Easter Reading Suggestions

Roisin Spragg

Let’s celebrate Easter with some great reads!

Looking for something to read? Check out these novels below! Genres range from Sci-Fi to Historical to Fantasy to Mystery! There’s something for everyone.

Easter is called so after Eastre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess whose symbols are the hare and theegg!

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Forgiven by Geoff Lawson

Richard meets the love of his life and moves to a larger provincial town to pursue her, while she is the daughter of a successful entrepreneur and is used to the better things in life. Rachel is intelligent, cultured and charming, but things are not as well as they seem.
She reaches a low point in her life when she is brought down by rumour and innuendo, but with Richards support all is well until Richard volunteers to fight in South Africa and leaves Rachel under a cloud.
Once in South Africa, Richard is drawn into the murky world of counter espionage and misadventure, where he experiences more excitement than he bargained for and only in the face of imminent death does he realise the true value of what he has left behind.

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The Seventh Sentinel by Yolanda Ramos 


Moments before the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, the seven Archangels remove powerful, ancient artefacts from the Jewish temple. These are given into the safekeeping of seven men. Throughout the ages, these men and their descendants become known as the Seven Sentinels.

In medieval times, the Seven Sentinels formed various military Orders as a cover for their activities. Today, of the Seven Sentinels, two are dead and two have turned rogue, which means only three remain to carry out their roles.

A war rages between Heaven and Earth. It is up to the newly empowered Seventh Sentinel to stop the rogues and Fallen Ones, from using these artefacts to gain control of the souls of mankind. Can the Seventh Sentinel endure?



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Extropia: Mind Game by Robin Bootle 



An act of sabotage leaves Edward’s father trapped inside a virtual reality game, Extropia. In a desperate bid to save his father, Edward follows him, entering a world he knows he might never leave. A world full of artificially intelligent beings; beings subjected to a life of misery and fear in the name of human entertainment. Now one of them has found out about the real world and is determined to have his revenge…

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The Long Road Home by Carolyn M Bowen 


Kate’s life was in turmoil after the death of her parents. She’d always been protected and sheltered by them. Suddenly she finds herself with a conniving fiancé living under her roof, a powerful businessman with terrorist ties from across the ocean trying to kill her and more family secrets than most American politicians. She was also unaware that a half brother she knew nothing of was about to enter her life. Her situation was getting precarious right at the moment she was least able to cope with it.

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Lesbian: House of Romance by Olivia Hampshire


Grace and Claudia are lovers and very good business women. They own a beautiful, resort hotel on the beach, 30 miles from Barcelona, Spain. The most beautiful women in the world go their to change their lives and enjoy themselves and others. Very strange things happen in this place. You won´t believe it. You will laugh, you will cry.

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Gateway to Forever by Claude Nougat 


Climate change scares you? Don’t miss Alice’s escape from a burning world.  Born on the wrong side of the tracks, Alice is not among the chosen few who’ll board the escape ship and fly to another, greener planet. But with her beauty and good heart, she draws the attention of a journalist with powerful connections. Can he help her, will she make it?

This story, based on years of research by Hannah Fischer-Lauder, an experienced sociologist, is exceptionally realistic, predicting that the world as we know it will end 200 years from now. It will delight you as a thriller – it’s full of surprising twists and turns – but it will also make you ponder about the future that awaits us.





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The Chronocar by Steve Bellinger 

Simmie Johnson was born the son of a slave. He was also a genius. After earning a PhD in physics from Tuskegee Institute, he wrote a paper outlining a theory for time travel, including plans for a time machine—called a chronocar—which was published in a scientific journal in the early 1900s . Since the technology required to build the chronocar did not yet exist, the paper and its brilliant writer faded into obscurity.

A century later, a young Illinois Tech student, Tony Carpenter, discovers the journal article and decides to build a chronocar so he can travel back to 1919 to meet the black scientist he hopes to emulate.

Unfortunately, time is not on his side.

Dr. Johnson is living in Chicago’s Black Belt with his beautiful daughter—and Tony arrives just in time for the bloodiest race riot in the city’s history. Can Tony use the chronocar to save his new friends, or will his attempt forever alter the future he hopes to return to?



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Milijun by Clayton Graham



It is Australia in 2179.

On a moonlit Nullarbor night, Laura Sinclair and son, Jason, witness aliens descend to Earth. The extraterrestrials endeavour to form a symbiotic relationship with humankind, and Jason is chosen as a genetic link in a bizarre trial involving the impregnation of human females with hybrid embryos and exploration of spiritual compatibility.

Laura crosses swords with Major General Sebastian Ord from the Australian Defence Force, Eucla and Uriel, the enigmatic head of Milijun, a reclusive research facility in the outback. Following a disastrous armed attempt to capture aliens at Cocklebiddy Cave and a fierce confrontation at Eucla, Jason is abducted by an alien swarm.

What follows tests the resolve of Laura to the core. Caught in a relentless web of frightening new technologies and alien mystery, spurred by the undying love of her son, she gains a strength of character she never thought possible.

All she has to do is save herself, Jason and several women and unborn children from the scheming plans of man and alien alike …

Some would call Laura a reluctant heroine, but she is a heroine, nonetheless.


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NOMAD ON THE RUN by Georges Benay


Beneath the golden desert and azure seas of Morocco lurks a hidden world of greed, deceit and financial terrorism. But the players are not who you might think.

Lured away from his seemingly idyllic life as a managing director for a major international bank in Toronto, Eric Martin returns to his ancestral roots in Morocco. Tempted by a mysterious offer from a boutique financial firm, Eric soon discovers he has walked into the middle of a whirlwind where everyone has their own secret agenda, and he unwittingly has become the key to unlocking them all. From the broad avenues of Toronto to the mean streets of Casablanca, Eric rushes to discover the truth before time runs out.

But who can he trust? The power and attraction of money is strong. In the midst of a dangerous cast of characters, Jeff Offenbach, bank president, knows more than he lets on. But how much does he know? Is he a key player in a scheme to terrorize the global economy, or is he just trying to save his firm from becoming another victim of the global economic collapse? Valerie is the unknown factor. Is she involved in the partners’ machinations, or is she as guileless as Eric?

Can he trust her?

And more importantly, will he survive long enough to find out?


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Raven’s Redemption: A Cybertech Thriller by John D. Trudel 


Durham had been a disaster. Everyone on Raven’s team had been seriously wounded, and now Josie, the woman he loves and a major American asset due to her paranormal abilities, is in a drug-induced stupor at a medical facility. Wracked with guilt over his inability to have adequately anticipated and prepared for the danger, Raven is recuperating at the remote private estate in California known by the resident staff as “the Ranch.” However, when his boss, Dr. Goldfarb, wants him to extract Josie quickly and quietly from her hospital, he doesn’t have to be asked twice. Although he doesn’t know it at the time, the mission will be the crucial first step Raven will need to take to redeem himself in his own eyes.



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Return of the Fathers by T A Watson

Dandalus is the saviour of earth 57 and the most famous man on the planet. However, when he is abducted aboard a spacecraft he finds that not everyone is as impressed with his achievements as he thought. He stands trial and finds that he must undo all his good work if earth 57 is to survive. Returning to earth 57, he finds he has allies, and there is something else he has to do stop his former friend, now enemy, Wolfrun from succeeding in his attempt to overrun the planet with automatons.

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Chosen Child by Linda Huber


Ella longs for a child of her own, but a gruesome find during an adoption process deepens the cracks in her marriage. A family visit starts off a horrifying chain of events, and Ella can only hope she won’t lose the person she loves most of all.

Amanda is expecting her second child when her husband vanishes. She is tortured by thoughts of violence and loss, but nothing prepares her for the shocking conclusion to the police investigation.

