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Feeling romantic?  Or maybe you’re not and need a little encouragement?  Here’s a great selection of books to get you thinking about all things love just in time for Valentine’s Day.



Until You Set Me Free

An emotionally charged romance, intertwined with tragedy, force the career-minded heir and his best friend’s irresistible sister to choose between their careers, their hearts, and the safety of the ones they love.

Sexy girl-next-door Samantha has no idea how attractive she is. She buries herself in her high school studies, focusing on graduating early from college and heading into a successful tech career. She’s beautiful, sassy, and confident in her abilities, except when it comes to attracting the man she’s afraid to want.

Secret Desires

Margo Simmons is ecstatic when she inherits her uncle’s Manhattan apartment and a handsome sum of money. To her chagrin, there are strings attached. She must be gainfully employed in a job for a year. Everything in Margo’s life has complications.

When she meets the man of her dreams, she anguishes over how to fulfill her secret desires for a loving relationship because he is still emotionally tied to his deceased wife and afraid to open his heart again. To replace her fractured childhood growing up with a distant stepfather, Margo becomes the guardian of an elementary student who longs for connection and closeness.

Twisted Fate

What is love at first sight? Racing hearts? Bated breath? The beginning of happily ever after?

That’s what we all want and for the two women in this story, love comes with a steep price. A price each must pay to stay together.
Sage wants the raw messy connection of true love. She knows the love she craves doesn’t exist in her quiet hometown. Against her mother’s insistence to stay, and fear for her own personal safety, Sage moves to a big city. And falls deeper than she ever imagined for a beautiful vampire.

Dr. Melissa Craft, a two hundred and fifty-year-old vampire exists to help other people live their lives. She’d loved once, but that ended long ago in tragedy.

Desert Skies, Rebel Souls

A journey into the unknown. A rebellion against family, culture and society. A love against all odds.

From Scandinavia to the Middle East, a young woman travels to discover herself and finds a world of passion and history, war and peace. A whirlwind romance takes a dramatic turn, leaving Olivia caught between countries, belonging nowhere, and with the love of her life in danger far away.

From the award-winning author of The Cosmopolitan Islander comes an uplifting tale of adventure, conflict and reconciliation that never shies away from brutal reality, yet sparkles with the sheer love of life.

No Way Back

When two eligible and attractive men are vying for your heart, it should be the perfect dilemma…

Audrey Fox has been dumped by her unreliable fiancé Nick Byrne just days before the wedding. Heartbroken and confused, the last thing she expects when she jumps on a plane to convalesce in Cyprus is romance. But a chance meeting with handsome entrepreneur and father-of-one Daniel Taylor weaves her into a dating game she’s not sure she’s ready for.

Audrey’s life is thrown into further turmoil when she discovers on her return to London that Nick has been involved in a serious motorcycle accident that’s left him in intensive care.

A Good Game

Charlotte believes her purpose is to be a rich man’s wife, a future she despises. It is the arrival of Trent in the middle of the night that leads her to believe that she is meant for something bigger. Her life has been based on lies and Trent is the one to show her a brand new world.

Trent loathes his servitude to Vision, the creator of false realities. When he meets Charlotte he is determined to free her from the rules placed upon her by the company. Freedom comes at a great cost, though, and Trent is not sure if he can pay it.

When his traumatic past becomes the present, they are both forced to make decisions that are life and death. Can she forgive him for lies he was forced to tell her?

Ever After

This is not a fairy tale! Or is it?

Cindy Marshall is Cinderella. Born into a rich family her life turns topsy turvy when her mother is diagnosed with cancer. Abandoned by her father, Cindy’s disillusionment is complete when her mother dies.

No longer believing in love, marriage and happily ever after, broke and jobless. Cindy gets a job in the elite nightclub, The Monks. And who turns out to be The Monk himself? Who but Prince Charming! Only his name is Julian St John and he is anything but living a fairy tale. Born into the Italian mafia as the heir to the Mafia King himself. Julian St John is never shy of the limelight.

Garden of Lilies

Can one funny, idealistic, loving little Princess really negotiate a relationship with a wild, highly sexual alpha male from the slums?

In Bodhadia, there has been a savage eleven-year war between the repressive, authoritarian Niron and the freedom-loving Temujis, led by the battle-hardened, tempestuous Johnny. To Johnny’s amazement, the defeated Prince Benjamin presents him with his cousin, the beautiful and spiritual Princess Irisa, as a final gesture of surrender.

Johnny is stunned when he feels immediate, intense empathy for the fragile little Princess with the enormous, terrified sapphire eyes. When those eyes meet his for the first time, he knows his world has changed forever.

Touch of Ice

He is as cold as ice. She is the salvation that will melt his heart. 

When Endora is faced with her daughter’s terminal illness, she takes the only chance she’s got. She braves the potential risks and signs a mating contract with the Delradon Draekon Lords, intent on using the payment to buy the aliens’ cure to save her daughter’s life.

Lord Aldric Darragon rules over his land with an iron fist until one day the only woman who is genetically compatible with him agrees to his offer of mating. As his all-consuming passion for Endora explodes, an ancient threat looms heavy over humans and Delradons alike.

Love, Lust, and Betrayal

Part I: Love and Lust. Having met as virgins, a young couple’s innocent and romantic first love evolves into highly lustful desires. Their awakening sexuality leads them on several erotic adventures as they explore life together during their marriage, and eventually puts the marriage in jeopardy. Together they experience ménages trois, her latent bisexuality, group sex, and sexual seductions.

Part II: The Betrayal. After the husband discovers his wife is having a secret affair with her boss, his world is shattered. Gone is their marital openness and honesty. Having become their children’s primary caretaker, he then turns his attention to obtaining custody of them, and a five-year interstate custody battle begins.

The Stationmaster’s Cottage: Mystery. Love. Suspense. River’s End Book 1.

1967. Thunder booms as the ocean threatens to drown the jetty where Martha Ryan stands defiant, heart-broken from what she saw through a window a few moments earlier. Her fiancé begs her to listen, to trust him but a wave drags her into the sea…

2017. Christie Ryan inherits a dilapidated cottage in a seaside town she’s never heard of. The brief visit for her grandmother’s funeral extends when she discovers fifty-year-old love letters from a young man she suspects painted a damaged seascape left behind in the cottage.

Determined to solve the mystery behind the letters, Christie seeks help from reclusive artist Martin Blake, but he has reasons to protect the past. As Christie falls in love with the cottage and the town, her own relationship falls apart and she goes home to mend it.

Romantic Suspense


Legacy of Danger

Inheriting a castle, Elena Dkany travels to Romania, a land dipped in Myths, Folklore, and as legend has it, the Walking Dead.

From the onset of her arrival, hearing a local proverb: “Do not speak badly of the Devil, because you cannot know to whom you will belong,” she soon understands the importance of adhering to this warning in this mysterious land.

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