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  • 1st pages,Mystery
    The Disillusioned (Guardian Novels)
      I'm an old woman, sick and tired of the voices rattling in my head. I am ready for this...
  • 1st pages,Romance
    Southern Comfort
    Chapter One Lengthening shadows slanted across the yard like fingers seeking purchase. Riley rocked back in his chair on the...
  • 1st pages,Mystery
    Secret Keepers and Skinny Shadows
    CHAPTER 1 Bridgetown, New York Present day Lee and Miranda stood side by side in a room that only seconds...
  • 1st pages,Memoir
    Echoes in the Walls
      The wind tugged at loose shutters and cold wind slithered through a cracked window somewhere upstairs. The snow had...
  • 1st pages,Fantasy
    The Dark Legend of the Foreigner
      In 17th century Japan, a battle between the shoguns and the Lees raged for a lengthy period of time....
  • 1st pages,Humour
    These Animals Are Killing Me
      September 2nd: Stalking the School Bus   “Oh my God! Stop it!” I leaned over and yanked his pants up, covering his...
  • 1st pages,Paranormal
    The Dark Communion
      Three days ago, Julie Easter, age seven, went missing. The bus took her to school in the morning, it...
  • 1st pages,Business,Non Fiction
    30 Books in 30 Days: Great Lessons from the Best Business Books of the Last 15 Years
      I read books. A lot of books. Not as many as some people read, but I read a pretty...
  • 1st pages,Paranormal
    Brimstone: The Legend of Quentin Cain
      “Lost Soul”   I’VE BEEN TOLD I GOT a lot of demons. I can’t argue with that much. I definitely got...
  • 1st pages,Thriller
    Blackwater Crossing
      LOSING MY LEFT STIRRUP was the first sign of trouble. Two jumps later, the feather-footed roan bucked his way...
  • 1st pages,Paranormal
    All the Broken Places
  • 1st pages,Fantasy
    Child of Fire and Blood, Part One: A Distant Storm
      Once upon a time, in the Age of Legend, lived an ancient and powerful beast of Chaos. With awesome...
  • 1st pages,Memoir
    Greekscapes Illustrated Journeys with an Artist
    CHAPTER 1 Saving the Dream   Barefoot and giggling, a boy with masses of dark curly hair and a girl with...
  • 1st pages,Literary
    The Courage of Others
    CHAPTER ONE The War Department sent the telegram dated October 25, 1919. Mister Egbert Jenkins, the local telegrapher, breathing heavily...
  • 1st pages,YA
    Fire And Ice (Faerie Song Trilogy 1)
      “You look exhausted, Mrs. Johnston.”   I stared into her sunken eyes, rimmed with dark circles. My joints ached for a...
  • 1st pages,Erotica
    Prevarication, Deceitfully Yours
      At the tender age of eighteen, Jessica had only memories of her mother Anna Marie - the color of...
  • 1st pages,Sci-fi
    The Punch Escrow
      The good news is if you’re reading this, then you’re officially in charge of figuring out what to do...
  • 1st pages,Self Help
    Technology Overload: Conquering Internet Addiction for a Happy, Balanced, and More Purposeful Life
    Introduction "I don't know a single person who is not immersed in the digital universe. Even people who are strongly...
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the outlaw river wilde

Book Of The Week

Outlaw River Wilde by Mike Walters


Mitch Wilde never believed in aliens that is, until he was left with no other way to explain the strange events happening around his small Pacific Northwest home. With scattered appearances of ghostly Native American riders, a series of odd break-ins by unknown intruders, and hints that more could be coming, Mitch, along with his cantankerous old neighbor who is quickly becoming a new friend vows to unravel the mysteries and preserve the comfortable life he has worked so hard to build. 
When an unexplained attack leaves his long-time best friend acting quite unlike himself, Mitch knows he has to act fast or risk losing everything. The only question is: Does he have what it takes to conquer the mysterious, potentially powerful force once and for all? 


Price: 0.99

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