And in the middle of it all, a little girl is looking for a home of her own with a ‘forever’ mummy and daddy…


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Lalin Bonheur by Margaret O Howard 



In 1830, Lalin Bonheur, a young and beautiful free woman of color, not only heals her people with supernatural gifts but shape shifts into a cat to search for New Orleans’ secrets.
At a Quadroon Ball, Lalin meets French aristocrat Etienne Legendre. The two fall in love. However, Etienne must marry another. When his young wife, Minette, dies mysteriously, he is accused of her murder.

To escape prosecution, Lalin and Etienne sail upriver on a steamboat to solve the mystery of Minette’s death and prove Etienne’s innocence. As they strive to survive in new surroundings, they must battle many evils, including loup-garou, the savage wolf men of Louisiana, and a malevolent figure who can shape shift into a giant bird.

What Lalin learns about this winged menace may hold the key to the mystery of her lover’s wife’s murder.


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A Bond of Venom and Magic by Karen Tomlinson

A breathtaking fantasy romance, the first in a sensational new series by British author Karen Tomlinson.

Magic awakens. Darkness stirs. The Wraith Lord is hunting.

The war raging in the South seems a remote danger for seventeen-year-old Diamond Gillon until her home is brutally attacked by the Wraith Lord’s monstrous hunters. Catapulted into a terrifying new world where legendary beasts arise, magic is condemned, and half-blood fae like her have no rights, Diamond is inexplicably drawn to her saviour. But Commander Hugo Casimir is a ruthless elite guard owned by a cruel, immortal fae queen who will murder her own people for magic.

As she sinks deeper into Hugo’s world, Diamond’s circumstances become ever more perilous, for the Queen desires her magic and covets the very same prize as the Wraith Lord. To discover who she truly is, Diamond must escape the Queen’s clutches—before her fate, and that of The Eight Kingdoms, is sealed in shadow and chaos.

Will Hugo prove to be her friend, her protector, or an enemy not worthy of her trust?

A Bond of Venom and Magic is an epic fantasy tale, ideal for mature Young Adult readers. Fans of Sarah J Maas and Leigh Bardugo will love to discover this spectacular new world steeped in dragons, monsters, and armoured winged warriors.


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Postwar Dinosaur Blues by Darrell Bain


After the Vietnam war, the hard drinking adventurous Williard brothers decide to go hunting for a purported dinosaur living deep in the Congo. Flying a beat up old seaplane, pursued by the Mafia, carrying a half million in drug money they don’t know they have; they are shot at, shot down, almost eaten by the Mokele Mbembe and finally are captured by a tribe of Pygmies.


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Dark Clouds by Phil Rowen 



Dark Clouds centres on al-Qaeda terrorists who hope to cause nuclear mayhem in London. The main character, Flynn, enjoys a drink and is empathetic with friendly females … but is he really up for tackling dangerous Islamic jihadists – people that see Westerners as misguided infidels who need to experience the purifying wrath of Allah?

The bad guys want to irradiate ‘decadent’ Brits, who are perceived as enemies of Allah. It is scary, but a US/UK Security Service team believe that Rudi Flynn can help them avert disaster. His Muslim American girlfriend, Faria, fell with the North Tower in New York on 9/11 and he is now working as a journalist in London. He is trying to forget what happened in Manhattan on that fateful Tuesday, but he still has some Islamic contacts. One of whom, Rashid, is in the loop with jihadists and wants to cross over.

Flynn is wary about going undercover, but an oil rich Syrian he knows is suspected of funding the bad guys. On the up side, he has just met Ingrid – an artist who invites him to join her on a Greek island where he can write about a fiery Fenian ancestor. This won’t happen, however, unless he delivers for Carla Hirsch: his ice cold and very focused US Homeland Security controller.



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A murder victim with no face. A media calling for answers. And a detective with a family not averse to a little gentle law-bending.

Newly-promoted British Detective Joe Rafferty and his partner, Sergeant Dafyd Llewellyn in a murder mystery involving the killing of a young woman bludgeoned beyond recognition, with no ID and found in a secure place to which she supposedly had no admission. Who is she? How has she gained access? And who was responsible for her murder?


A murder victim with no enemies. A dead patriarch. And a detective who’s struggling.

British Detectives Joe Rafferty and his partner, Dafyd Llewellyn, in their second murder mystery investigation, set out to discover who killed Barbara Longman, a woman with no known enemies. But it soon becomes apparent that the murder has been committed by someone who must have known the victim very well.


A murdered seer who failed to predict his own future. A partner who refuses to see the murder as an inside job. And a Detective who’s coming up empty.

Third novel in the Rafferty & Llewellyn mystery series, Death Line sees the detective duo trying to solve the murder with his own crystal ball, of the famed ‘seer’, Jasper Moon. Gradually it becomes clear that Jasper Moon was a man of many parts, not all of them appeared very savoury.


A disappearing murder victim no one would miss. A witness destined to haunt him. And a Detective who felt ambivalent about getting a conviction.

The detective pair investigate the murder mystery of the vanishing hanged man. But when the hanged man turns up in Dedman Woods for a second time, the British detectives are able to confirm that he is a man many had reason to hate. Because Maurice Smith, charged years earlier with four child rapes, had escaped on a legal technicality. Was someone acting as the public executioner, dealing out their own form of justice on the legendary Hanging Tree?


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Radiant Shadows by Sarah Baethge


Say there is an official organization to control how vampires and humans interact.
What would happen to violators of its ‘laws’?
How would the breaking of its rules be fixed?

What could even be the motivation for members of this alliance?



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The Well House by M S Matassa 


The dream is back and Ben Carson is terrified. His pregnant wife, Anne, is locked in a coma and Ben is the only person who can save her but he has no idea how to accomplish this. His dreams contain clues but they make no sense. Ben can’t figure what a small white well house and black flying creatures have to do with Anne. Then he meets a mysterious woman named Thelma Grippe. What he learns from Thelma shakes him to the core, but gives him the knowledge to free Anne from the force keeping her in the coma. Once he locates the well house, Ben finds a passage to another dimension, where he searches for Anne. After a long, arduous journey, Ben faces the ultimate evil that holds Anne captive. The Well House is an exciting, unique and thoughtful story of a man’s fight against unbelievable odds to save his wife. Part drama, part fantasy and part parable, The Well House is a multi-layered tale that takes you on an amazing journey, from the mountains above Boulder Colorado to the depths of the dark zone.

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Murder Is Collegiate by Diane Weiner 

A dead body, stolen jewelry, a barn full of secrets… not the vacation retired teacher Susan Wiles and her husband Mike expected when they decided to visit their old friends Emily and Henry. Are the ominous events related to the true crime book Emily is writing? To the ten year anniversary of the unsolved disappeared of a local college student? Or to a builder’s dream of a local college student? Or to a builder’s dream of creating a community of miniature homes at any cost? In a team effort, Susan, Mike, and their friends band together to restore harmony to the idyllic community of Sugarbury Falls, Vermont.

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Where Lemons Bloom by Blair McDowell 

When Eve Anderson meets Adamo de Leone on a ship bound for Europe, she has no idea of the dark secret that will endanger both their lives. She accompanies him to his home on Italy’s Amalfi Coast to open an inn left to him by his grandfather. But then she learns he spent five years in prison for a crime he claims he didn’t commit. Could the man she loves be responsible for embezzling eighty million dollars from the investment firm he once owned?

Adamo wants to hold Eve at arm’s length until he can clear his proud family name. But when there is an attempt on his life and Eve is terrorized by a gun-bearing thug, he realizes how much he wants her, and he must accept whatever help he can get to uncover the well-hidden trail of a six-year-old crime.


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The Pygmy Dragon by Marc Seccia

Yesterday, a Dragon kidnapped me from my cage in a zoo.

Stolen from her jungle home and sold to a zookeeper, Pip knows only a world behind bars, a world in which a Pygmy warrior and her giant ape friends are a zoo attraction. She dreams of being Human. She dreams of escaping to the world outside her cage.

