In Your Face

Emisch Oghma

In Your Face: What's Yours Saying About You?: A modern guide to determine anyone's character and emotional history by [Oghma, Emisch]


Chapter One – What do we know about the face?

When we look at a face, what do we see?

We see the shape of the face and its features – eyes, ears, nose and mouth – and maybe an expression appearing glad, sad or mad. Maybe they are excited to be there with you!

But what if there is much more you could be reading in that face? This book will help you interpret a person’s character and emotional history – and life potential – simply by looking carefully at the shape, features and expressions of their face. That’s the promise behind
Siang Mien (translates to face reading), a Chinese Ming Dynasty system of interpreting faces.I have created this easy-to-use guide with a modern, Western audience in mind. Read on and learn what your face is saying about you….

How did the Siang Mien masters do that?
That is a very interesting question. The elaborate Siang Mien system was created over many centuries of observations
and practice. The masters were certain the human face records every emotional reaction you’ve ever had, from birth. Emotional responses to situations – for example, think of a smile or a frown – create muscle memories that over time create deeper facial lines. The stronger and more pronounced the line, the more often that emotional reaction has occurred in that person. The masters also taught that certain birth characteristics indicated karmic (previous life) patterns. So each person’s face reveals a combination of pre destined and acquired character and potential. Siang Mien masters isolated the facial features and contours into categories inspired by the four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. After many centuries of observations, they could attribute a meaning or pattern to each facial characteristic.

In Your Face Description:

A modern guide to determine anyone’s character and emotional history ..

Have you ever said, “I’m not good at remembering people’s faces”? or wondered “What is my face revealing about me?”In your face is a unique,easy to use guide to face reading.  Emisch Oghma has modernized the ancient chinese system of Siang Mien .
Shapes, features, lines, bulges and indents – all reveal a persons emotional history and capabilities with uncanny accuracy.  In Your Face is designed so anyone can quickly read their own face, their friends, family, co-workers – observing, analyzing, learning and laughing while improving your ability to remember names and faces!

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