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  • 1st pages,Self Help
    Messages In The Music
      Music. It is the soundtrack to our lives. At different points in life, much like the various musicians in a band,...
  • 1st pages,Mystery
    Silent Cats: Deadly Dance
      Netanya, Israel August 2005   "She is here with the two young ones. I have eyes on them,” the red keffiyeh-clad man...
  • 1st pages,Romance
    Gwynneth Ever After
      Gwyn Jacobs stuffed sketchpad and charcoal pencils into her shoulder bag, and then, satisfied she had everything she needed,...
  • 1st pages,Historical
    They Couldn't Have Known
      Stunned by the impact, Gill lay on the damp grass looking at the stars in the black void. She ran...
  • 1st pages,Fantasy
    Cristofori's Dream
      Prologue The Monster   “Chris, Chris, wake up, wake up! The Monster…it’s coming.” The little girl’s strained whispers crashed through his head...
  • 1st pages,Literary
    The Last Wife of Attila the Hun
      Prologue   When I was a young girl living at Worms, there was nothing I delighted in more than song. And...
  • 1st pages,Mystery
    Subtropical High
      Prologue   Florida. America’s lowest State. A hurricane-battered peninsula that hangs like a half-engorged member below the continental mainframe. A land...
  • 1st pages,Thriller
    The Icarus Prediction
      Beirut, Lebanon July 27, 2006 A dull thud punched through the morning air, causing Jarrod Stryker to turn and scan the...
  • 1st pages,Thriller
    Progeny Of A Killer
      PROLOGUE DUBLIN, JUNE 22nd 1982 It had been a long night. Now it was over. Her baby was born and now lay...
  • 1st pages,Paranormal
    The Locals
      Once long ago, man and nature, were one. He spoke with the trees, Saw colors in the breeze. He learned many things,...
  • 1st pages,Horror
    The Awakening of Myra Thomas
      CHAPTER ONE   Myra struggled with thoughts of defeat in her mind as she felt the small kicks from her unborn...
  • 1st pages,Romance
    Sense & Sensuality
      Candles guttered in the sconces of the gaming room as servants returned for the third time that night to...
  • 1st pages,Children's
    Josie the Singing Butterfly
  • 1st pages,Memoir
    Patient Zero Three Years to Live
      “You’ll need a transplant soon, your kidneys are failing. Based on the rate at which functioning is declining, I...
  • 1st pages,Romance
    The Ghost of You
      PROLOGUE APRIL 15, 2015 2:45AM   I roam the dark house like a restless soul. The Ativan, which sometimes helps ease these sleepless...
  • 1st pages,Romance
    Cadha's Rogue
      Chapter One September 1303 – Hoorn, Holland   She would see him soon. Cadha de Witt spread her arms against the frigid air...
  • 1st pages,Children's,Humour
    Mischief on the Mountain
    Milking Flossy Lucy awoke from a dream; she smelled bacon frying and the hint of cinnamon apples drifting into her...
  • 1st pages,Fantasy
    Tinzor: The Beginning
    Tinzor: The Beginning Chapter One Roo Haas stood outside his whitewashed mud brick home. His feet, wrapped in old rags,...

Book Of The Week

Stealing Time by K J Waters

As Hurricane Charley churns a path of destruction towards Orlando, Ronnie Andrews and her best friend, Stephanie McKay, scramble to prepare for the storm. Ronnie seeks shelter at her boyfriend’s weather lab while Steph heads back to her house. 
During the peak of the storm Ronnie is hurtled back in time to eighteenth-century London where she is caught in a web of superstition, deception, and lies in a life and death struggle to return to her own time. 
Steph is thrust into the middle of the hurricane to rescue, but it quickly turns into a living nightmare as she is faced with losing everything.


Price: $2.99

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