Then, the Dragon Zardon kidnaps her into a new life. Pip rides Dragonback across the Island-World to her new school – a school inside a volcano. A school where Humans learn to be Dragon Riders. But this is only a foretaste of her magical destiny, for the Dragon Assassins are coming. They have floated an Island across the Rift and their aim is nothing less than the massacre of all Dragons.

Now, the courage of the smallest will be tested to the utmost. For Pip is the Pygmy Dragon, and this is her tale.



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Falling Pomegranate Seeds: The Duty of Daughters by Wendy J.Dunn


Book 1 in the Katherine of Aragon Story

Dońa Beatriz Galindo.
Respected scholar.
Tutor to royalty.
Friend and advisor to Queen Isabel of Castile.

Beatriz is an uneasy witness to the Holy War of Queen Isabel and her husband, Ferdinand, King of Aragon. A Holy War seeing the Moors pushed out of territories ruled by them for centuries.

The road for women is a hard one. Beatriz must tutor the queen’s youngest child, Catalina, and equip her for a very different future life. She must teach her how to survive exile, an existence outside the protection of her mother. She must prepare Catalina to be England’s queen.

A tale of mothers and daughters, power, intrigue, death, love, and redemption. In the end, Falling Pomegranate Seeds sings a song of friendship and life.



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Easter Is Near – What Will You Read?

Roisin Spragg



Easter, the Christian celebration of the rebirth of Christ, is just around the corner and with that in mind we have compiled some spiritual books you can read this Easter!


Easter Fun Fact: Eggs have been considered symbol of fertility since ancient times while springtime is considered a symbol of new life and rebirth. We still have Easter Eggs today because of these ancient ideas!

Don’t know what to read? Here are a list of Christian, spiritual books, and non-fiction that you may enjoy!

Not sure what you want to read? Why not try clicking pause on the video to choose your next book?




Spiritually Circumcise Your Heart & Mind by Timothy Leigh Walker

For over the past sixteen years, I have been in the process of writing what God has put on my heart and mind. Of course, with time, both has been through a lot of things, changes of life, but most importantly, the process of being circumcised of the norms of what is being taught in our Sunday schools, pulpits, and the traditions of men throughout a lot of churches. Yes, things have changed, but the core of what was given me is in full labor, ready to be birthed. Well, those days are over; I have to let what is in me out so God can replenish me with a fresh revelation of his Word and plan for mankind. His Word never changes, but it will impregnate your mind to whereby you are in labor pains to birth that which has been given to you. I hope this book will open the eyes and understanding of many, answer some questions, drive you into the Word, and most of all pierce the heart to be more receptacles of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Remember, Jesus said in Mark 13:13, “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”

God is guarantee of deliverance for his children who believe in and on his Son, Jesus Christ, and because of his love (level of victory eternally) that his children may have eternal life with him. Jesus said in Matthew 24:13, “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved,” and the opposite of that statement is “those who do not endure until the end will not be saved.”

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Through Fire and Rain by MaryAnn and Joseph Anselmo

In 2012, MaryAnn Anselmo was at the height of her career, headlining at Chico’s House of Jazz—a premiere venue in New Jersey for jazz singers. It was a sold-out show. The love of her life and husband, Joe, was by her side when she brought the house down. Her dreams were becoming a reality. Two days later she lost everything including the will to live when their son Dustin died unexpectedly.

A month later, MaryAnn and her father, Artie, suffered a devastating car accident. Dad was going to be okay, but she shattered dozens of bones, and had a string of strokes that resulted in a coma. This ultimately left her without the use of her left vocal cord.

With Joe’s love and constant support, she worked hard to recover, even starting from scratch with her old vocal coach. MaryAnn was determined to sing again. Then in mid-November of 2013, she was given eighteen months to live, diagnosed with a high-grade glioblastoma—a later stage brain tumor.

How is this possible?
Why me?
Why us?

Through Fire and Rain is a story of deep loss and salvation found through love, prayer, and faith in the future of medicine. “Not my girl. Cancer will not win.” Joe uttered as he watched his wife sleep. They had decided to stop chemotherapy; it was going to kill her faster than the tumor. They had made it through the fire, he thought. They had survived so much. This is just a little rain…. And he got to work, studying everything, and calling doctors worldwide to learn more about genomic sequencing, their last hope.

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Aura by K M Aul

Time is up.

There is nothing you can do and no place that you can hide. Your comfortable existence is about to vanish forever. Darkness is falling and none of us may survive.

Near the end, a handful of heroes will emerge that may or may not be able to save us. The evil that we face is all-consuming and those that stand between it and us are so very few. Each of these heroes has a disability that is tied to their unique talent.

Jacob is blind since birth, yet able to see and manipulate the very life-force that is in and surrounds each living thing. He, along with Rachel and Clarisse, will battle the human shaped simulacrums that their real enemy uses.

Survival isn’t just winning this battle, it’s finding others like them to help, and winning the war.

Reality is not what you think.

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Save an Angel’s Kiss for Me by Joanie Chevalier

After 12-year old Mar’s father unfortunately dies in a car crash during the Christmas holidays, she not only has to recuperate, but also has to live with her mentally ill mother without the calming presence of her beloved dad. Fast forward three years and Mar is now 15-years old. Because Mar had blocked out her dad’s death, she’s never really admitted to herself that he’s gone forever, let alone acknowledged or visited his gravesite. She suddenly decides to take a 14-hour journey on a Greyhound bus to finally visit her dad’s grave and to face the truth: that her dad is really gone. Will Mar finally get the closure she so desperately seeks?

This is a touching short story about grief, loss, acceptance and forgiveness. It’s about the comfort of a gifted Christmas angel. It’s about the miracle of healing and unconditional love.


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Saving Grace by L B Johnson 

It started with a piece of paper—a birth certificate, sent to the author’s parents long after her birth. There is much history in that piece of paper. For she was born to an unwed mother in the generation prior to Roe v. Wade, on a warm day in August–a small, painful beginning in which she had been an unwilling participant, yet one that would shape her destiny. She is adopted into a loving Christian home with another child that would become her beloved brother. Then as her brother leaves for the military, her mother dying  from cancer, and her Dad  consumed with grief, she finds herself alone, to emotionally fend for herself.

Looking for a lifeline, she finds herself pregnant; she’s a teen and a college student, abandoned at the news. The options are obvious, but there is only one decision she could make: to give her child up to a family praying for one, and walking away. Saving Grace is more than a story of adoption. It’s a deep look into family–at hope and faith and why we end our days surrounded by souls that may not bear our name or share our blood, but who are our true family.


A dark journey into the light by Josef Smith

A Dark Journey Into The Light is an interesting and thought provoking read for anyone who has questioned urges and desires familiar to us all. I spent sixty years of my life in “limbo” trying to understand what was driving me to explore every fantasy I could find. We all enjoy sex but the book provides interesting insights into the workings of the mind of a sex addict. We are much more than what we feel, and less than what we think. This book explores what is possible when we find balance between the two. This is not a story of finding redemption through “finding God”. It’s simply the story of finding myself.



Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy by Sadhguru


The practice of hatha yoga, as we commonly know it, is but one of eight branches of the body of knowledge that is yoga. In fact, yoga is a sophisticated system of self-empowerment that is capable of harnessing and activating inner energies in such a way that your body and mind function at their optimal capacity. It is a means to create inner situations exactly the way you want them, turning you into the architect of your own joy.

A yogi lives life in this expansive state, and in this transformative book Sadhguru tells the story of his own awakening, from a boy with an unusual affinity for the natural world to a young daredevil who crossed the Indian continent on his motorcycle.

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Defeating Disease by Ron Harder

This book talks about human health in terms that are easy to understand. It discusses human health from a nutritional point of view, and talks in detail about why the things that we consume have such a huge impact on our well-being.
It explains in layman’s terms how we develop disease in our body, and lets us know what we have to do to get rid of any disease that we may have. It covers a variety of important health topics, and looks at the concept of health from a new perspective.
This new perspective discusses human health from an “Electrical Compatibility” point of view. The more we learn about health and the human body, the more obvious it becomes that all aspects of nature are designed to be compatible, and to work in harmony. Read this book to find out more about this harmony, and find out how this new perspective in health can benefit you. Find out how you can achieve the high level of health that you deserve.

