My Natural Weight-loss Recipe

Irina Dura





First of all I would like to mention that this book is not intended to diagnose or treat illnesses/diseases and must never take the place of professional advice. This is simply my own personal life experience and how I have dealt with obesity and finally reached my goal weight.

Please Note: I am not a nutritionist, dietitian or health care professional. I am simply just sharing my experience and hope to inspire everyone I can to live a healthier, happier life. Consult with your doctor before you decide to change your life-style and diet.

I do not guarantee any results of any kind. My 35 kg weight loss took me 15 months and a lot of daily hard work, focus & dedication.

Ok, you are probably thinking ‘Not another weight-loss book again! I have read so many and so far none of them have helped’. Before you decide to close the book and throw in the towel I am letting you know that there is hope for anyone that is genuinely willing to change his/her life for good and it can be done.

It took me 18 years to figure it out and learn from mistakes and if I can do it, anyone can. I decided to write about my experience so that others can learn from my mistakes over the years.

You probably scanned the table of contents and looked at my list of ingredients for natural weight-loss and thought “Well I already know all this, why should I waste time reading this book?” Yes, you probably already know that water is important in weight-loss along with patience, perseverance etc. I try to dig deeper into each ingredient and explain the benefits and write about my own experience. I also write a bit about my childhood years and how food has always been precious to me (especially treats) as they were very rare in a communist country.

English is my second language so expect this book to be written in simple English. I was born in Europe and only came to Australia when I was almost 9 years old, I didn’t even know 1 single English word.

Grade 1 and 2 were studied back in Europe and when I came to Australia they assessed me and placed me in grade 4 along with my twin sister. I remember we were teased everyday because we didn’t know any English. We took part in special English sessions each week and slowly started to pick up the language.

We must of sounded ridiculous trying to pronounce different words and repeating them over and over in order to remember them. Kids were teasing us everyday at school but it didn’t stop us, we kept persevering. It was exciting – A new country – A new language!

My Natural Weight-loss Recipe Description:

Learn the Basic Ingredients to Losing Weight for Life!

This book is ideal for those that are looking for a natural, safe approach to weight-loss. It is NOT a diet, it is designed to motivate, inspire and help you adapt to a healthy lifestyle. It will help you build healthy habits for life which in turn gives you long-term results whether you are looking to lose weight or maintain your weight.

By implementing these basic ingredients into my daily life I was able to lose 77 pounds within 15 months. These are simple ingredients available to anyone who truly want to change their health for the better and reach their weight-loss goals.

In ‘My Natural Weight-loss Recipe’ the Author shares her basic list of ingredients that has laid down the sure foundation for her final weight-loss victory. The first ingredient on her list is ‘Blood test’ and for a very good reason. Feeling tired, heavy and in pain everyday prompted her to see her doctor who suggested a blood test. The results of that blood test opened her eyes to the danger she was in and how her bad habits were digging her an early grave. She was told she must do something about her weight or she will face Diabetes and other life-threatening diseases very soon.

She wasn’t going to accept a life of sickness and disease and so she worked out a strategy to finally reach her weight-loss goal. Using her strategy she was able to lose 77 pounds within 15 months and wrote about her experience in ‘My 18 Year Weight-loss Journey’. Her passion is to help, motivate & inspire others that are struggling with obesity and hopes that through sharing her experience she will change many lives.

In this book you will discover her basic ingredients to natural, safe weight-loss. Once each ingredient is implemented and followed daily it lays the foundation to long-term weight-loss and a lifetime of healthy habits.

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