Our Front Table, below, features short reviews each month:

The One

THE ONE  STEVE JUSTICE “It sounds terrible.” A professor has sex with his student. He denies he’s a monster, a rapist or  a paedophile. His pupils are adult women, “ free in their choices.” Set in Seoul, with hints of Lolita, this is an attempt at self-justification by someone who refers offhandedly to “the wife.” Chilling; hypnotically compelling.


WOUNDED   BEN BURGESS JR. A married woman is outed after lesbian sex. The narrator knows the type. She has dealt with them hundreds of times. She enjoys “converting breeders.” Yet she is no monster, pursuing only those who make her “gaydar go off.” What is her story? And where will she go next? Intriguing.

Bitter Sweet

BITTER SWEET  MASON N. FORBES  A call –girl narrates. She is worldly wise, dismissing a prospective client by phone, an admirer listening. Another call. Her next client? No, someone strange and “way too freaky.” He’ll call again. Uneasy, she hopes he won’t. Now she is alone, trying to forget the weird caller. We empathise, and anticipate.

Herald Square

HERALD SQUARE  JEFFERSON FLANDERS New York post 1945. The woman works in a resettlement centre for displaced persons. She is phoned. It’s payback time for past help given. She must meet someone. She panics, contemplates flight, but decides it’s more prudent to find out what they want. Who, why, what and where?

winter soon

WINTER SOON  MICHAEL MARTIN 1973. Three friends from New Jersey travel to Maine on a fishing expedition, journeying first in Hoxie’s 1962 Chevy pickup. It’s thrilling, novel, Hoxie a free spirit reminding the others, suits, of what they have forgotten. But spring has come late to Maine. Echoes of “Deliverance.” What lies in store?

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  1. The concept has promise… especially if it also applies to nonfiction and so-called picture books in addition to novels. Will there be promotions attached and other considerations by which publishers and authors can ‘incentivize’ and promote all issues of books, texts?

    1. Non fiction and genre categories will evolve here naturally, Marshall. Authors can save on web site changes by using their BooksGoSocial book page to announce new books. And they can also promote pseudonym based offerings here too. I am also happy for individual authors to offer prizes for readers to visit their pages.

  2. Saw your compelling post on thriller writer via Twitter. Discoverability ipso facto. I plan to find a way to add my legal thriller. ESP since you’re in Ireland and I’m an O’Leary. Best of luck with this site

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