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The Book of Barkley by L B Johnson

How Much Dog Hair Does it Take to Heal a Broken Heart?  Jet pilot turned LEO investigator L.B Johnson.thought she had the world by the tail, until a bundle of mayhem disguised as a lab puppy came into her life.  After heartbreak as a young teen Mom, and witnessing too much violence for one lifetime, she wasn’t going to get too attached to another living creature, but Barkley had other plans for her.

The Amazon #1 Best Seller “The Book of Barkley: Love and Life Through the Eyes of a Labrador Retriever” takes readers from the author’s depths of grief and loss at a young age to an empowering new life chock-full of love. But Johnson’s radical life change didn’t come from just her renewed faith in God or from friends, but instead from a black Labrador called Barkley who taught her the real, innate meaning of love.

In a wholly-unique and uplifting new memoir, Johnson tells the deeply-personal story of her life and experiences with a rambunctious Labrador Retriever named Barkley. It’s not just a story of one woman and her dog; but a bold journey to discover what love really is, and why learning to live like a dog gives humanity a powerful new meaning.


Available NOW on Amazon

Julian’s Journeys by Julian Worker

These are my stories about me interacting with wherever I am in the world, ranging from the USA to Bhutan, via Malta and Qatar.
This is not a travel guide, but more of a travel diary with some useful information thrown in for those who might want to travel to the same places.
The tales are very local – in Italy, the nun at a bus station in Catania in Sicily was incredibly knowledgeable about the local delicacy, mortadella. I was waiting for a bus to the beautiful town of Taormina with views over Mount Etna, the active volcano. Later in the day, the nun’s recommendation proved accurate.
In Bulgaria, I became slowly drunk when a local villager offered me the opportunity to sample his homemade slivovitz in his garden – all the while we wrote down football results on a piece of paper as the sun beat down from a blue sky.
I report a conversation I had with a super-smooth carpet-seller in Istanbul. He was giving me directions to the major tourist sights and, strangely enough, all those directions went past his shop. How amazing is that?

Sibelsnaat by Dan Dial

Sibelsnaat is an non-classifiable book with a point to it. A sharpened, topical, frightening point. Dan Dial, whoever he is, or was, writes from a place of angered pessimism, but not without some humour and humanity.

You could call the book ‘short and sweet’, or you could call it ‘short and sour’. Short, it is. The other descriptor is up to you, the reader.

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Retirement: Different by Design by Rick Steiner 

My name is Dr. Rick author of Retirement: Different by Design. I wrote the book because I failed; and, I hate to fail at anything. Indeed, I “failed” to accept what retirement offered, a second chance, a mulligan, life’s one and only do-over. I, like many of us, expected retirement to appear fully formed just turn the work switch off and the retirement switch on. But I was wrong, really wrong!

Retirement–A Different Way of Life

Work for many of us was who we were and what we did–it’s how we defined ourselves. But retirement changes everything–what’s so hard about “doing nothing” we think and truly believe. Oh my friends, that’s when it all can go wrong. You see, retirement is more than the absence of work–it’s a different way of life requiring new vision, new purpose and new life perspectives. Retirement, disconnects us from our familiar daily routines and what structured our lives, our social networks, our paychecks and our reason for getting up every morning.

Who Should Read this Book?

  • The soon-to-be retired wanting to know what retirement “can” be like for them; and, if they are really ready to retire
  • Reluctant retirees fearful of what they will find on the “other side of work”
  • The already retired who are flirting with failing retirements wanting to know how to turn them around

Providing Answers, Not More Questions

Trained as a journalist and educated as a Social Psychologist I decided to find out what “retirement” is all about–to understand why some retirements thrive while others descend into boredom, dull routine and dysfunctional and unhealthy behaviors. It quickly became apparent that I had to challenge and replace commonly accepted retirement and age myths and misinformation with new integrated models Retirement’s Six Fundamental Building Blocks and Retirement’s Ages and Stages redefining the retirement experience.

It’s Not Always about the Money

We all can live socially rich, emotionally balanced, intellectually nourishing, healthful and physically active retirements no matter the size of our bank accounts because retirement isn’t about how much money we have in the bank, but how much “richness and joy” we have in our lives.

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Surviving Hunter S. Thompson by Craig Vetter

It was a friendship that began on a Caribbean island when Hunter S. Thompson and journalist Craig Vetter hammered out the Playboy interview in 1974.
In this vividly remembered memoir, Craig Vetter explores a deep friendship with the man who cut a blistering swath across American journalism.

La Vita by Don Arsenault

1920. Assunta and her young daughters, Marietta and Maddalena, leave their mountain commune in the Gran Sasso of Italy and begin their journey to the promised better life in America where Camillo, her long-absent husband and father of the girls, waits for them. The story takes us from the confusion of their departure in Antwerp, the crossing of the Atlantic in steerage, their detainment on Ellis Island, to the mountains of northern New Hampshire where, after the birth of two more children, their better life is cut short by Camillo’s death.

Left with four dependent children, Assunta, a non-citizen, must find ways to keep the family together through the Great Depression, the Bank Holiday that wiped out her substantial nest egg; Prohibition, World War 2 with its intensified anti-Italian prejudice, the threat of deportation, and the consequences of her mistaken marriage of convenience – all of which leave her with bittersweet memories of the life she lived on three continents with two husbands and six children.

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Small Town Roads by L B Johnson

With a fresh college degree in Criminal Justice and big future dreams, young Rachel Raines is looking for a temporary place to hide a heart full of loss and a quieter police patrol than Chicago, The bequest of her late aunt’s house seems like the perfect opportunity for both if she can survive the gigantic spiders, creaky plumbing, and inevitable challenges of being the rookie on a small town force.  It’s a place unlike any she has lived in – a tiny rural town with no coffee baristas, no night life, and one single restaurant that has a giant cow perched on the roof. It was not the life she had expected.
Sometimes God has other plans for us.
Down the street, her aunt’s best friend, Evelyn Ahlgren, marks the passing of seasons and neighbors, long mired in her loneliness as a widow. When the young woman with scars of her own befriends her, they strike up an unlikely friendship across generations that just might help them both heal with a little help from heaven above.
With L.B. Johnson’s reflective, lyrical writing style and moments of deep-seated humor, Small Town Roads is a beautifully told, heartwarming story of finding the best in people, including ourselves, in the most unlikely of places

Babylonian Harlot by Steven Ira

God’s end time saints will need to be warned. It has been fifteen months since the Rapture removed all Christians from the earth and something new, something big, is about to happen. Daniel Goldman senses this. And since he remains—as far as he knows—the only man on earth commissioned by God for these end times, the task falls to him.

Daniel’s intuition is confirmed when the Antichrist and the False Prophet begin to circulate among select Israeli leaders photos of an ancient ivory carving of a Jewish temple. Many believe the temple depicted by the carving represents an actual structure, the Jewish Second Temple as it appeared before its destruction in 70 AD. They also believe that with those circulated photos the Beasts are promising the Jews a Third Temple to be built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
Although still new to his assignment, Daniel knows enough to recognize the problem with such a structure: a Third Temple in Jerusalem would ignite all-out war with Islam whose own holy structures already occupy that contested piece of real estate.

On a mild December day, pursuing his vaguely understood divine mission, Daniel arrives in Rome with the single imperative of returning to the Beasts’ Roman Lake League headquarters to investigate this temple carving. The first problem he faces: only two months ago they tried to kill him in this very place. He has since taken great pains to hide himself and the handful of people dependent upon him from these supernaturally empowered enemies. Nonetheless, with only a promise from his inner voice and a young prostitute he believes God sent to help him after he arrived in Rome, Daniel confidently attends a church service conducted by the False Prophet, Akiva Sharabani. The service will take place in the heart of the Beasts’ domain, the miniature Coliseum reproduced in the center of their headquarters building.

