Daddy’s Girl

Ben Burgess Jr.



It was two in the morning. The loud ringing of the phone on my nightstand amplified the pounding throb of my hangover. I felt like shit. I yawned, stretched, and knocked the phone off the receiver.

I fumbled with it in the dark before I groggily answered, “Hello?”

“Nick? Nick!” Vickie yelled.


“Wake up and get to Central General…now! I’m about to have this baby!” she wailed.

That woke me up.

I stuttered, “Wh-What? It’s a month early.”

“I’m aware of that, Nick. I need you to get your ass here now.”

“I’m on my way.”

“Did you hear me? You need to get here right fucking now.”

I rubbed my hand over my face.

“Calm down. I said I’m coming.”

“I’m not kidding, Nick. Uniondale is twenty minutes away. If you’re not here within the hour, as soon as I have this baby, I’m
signing it over to the state.”

“Don’t do that. I’ll be there. I already told you I’ll take care of us—all of us. I’m leaving now.”

She hung up.

Daddy’s Girl Description:

Nick Johnson has always been an underachieving, borderline alcoholic. He soon finds himself in over his head when his affair with Vickie, an unhappily married homemaker, results in an accidental pregnancy. Vickie abandons Nick to raise their biracial daughter, Lynn, alone. Overwhelmed by the difficulties of single fatherhood and seeking comfort and help for himself in that stressful journey, Nick dates numerous women who will change his life forever.

Will raising Lynn force him to mature? Can a single father with a challenging past teach his daughter to become a strong, successful woman? Will a Daddy’s Girl, raised primarily by her father, leave Lynn destined to fail from a lack of female guidance?

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