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  • 1st pages,Historical
    All His Bright Light Gone: The Death of John F. Kennedy and The Decline of America
      CHAPTER ONE A New Appreciation of John Kennedy We are creating a culture that is not conducive to good policy or good...
  • 1st pages,Fantasy
    Age of Strife: Volume One
      The Age of Strife is an important historic time in the world, it is when the entirety of the...
  • 1st pages,Thriller
    Chapter 1 She swam swiftly and purposely. Something inside her told her that she had to go to a certain...
  • 1st pages,Sports
    Racetracker, Life With Grifters and Gamblers
      FOREWORD   John Perrotta, a bonafide Jersey boy with a wandering soul, was not necessarily destined to sink himself hip deep...
  • 1st pages,Historical
    Threads of The War, Volume III
      Relief Sweat beading down from atop my forehead finds a path into my eyes, stinging my vision just as I...
  • 1st pages,Sci-fi
    Lucifer: Soldiers, Serpents and Sin - Book 1 A Clash of Lightning and Thunder
      Chapter 0 – What and Where is When? Nihil   The Grove was burning. The air around him tasted like soot...
  • 1st pages,Historical
    36 Hours to Save the President
      PROLOGUE   A feeling of calm was beginning to descend over the White House. The Civil War had finally come to...
  • 1st pages,Featured,Sci-fi
    The Secret of Christopher Topher
      Chapter 1 Off to School   In a small, Midwestern town lived a twelve-year-old kid named Alexander Smiley. Alex was neither big...
  • 1st pages,Sci-fi
    Still Wilde in Outlaw River
      Mitch struggled to maintain his balance. He felt nauseated, and his head punished him with intense pain. Mitch’s best...
  • 1st pages,Crime
      Letter from client (Attached to front of sealed package of journals)   I always thought that guiding your children was a...
  • 1st pages,Romance
    The Reunion
        Rosemary McGee had the next traffic light perfectly timed until a car from the other lane suddenly cut in...
  • 1st pages,Children's
    The Affirmation Station
    Each morning when I wake Happiness is a choice I make
  • 1st pages,Fantasy
    Star Chaser: The Traveler
    Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her; but once they are in hand, he or...
  • 1st pages,Romance
    Ask Me to Stay
        The car sputtered, jerked and sputtered again just before the engine died. Callie steered the car to the side...
  • 1st pages,Sci-fi
    Rx (Dawn of the Hybrids)
    INTRODUCTION In downtown Philadelphia, a slight breeze compliments the unusually warm weather. The upper 90 degree temperatures during late autumn...
  • 1st pages,Uncategorized
    Bridge of Comprehension
  • 1st pages,Thriller
    The Devil's Snare
        Had he the ability to check his heart rate, he was certain it would show it hadn’t risen above...
  • 1st pages,Fantasy
    The Great Balance
    Prologue Briellyn Her face is barely recognizable. It’s morphed into something much darker, more demonic. I don’t know this face....
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Book Of The Week

Connected: The Call & The Shift by Michelle Medhat


“Michelle Medhat takes on and pulls off a Herculean feat by seamlessly merging Espionage, Science Fiction and Thriller genres.” Garrard Hayes, best selling Author of Bourbon and Blood

Sam loves Ellie, and Ellie loves Sam. They have the perfect marriage. Only, everything that Sam has told Ellie is a lie, and very soon his world breaks into hers in ways she cannot possible imagine. For Ellie Noor, an innocent woman who is at the centre of it all, one unexplained moment starts a chain reaction leading to series of events that will change her life forever. 


Price: 0.99

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