But when Daniel and his providentially-provided assistant enter the Coliseum to observe the service, they enter not only a physical structure but a satanically energized world over which the Beasts will exercise iron-fisted dominion. The False Prophet already revealed supernatural power when Daniel was here the first time, but Daniel soon discovers that power has now vastly expanded—and that the new Third Temple promised for Jerusalem is but the beginning of the Beasts’ plans to establish world-wide control. What the beasts have in mind is nothing less than returning planet earth to its roots, to the place where idolatry was born.
From Rome to Jerusalem, from an archaeological dig to the birth pangs of a new Tower of Babel, Daniel and his young helper pursue the mission—and are in turn pursued by God’s Enemies, visible and invisible.

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Under the Approaching Dark by Anna Belfrage

Adam de Guirande has cause to believe the turbulent times are behind him: Hugh Despenser is dead and Edward II is forced to abdicate in favour of his young son. It is time to look forward, to a bright new world in which the young king, guided by his council, heals his kingdom and restores its greatness. But the turmoil is far from over.

England in the early months of 1327 is a country in need of stability, and many turn with hope towards the new young king, Edward III. But Edward is too young to rule, so instead it is his mother, Queen Isabella, and her lover, Roger Mortimer, who do the actual governing, much to the dislike of barons such as Henry of Lancaster.

When it is announced that Edward II has died in September of 1327, what has so far been a grumble grows into voluble protests against Mortimer. Yet again, the spectre of rebellion haunts the land, and things are further complicated by the reappearance of one of Adam’s personal enemies. Soon enough, he and his beloved wife Kit are fighting for their survival – even more so when Adam is given a task that puts them both in the gravest of dangers.

Under the Approaching Dark is the third in Anna Belfrage’s series, The King’s Greatest Enemy, the story of a man torn apart by his loyalties to his lord, his king, and his wife.

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The Warrior by Joyce Swann 

James is sitting at a Ft. Worth intersection waiting for the light to change when he hears the roar of a truck speeding toward him. Before he can react, his motorcycle is crushed, and he is thrown fifty feet onto the median.

At that precise moment in Dallas, Elizabeth’s sleep is interrupted by a vivid dream in which she witnesses James’ accident. As she watches him begin to pass from life to death, she extends her hand and cries, “Don’t die if you don’t know Jesus!”

Although neither James nor Elizabeth is aware of the other’s existence, they begin a ten-year odyssey in which their lives are inexorably intertwined, changing their futures and the futures of those they love most.

“The Warrior” is a moving testimony to the power of prayer and God’s desire to redeem every life.


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Steps in My Shoes by Ron Deming 

Steps in My Shoes is a true account of my journey through the foster care system and beyond. Going through four foster homes, two adoptive homes, five behavioral facilities, and battling with reactive attachment disorder (RAD), and sensory processing sensitivity (SPS) certainly taught me a lot.

The abysmal college graduation rate of less than 3% for foster youth did not prevent me from bagging a bachelor’s degree and becoming a licensed teacher. If I could go through all that and still found the courage to become a teacher and author, then I believe other foster youth can too.

Reading this book will totally educate you on what an average child in the foster care system passes through on a daily basis. This intriguing book is a must have for teachers, social workers, foster/adoptive parents, people considering being foster/adoptive parents, and current/past foster and adopted youth.


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Fat Girl by K L Montgomery 

What happens when you’re forced to swallow your pride and move back home during your divorce? When you’re about to turn 40 and you’re stumbling through a series of terrible first dates? When you’ve landed your dream job but you feel too fat to celebrate?

You laugh, sip wine with your gay best friend, and promise to start your diet on Monday, that’s what.

Join Claire Sterling on her journey to reclaim the word “fat.” You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and in the end you’ll realize that there’s a little bit of Claire in all of us.



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Fighting Back by John F Harrison

When Eddie Caruthers comes to the aid of a friend being harassed on the street, his good deed backfires. Friends, family, and church all condemn his actions. Even worse, the man he confronted is bent on revenge, and innocent people become collateral damage in an undeclared war. With a shrinking list of allies and a growing roster of enemies, Eddie must outwit his foes and rescue the unexpected victims he finds during his quest for justice. Woven throughout the story is a thoughtful exploration of the morality of violence, the workings of temptation, and the sometimes surprising road to redemption.



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April Fools Day is coming, here is what we are reading

Hannah Jenkins

Did you know that there are theories tracing the origin of April Fools’ day to Chaucher’s ‘The Canterbury Tales’?

With this in mind we thought we would celebrate April fools’ day with some good reads!

Not sure what you want to read? Why not try clicking pause on the video to choose your next book?






Raven’s Redemption: A Cybertech Thriller by John D. Trudel 

Durham had been a disaster. Everyone on Raven’s team had been seriously wounded, and now Josie, the woman he loves and a major American asset due to her paranormal abilities, is in a drug-induced stupor at a medical facility. Wracked with guilt over his inability to have adequately anticipated and prepared for the danger, Raven is recuperating at the remote private estate in California known by the resident staff as “the Ranch.” However, when his boss, Dr. Goldfarb, wants him to extract Josie quickly and quietly from her hospital, he doesn’t have to be asked twice. Although he doesn’t know it at the time, the mission will be the crucial first step Raven will need to take to redeem himself in his own eyes.


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The Opal Dragon by James A. Calderwood


The Dragon starts his life in the Philippines on one of the smaller islands. Ali is the son of one of the town’s local prostitutes Zeena. He works the markets looking for customers for his mother, who is starting to lose her looks due to her age and the volatile lifestyle she has lead over the years. Drugs in her early years did not help. Zeena’s lifestyle has not helped Ali in his upbringing. He has been beaten by her customers on many occasions as he has tried to stop his mother being beaten by violent customers.


Ali launches into a life of crime after robbing and stabbing an elderly jewellery trader on his way home from work one night. The police are looking for Ali who slips out of town to stay with his aunt Sasha in the mountains. He is with Sasha for a long time and has met a nice girl in the village. For the first time in his life the eighteen year old Ali is happy. Gentle Sasha is murdered by a young terrorist. Ali catches him and stabs him. Ali and Zeena leave their island town for Manilla. A sense of normality finds its way into their life only to be shattered by a chance meeting with a violent customer from her past.

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The Pernicious Pachyderm: A Duncan Dewar Mystery by Victoria Benchley


When a boutique circus arrives in Taye, tourism is on the rise, but so is murder. Preparing for his upcoming nuptials and refurbishing his cottage aren’t enough to keep Duncan occupied. A gruesome crime intrudes on the idyllic village, and as the detective becomes embroiled in the murky case, a specter from the past returns, threatening his happy ending. Can Duncan absolve an elephant accused of killing his ringmaster? Can he find the real killer before he or she strikes again? Will a jealous spirit from ancient Clan Neish hinder the Scotsman’s wedding and harm his fiancée? Suspects abound as Dewar returns, joined by the usual cast of family and friends and several newcomers in his latest mystery set in beautiful Perthshire, Scotland.

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Children of the Enemy by D.J. Swykert

Jude St. Onge is a man on the run. He is an addict who has stolen a large cache of drugs from Detroit drug kingpin Mitchell Parson, who is determined to retrieve the drugs and take his revenge on Jude. After the torture slaying of Jude’s wife, and the kidnapping of Jude’s daughter, Angelina, the last thing Mitchell Parson expected to hear when he picked up the phone was: “I have your sons.” Raymond Little, with a murder conviction in his past, and newspaper reporter Ted Rogers have become unusual allies with Jude in an attempt to rescue his daughter. Together they kidnap Parson’s two boys, hoping to secure Angelina’s release. Risks for both hostage-takers skyrocket as the two sides square off, while Detroit Homicide Detectives work the case unaware of all that is at stake in the investigation. Only Ray and Ted can save the endangered children in Children of the Enemy.

