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  • 1st pages,Humour
    Adventures of Perfect Difference 5
      We are full-time personal assistants of two lads with learning difficulties. Our team— Nina, Mark, and Jay—are good friends,...
  • 1st pages,Paranormal
      Pontchartrain Beach Amusement Park was a New Orleans staple and had been for a generation now. Set snugly against...
  • 1st pages,Humour
    Rules for Thursday Lovers
      Chapter 1   It was dusk and squally. A stall-owner packed away the day’s news of world revolutions and tossed an...
  • 1st pages,Fantasy
    Stone Cottage
      Prologue   In the aftermath of the blinding flash, the darkness shimmered like liquid ebony. The wind ripped the leaves from...
  • 1st pages,Paranormal
    Sands of Time: Fate of the True Vampires
      “Queen of the Nile”   Entries found on Papyrus sealed and preserved within a tomb in Egypt Circa 20th Dynasty English Translation, 1958 Believed...
  • 1st pages,Contemporary
    Penelope's Odyssey: the Survivors of Katrina
      1 - Ulysses in the Garden of Louisiana   I was in Athena with my mother when Hurricane Katrina battered New...
  • 1st pages,Mystery,Thriller
      Chapter 1   ‘Well done, Molly! Well done, sweetheart, that was absolutely fantastic.’ The father beamed after witnessing his eldest daughter take first place...
  • 1st pages,Children's
    Ziger The Tiger Is In Danger!
    Chapter 1. The big clean up Ziger the tiger was in a great mood. The 2014 Jungle Olympics had just...
  • 1st pages,YA
    The Secret Keepers
    CHAPTER ONE Pa was home: the rising rattle of the motor became louder before shuddering off underneath Mandy and Jolee’s...
  • 1st pages,Non Fiction
    Dreams: Guide to the Soul
      Welcome! You have made a great choice in entering the realm of Dream Discovery. In this book we are...
  • 1st pages,Religious
      Except for the glowing red and yellow eyes, the darkness was all-consuming. In this place, even the distant screams...
  • 1st pages,Thriller
    Dangers of Deception
      “Deception” is a nine-letter word for cheating, lying, and dishonesty. The term also is related to temptation. We had known...
  • 1st pages,Non Fiction
    For the Love of Christopher: A Father's Tale
    Chapter 1 - Love will find a way.   It was a momentary decision. The thought came into my head...
  • 1st pages,Thriller
    The Line in the Sand
      PART ONE ONE   Dele Verity snapped her sticky eyes wide open in terror, heard Dad’s gentle snoring next door and puffed...
  • 1st pages,Paranormal
    The Night Sweeper
      Chapter 1 Cray   I sprint toward the sounds while a detached part of my mind analyzes the remains of Central...
  • 1st pages,Self Help
    Ask The Right Questions...: Get The Right Answers
      First, I thank God for everything! This book is dedicated to my wife Ruth, for her tireless belief and for her...
  • 1st pages,Thriller
    Big Jim
      Legends are not born in Africa. They are made. Africa 1953   The hunter raised his heavy double rifle to shoulder level...
  • 1st pages,Historical
    The Harsh Mistress
      Smoke! What had been a vague smudge on the horizon was now a towering black plume framed by circling...

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A Consequence of Greed by Jack Eadon

When Marcus Ramsay is promoted to Corsicana to fix an ailing division, he doesn't realize he will uncover the details of a decades-old murder involving several locals. Driven by the spirit of murdered James Post, he uncovers the plot. In particular, Marcus' nemesis, the sculptress of James Post's murder, Sheila Hickman, recalls being the orchestrator of the murder in vivid, psychedelic dreams, induced by shock treatments, drugs and alcohol abuse. She is the greediest of them all!


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