99.

I cannot thank Laurence O’Bryan enough and his team for the opportunity he presented me with.

Colleen Mooney, Author

The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Series

The 12 Slays of Christmas was launched December 4, 2017, and ran until January 5, 2018.

My story Death by Rum Balls from the 12 Slays of Christmas is now available on Amazon along with the individual stories from the other authors. 

Our plan is to do a boxed set for the summer to try to make one of the other bestseller lists and to help no-kill shelters.

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  1. Joyce Ann Brown

    Congratulations. I write cozies and have participated in two cross-promotion BGS groups. Each worked for a couple of months, but then people began not contributing and/or dropped out. Hooray for your group. If you need another member, I’m available!

  2. Ester Lopez

    This sounds like a great idea! But I guess, everyone must have the same enthusiasm for it to work. I write sci-fi adventure romances. Is there an interest in that area with this same idea?


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