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Blood and Thorne: Eva Thorne Book 3 by Lorel Clayton

Eva Thorne thought facing a werewolf, betrayal, and the army of Death was bad. She learns there are all new kinds of evil—and more enemies, as well as allies, than she ever imagined. All of them have an agenda, and all of them want the one thing she needs to defeat the Dead God and save her world from annihilation. Can she claim the First Soul before they do?

The bad guys all want her dead. Fortunately, some want the First Soul more, and they need her to get it. They hope it will make them a god. She wants it for her own reasons. It summoned the God of Death, and it can send Him back to the Void before His armies ‘cleanse’ everything she’s ever known from existence. The last strongholds of humanity have fallen. Only the Three Kingdoms of Avian, Dwarf and Elf still stand. Eva is running out of time, because even that alliance is crumbling, and the Elf King, Fharen, is hatching a desperate plan of his own to win the war, one that sacrifices everyone Eva cares about.

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Buried Deep in our Hearts by Tracie Barton-Barrett

“They are our companions on Life’s journey…and our memories of them will always be buried deep in our hearts.”

In Woodhaven Run, Michigan, Nivie Emerson, Bryn Troxell and Jacqueline Stanton have animals who touch their lives in many ways. As important members of their families, these steadfast companions bring joy and compassion into their homes through the ebbs and flows of life. But, when a beloved animal dies, the painful inevitability triggers grief and soul-searching. In the process of memorializing the animals, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, children and friends are connected to one another. A community solution is then created to foster healing and celebrate their animals’ lives.

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Murder in Madden by Raegan Teller


Enid Blackwell thinks she has discovered the perfect story to revive her journalism career. Her husband’s cousin, Rose Marie Garrett, was brutally murdered ten years ago in a small town in South Carolina, and the killer was never found. Everyone in the family seems eager to forget Rosie because of her “bad girl” reputation, but Enid is determined to tell the story of the young girl’s tragic life. But bringing the truth to light may cost Enid more than she bargained for. When Rosie’s killer targets Enid, she knows the only way to save herself is to bring Rosie’s killer to justice.

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The Autobiography of Satan: Authorized Edition by William A. Glasser


From the moment of his first emergence as a single spark in the dimness of prehistory, to the more enlightening force into which he evolves across the full span of human existence, Satan, as he now clearly illustrates, has been urging human beings to open their eyes to the world around them, and to continue seeking, with unfettered minds, for ultimate answers, yet to be found. To do so he must struggle against the persistent attempts to stifle that urge by the “spoon feeders,” as he calls them, individuals who have insisted, within every age, and often with a bloody fist, that they, and they alone, are the possessors of the only beliefs that every human being should accept and live by, without question. As Satan traces the history of their many attempts to stop human beings from thinking for themselves, he also takes his readers on a search for the ultimate source of all evil in this world. Readers will obviously enter the book with the standard concept of Satan as a supernatural figure of evil. They will leave the book, however, with a better understanding of how such mind-twisting concepts have been used to keep people away from the “forbidden” knowledge that lies beyond the borders of entrenched beliefs.


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Blessings and Sudden Intimacies: Musings of a Pediatric Intensivist by Greg Stidham M.D.


This memoir follows the journey of a pediatric ICU physician, with recollections of many specific patients and their families, and the relationships he developed with them. It also chronicles his growth as a young adult preparing for a medical career, through parenthood, and finally grandparenthood. Dr. Stidham recalls moments that are tender and touching, others that are painful or frightening, and some that are just hilarious. Dr. Stidham’s journey is really two journeys, in parallel. One is his journey in medicine, as a deeply feeling pediatrician, specially trained to care for the most critically ill children and their families. The other is his journey as a husband, father, and finally grandfather. There is something in the story of these two journeys that will resonate with readers of many different types and backgrounds.

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Station Alpha: (Soldiering On #1) by Aislinn Kearns


A single phone call shatters her life…

Christine Ramirez’s phone rings in the dead of night. A man’s voice – unfamiliar and urgent – tells her to run.

She flees, but deadly, unknown assailants pursue her through the night. Her only saviour is the gruff stranger on the other end of the line.

Paul has a secret. He’s been watching her – maybe a little more than the assignment strictly requires. He shouldn’t reveal himself, but he can’t let anything happen to Christine. Even if it costs him the job that means the world to him.

With the mysterious villains still pursuing Christine, Paul whisks her away to a Soldiering On safe house. There, passion flares between them, hot and undeniable. And they are powerless to resist its lure, even as the villains get ever closer to finding them…


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Return to Me: God’s Heart Cry by N.A. Newlan


Return to Me; God’s Heart Cry starts by introducing the prophets, their life, experiences and their messages. It is written in an interactive style that through your imagine allows you to experience what they have and by a series of questions brings their world into yours. For example, how would you respond to being abandoned, found by a king’s daughter and raised as royalty or what if you were eaten by a big fish only to be spit out on the beach, how would you feel? Would you be calm standing before hungry lions with no fear? Would you stand up for what you believed in even if you knew, if you did, you would be thrown in a furnace to be burned alive? How would you feel and what would you do in those circumstances?

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The Ice Racer by Richard Cozicar


The 23rd century. The climate has changed. Extreme winds, deadly sub-attic temperatures and towering, shifting drifts of snow roll across the face of the planet. Erupting volcanoes spew columns of dust and ash skyward. The air is toxic and the sun hasn’t broken through the mass of clouds for millennia. Life is no longer able to inhabit the surface. The few remaining pockets of survivors live far beneath the ice cap in caves and air pockets formed when the climate collapsed.

The unforgiving planet is the world 21-year old Mike Ryan was born into. Home is a community near the base of Mount St. Helens called the New Capital. Crews of Ice Racers transport scavenged cargoes of fuel and food, supplies vital for the city’s existence, across the icy, frozen realm topside back to the Capital. Few people are brave enough to venture into this hostile environment. Mike Ryan is one of them.

Lost on a voyage and separated from his ship, Ryan faces certain death in the midst of a monster storm driven by hurricane winds. His troubles compound when the ice he rests on fractures sending him hurtling deep beneath the crust of packed snow.

Far from home, he awakens in a massive cavern with a river of red and a shiny city of unfathomable resources populated by a civilization thought extinct centuries earlier. Ryan discovers the leaders of this hidden paradise are determined to keep the city and its people secret at all costs.
A young woman with a startling admission adds intrigue and challenge to the adventure and for Mike. To return home Ryan must battle both the deadly cold of the surface and a repressed society ruled by tyrants.


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Beats Me: Love, Poetry, Censorship, from Chicago to Appalachia by Maryrose Carroll


Beats Me is quintessentially a love story and a “fascinating account of some of the most vibrant, stormy and controversial times” in American literature including attempted censorship by the US Post Office.           

The stories, told nightly, progress like Scheherazade’s through the course of the last year of my husband, Paul Carroll’s life, and include his wounded friendship with Allen Ginsberg.         

After winning the censorship case. the history continues with his Big Table Books, including The Poem in its Skin and Young American Poets.          

One of his great friendships started in 1959, with James Dickey who described his visits with Paul in Chicago as “I do sincerely believe that was the happiest I ever was in my life. The happiest.’

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Unfinished Justice by Janis Hutchinson


In this 1935 historical suspense novel, praised as “riveting and gripping” (Robert Dugoni, NY Times Best Seller), Ed Bowman, small town reporter for the Casey Clarion in Virginia, is unjustly convicted for the murder of his wife, committed by an escaped prisoner whose murder trial he just covered with an exclusive article that virtually guaranteed a guilty verdict.

