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Latest Books

  • 1st pages,Thriller
    Sorry Time
    1 THE OWNER HAS LEFT THE BUILDING   DR JONATHAN CHASELING – young, bearded and hipsterish-looking – navigated his car around...
  • 1st pages,Romance
    Crossed Lines
        I 1. Past (2002-2007)   When I was fifteen I left the smoky, wide-open skies of Dallas, Texas, for the rain and...
  • 1st pages,Romance
    Lake of Destiny: A Celtic Legends Novel
      Anna Cameron had spent too many hours in an airline seat tighter than a respectable dress, and that had...
  • 1st pages,Contemporary
      “Aiyana, Now!” “Roger, Christian.” I shield with him and we hear Jess yell. “Hold the shield, Aiyana, she cut her hand,...
  • 1st pages,Romance
    The Highwayman's Proposal
      Chapter 1 1783 Surrey   “Stand and deliver!” The demand came loud and clear, as Lady Caroline Godwin’s coach came to a...
  • 1st pages,Non Fiction
    How to Get Your Joy Back! - A Women's Guide to Midlife Career Transformation
      INTRODUCTION: WHY I WROTE THIS BOOK   I wrote this book because I believe there are too many women who are...
  • 1st pages,Spiritual
    Simplicity of Life: Why does being Human Complicate Everything?
      What has humankind done with the simplicity of life? The evolution of our species has induced complexity into our...
  • 1st pages,Memoir
    Mother At Seven
      CHAPTER 1 On The Edge of the Window   I stood at the edge of the window in my family’s fifth-floor...
  • 1st pages,Non Fiction
    You Are Weird
      My name is Benedikt Heyn. I was born in Prague in 1990. My identical twin brother Adam saw the...
  • 1st pages,Featured,Memoir
    Steps in My Shoes: The Life of a Foster Child
      Chapter One – First Five Years   I went into the foster care system with my oldest biological sister because we...
  • Editors' Blog,Historical
    Historical Fiction Books To Read
    Historical fiction! One of my favourite genres. When people ask me what historical novel they should read I find...
  • 1st pages,Memoir
    Despair to Deliverance: A True Story of Triumph Over Severe Mental Illness
      CHAPTER ONE – THE MELTDOWN   The story begins with a phone call from Robin. She and I had been working...
  • Editors' Blog,Fantasy,Sci-fi,Uncategorized
    Sci-Fi and Fantasy Recommended Reads
    What makes a good Sci-Fi or Fantasy novel? The world building, diverse and fleshed out characters, the plausibility, the...
  • 1st pages,Non Fiction
      You’ve taken the first step to grabbing hold of the reins of your sex life – so good on...
  • 1st pages,Featured,Mystery
    The Pernicious Pachyderm
    Chapter one A Gruesome Discovery  Duncan adjusted his kilt, nervous energy threatening to overtake his calm exterior. He stepped on the...
  • 1st pages,Featured,Romance
    Taken by Storm
    Oklahoma, January 15   The flabby man had stayed crouched for hours in the same shadowy corner of the library where...
  • 1st pages,Featured,Horror
    Chapter One Blue Haze *Link-In Initiated* 12:37pm Washington D.C. The distinct popping sound of gunfire can be heard echoing through the armored and reinforced...
  • 1st pages,Featured,Mystery
    Treasure of Saint-Lazare: A Novel of Paris
      There was only one witness, and he was not a good one — the busboy at a new restaurant...
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