Sentenced to life in the State Penitentiary, and losing faith in God to right his situation, he determines to redeem his shattered life and makes a daring escape to track down the killer in a high-risk chase across six states to the salt flats of Wendover, Utah. But an unexpected betrayal by a befriended Mormon leader brings his plans to a sudden stop, leaving him with no hope short of a miracle.


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Goddess by R.J. Castille


Leila King leads a double life…

In reality, she is a normal woman with everyday problems. A tough job as the Executive Assistant to an overbearing boss, Mr. Gordon Roth, whose sole purpose in life seems to be to make her life miserable.

As a powerful dominatrix in her other world, Leila takes on the persona of Goddess. In her fantasy world, Goddess rules with an iron fist and it begs for her mercy.

When her two worlds collide one night at the Red Velvet Room, a local BDSM club founded by her mentor and teacher, Master Jason, she is faced with a choice. Should she play along and usher her new subject into her world of domination and submission?

Goddess portrays a power-struggle that spills over into both Leila’s worlds culminating in a plethora of difficulties she must deal with while juggling her new play-thing, Gordon and her faithful servant, Matthew. A love triangle that is sure to have Leila on the edge of chaos.
How long can Leila ride the line between her fantasy and reality worlds undiscovered? We shall see…


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The Dragon Orb (The Alaris Chronicles Book 1) by Mike Shelton


The fate of a kingdom rests on the shoulders of three young wizards who couldn’t be more different.

Bakari is a brilliant scholar wizard who’s more at home in a library than a battlefield. Alli is a beautiful young battle wizard whose grace in battle is both enchanting and deadly. Roland is a counselor wizard with a seemingly limitless depth of untapped power — and the ego to match it.

As the magical barrier protecting the kingdom of Alaris from dangerous outsiders begins to fail, and a fomenting rebellion threatens to divide the country in a civil war, the three wizards are thrust into the middle of a power struggle.

When the barrier comes down, the truth comes out. Was everything they were taught about their kingdom based on a lie? Will they all choose to fight on the same side, or end up enemies in the battle over who should rule Alaris?

Available now on Amazon!


Airliner Down by John Etzil


Flight 2262 is bound for paradise, but a rogue terrorist could send it to the bottom of the ocean…
Kevin can’t wait to land in Hawaii for a romantic getaway. But when the off-duty pilot takes a glance at his GPS, he’s in for a surprise: the plane is headed to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And he’s the only one who knows it…

Expecting the worst, Kevin heads to the cockpit. Before he can take the controls, he’s got a rookie air marshal, a stewardess with a grudge, and a barricade to get through. With a storm on the way and limited fuel, Kevin must recruit the support of the frightened passengers to save the day. As long as he can survive the one person on board who won’t rest until all of them are dead…

Airliner Down is a fast-paced tech thriller that brings terror to the friendly skies. If you like pulse-pounding reads with compelling characters and chillingly real plots, then you’ll love John Etzil’s turbulent tale.

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Calliope Jones and The Last World Diver by Haylie Machado Hanson


Babysitter. Peacekeeper. Middle child. Ignored. That’s sixteen-year-old Calliope Jones, the oddball “average” kid in a family of ultra-talented siblings. Being ordinary is just fine by Callie, who prefers to spend her days surfing the waters of California and trying to survive the dramas of high school. But when a rogue storm washes a mysterious, glowing object into the surf, she begins to discover she isn’t as ordinary as she thought. Callie is drawn into the fantastical world of Dr. Ormonde and the giant World Diver, filled with stories of Navigators, Seers, living robots, gateways to other worlds, and ominous, deadly Shadowmancers. Callie is skeptical of Dr. Ormonde’s strange theories, until a dark presence comes hunting her, threatening to hurt those she holds dear. She must decide if she is truly the ordinary teenager she thought she was, or if she and the World Diver share a destiny greater than she can imagine.

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The Chronocar by Steve Bellinger


Simmie Johnson was born the son of a slave. He was also a genius. After earning a PhD in physics from Tuskegee Institute, he wrote a paper outlining a theory for time travel, including plans for a time machine—called a chronocar—which was published in a scientific journal in the early 1900s . Since the technology required to build the chronocar did not yet exist, the paper and its brilliant writer faded into obscurity.

A century later, a young Illinois Tech student, Tony Carpenter, discovers the journal article and decides to build a chronocar so he can travel back to 1919 to meet the black scientist he hopes to emulate.

Unfortunately, time is not on his side.

Dr. Johnson is living in Chicago’s Black Belt with his beautiful daughter—and Tony arrives just in time for the bloodiest race riot in the city’s history. Can Tony use the chronocar to save his new friends, or will his attempt forever alter the future he hopes to return to?


Available now on Amazon!


The Rejected Writers’ Book Club by Suzanne Kelman


Librarian Janet Johnson is puzzled when she is invited—and practically dragged—to her first meeting of the Rejected Writers’ Book Club. This quirky group of women would much rather celebrate one another’s rejected manuscripts over cups of tea and slices of lemon cake than actually publish a book. But good friends are exactly what Janet needs after moving to the small town of Southlea Bay, Washington. Just as the ladies are about to raise a teacup to their five hundredth rejection letter, they receive bad news that could destroy one member’s reputation—and disband the group forever. To save the club, Janet joins her fellow writers on a wild road trip to San Francisco in search of the local publisher who holds the key to a long-buried secret. As they race to the finish line, they’ll face their fears—landslides, haunted houses, handsome strangers, ungrateful children—and have the time of their lives.

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Dear Maude by Denis Liebig


Life is safe for Emily Stanton, with a loving family and a full college scholarship. But a single phone call from her mother a day before her graduation brings her world to an end—her grandfather is dead, and suddenly, her childhood.

With her safety net crumbling with every step, Emily leaves the comfort of her family to fulfill a requirement of her college scholarship—to work for her sponsor, Evergreen Research Corporation.

Here, she must make the difficult decision to accept a job offer for a Top Secret project, without knowledge of her position, or repay the scholarship in full. Unwilling to put her family in an uncomfortable financial situation, Emily accepts the job.



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Chilrens Books


Ethel’s New Home by Kathy Rogo


Ethel’s New Home is a heartwarming story about a dwarf hamster who lives in a hamster tank with seven brothers and sisters. But Ethel has a problem, she is getting tired of having to share all the time with them. Ethel can’t eat, drink, or sleep when she wants because her brothers and sisters are always in the way. Ethel decides the answer is to escape from the tank and find a new, more spacious place to live by herself. What waits outside of the tank for Ethel?  Will she ever make her way home again? A story with a theme that both parents and children will enjoy reading together especially if they come from a large family.

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Some Great Books To Read This St Patrick’s Day

Liz Schaffalitzky


St Patrick’s day is a big holiday in Ireland, and as we’re an Irish company we thought we’d mark the occasion with some book recommendations.


There’s something for everyone here, so sit back, put on some Enya, and have a read!


How about trying the luck of the Irish?  Click pause on the video to decide which book to read!


Fiction Selections

In Love’s Time by Lilian White


In Love's Time by [White, Lilian ]Sweeping through the 1800s, through the despair of poverty and the glory of hopethrough shepherding on a croft, through the atmosphere of Fort Worth and Texas to war-torn France and Europe, from modern Brisbane to heady New York City, In Love’s Time is as ageless as the aborigines’ dreamtime; it takes you from tragedy to the triumph that occurs when fortes fortuna juvat (fortune favors the brave).

For Catrine Stewart, it a time of discovery and intrigue. . .

This novel has the capability of changing readers’ viewpoints because of its dynamics, its family focus and universal appeal.


Available now on Amazon!

Finding Forever by Amanda J Evans


Liz PaFinding Forever by [Evans, Amanda J]rker thought she’d found her forever the moment she said “I do”, but fate had other ideas. Waking up with a tattered wedding dress and her dead husband in her arms was not the way she planned her honeymoon. Distraught, she promises she will follow him. Death wasn’t taking forever away from her.

Of course, she hadn’t planned on being rescued by pirates, or the fact that Charles’ body would be left to rot on the beach.

When Liz meets John, he becomes her only hope, her chance to bring Charles’ body home, but there’s something more. Why does he look at her with such pity? Why does he agree to help her, when no one else will? Why won’t anyone believe that Charles exists?


Available now on Amazon!

Love Potions by Michelle M Pillow


Love Potions (Warlocks MacGregor Book 1) by [Pillow, Michelle M.]Erik MacGregor is from a clan of ancient Scottish warlocks. He isn’t looking for love. After centuries, it’s not even a consideration…until he moves in next door to Lydia Barratt. It’s clear that the shy beauty wants nothing to do with him, but he’s drawn to her and determined to win her over.

The last thing Lydia Barratt needs is a demanding Scottish man meddling in her private life. Just because he’s gorgeous and totally rocks a kilt doesn’t mean she’s going to fall for his seductive manner.

But Erik won’t give up and just as Lydia lets her guard down, his sister decides to get involved. Her little love potion prank goes terribly wrong, making Lydia the target of his sudden embarrassingly obsessive behavior. They’ll have to find a way to pull Erik out of the spell fast when it becomes clear that Lydia has more than a lovesick warlock to worry about.


Available now on Amazon!

Christian by L Ann Marie


Christian (The Protectors Book 1) by [Marie, L. Ann]A continuation of the MC and Princes of Prophecy Series.

Contemplating ending the constant barrage of death and destruction he’s seen his whole life brings Christian closer to his family. With Dakota’s help, Christian learns and uses his ancestors to control and manage his visions and abilities. However, gaining peace for the first time in his life still leaves him lonely. With all he’s been gifted, the ability to be touched is not among them.

Dean thought using her ability to help the police find a killer was a good thing, until she realized she was now the hunted. After losing her parents in an explosion meant for her, she finds her way to the Princes and a man that not only protects and understands her, but can hold her too.
Christian has his work cut out for him. Showing Dean, the Princes and the MC what all-in means isn’t easy when it’s wrapped around ‘freaky kid’ abilities.


Available now on Amazon!

Showdown at Crossings by M K Theodoratus


Showdown at Crossings by [Theodoratus, M. K.]When strange lowlanders move to Crossings to raise guard dogs, they shatter Ebe Brown’s comfortable life. As a child, Old Ebe trained to be a mage but failed. He had convinced himself he was content to live out his days in his quiet isolated mountain town.

The “dog farmers” destroy his peace with their vandalism and bullying of the local inhabitants. Few dared stand against their terrorism. One such person is his friend and mentor Old Nance. But when she is attacked and killed by the group for her interference, Ebe must make the decision to avenge her death and redeem himself in the process.

With only the help of Nance’s mage dogs, Ebe must face the demons alone. But does he have what it takes to take them down?


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Conall:  The Place of Blood – Rinn-Iru by David H Millar


Conall: The Place of Blood - Rinn-Iru by [Millar, David H.]Conall Mac Gabhann is content with his apprenticeship to the local blacksmith. Content, that is, until his family is slaughtered in their home.

Two men share responsibility for the massacre: a mad Irish king and a dissolute Roman. Conall will have his vengeance on both, or die in the attempt.

Accompanied by his childhood friend Brion ó Cathasaigh and the veteran warrior Fearghal ó Maoilriain, Conall’s hunt takes him northward through unfriendly kingdoms and treacherous bogs to a confrontation beyond the ancient earthworks of the Black Pig’s Dyke.

Along the way, Conall will gather an army, and come to the attention of the aes sidhe. An apprentice blacksmith could become a king with their help—if he so desires.


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No Quarter: Dominium by MJL Evans and GM O’Connor


No Quarter: Dominium - Volume 1: An Adventurous Historical Romance (No Quarter- Dominium) by [Evans, MJL, O'Connor, GM]Against the political stage of 1689 Port Royal, Jamaica, the unswerving Atia Crisp is thrust into the world of bondage, violence, beauty and love. Shipwrecked and sold into slavery with her sister Livia, the pair are soon separated and Atia is used as a pawn in a card game.

Captivated by her beauty, Atia is swiftly liberated by sugar merchant, Capitaine la Roche (also known as the pirate, Gator Gar), whose past is stained with blood and grief. La Roche works with a network of friends and allies including local strumpet, Cherry Banks, Theodore Binge the card shark and the kindly, medication-loving Dr. Strangewayes.

This is volume 1 of 6 in the No Quarter series.



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No Quarter: Wenches by MJL Evans and GM O’Connor


No Quarter: Wenches - Volume 1 by [Evans, MJL, O'Connor, GM]The adventures from No Quarter: Dominium continue with wenches!

In 1689, Atia Crisp finds herself imprisoned in the wickedest city on earth, Port Royal, Jamaica, while the refugees from Strangewayes’ plantation in the Blue Mountains are on the run and seeking a new home, deep in the Caribbean. Captain Jean-Paul la Roche must get them to safety and find a way to liberate the woman he loves while waging a war against the English with the pirate Laurens de Graaf.

While besieged people suffer and starve, a group of women form a secret and illegal society deep from within the bowels of the city called: WENCH. A network that deals with smugglers, merchants, cutthroats and thieves. Dragged into the struggle for supremacy of the Caribbean, the women are divided and find themselves engulfed in bloodshed. The pirates of Port Royal and former enemies may be their only hope of escape.


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If I Saw You Dancing by Jessa Chase


If I Saw You Dancing (Love in Madelia Book 2) by [Chase, Jessa]Claire Weaver came from one of the wealthiest families in Madelia, groomed from a young age to be a professional ballerina. When her teenage heart fell for a boy from the wrong side of the tracks, her parents uprooted her and moved to the other side of the country.She returned to Madelia as an adult, opening a dance studio and enjoying small town living.

Daniel McAllister was living the soldier’s dream, travelling to distant lands, immersing himself in new cultures. When a devastating injury lands him stateside again, in the small town he hated as a child, his world fell apart.

Sparks fly when Daniel and Claire are thrown together again, using his design smarts and her imagination to build a beautiful parade float for the town’s Lavender Day parade.

Is a relationship possible even after all these years? Will Claire’s parents interfere once more when they discover she’s seeing that McAllister boy again?


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Skylar Robbins:  The Mystery of the Hidden Jewels by Carrie Cross


Skylar Robbins: The Mystery of the Hidden Jewels (Skylar Robbins mysteries Book 2) by [Cross, Carrie]A deserted mansion perches on a steep hillside, overlooking a rocky canyon. Tattered curtains hang behind broken windows, and a turret stretches toward the sky. Three years ago the wealthy owner disappeared suddenly, leaving behind a house full of secrets: A mysterious note, tantalizing clues, a hidden floor, one piece of a treasure map, and a missing fortune in diamonds.

Thirteen-year-old sleuth Skylar Robbins moves into the mansion with her parents and embarks on a new and dangerous mission. Armed with her detective kit, and with the support of her BFF Alexa and a team of secret agents, Skylar sets out to decipher the clues and find the diamonds. Can she outwit a gang of aggressive bikers and find the hidden jewels before they do? Or will the perils of middle school–like battling ruthless bully Emelyn Peters for the attention of class hottie Dustin Coles–get in her way?

Skylar Robbins: The Mystery of the Hidden Jewels is an Amazon #1 Bestseller in Children’s Detective Books, and was voted Book-of-the-Month by LASR readers.


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Matchmaker Abduction: Aliens in Kilts, Abduction 1 by Donna McDonald


Matchmaker Abduction: Aliens In Kilts, Abduction 1 by [McDonald, Donna]True love is said to defy time, but can it survive space, aliens, and being abducted? Angus MacNamara and Erin O’Shea are about to find out.

The big blue planet that most call  Earth desperately needs matchmakers. There is only one small—okay, BIG—problem. No one wants the alien dating service job… No one. The original matchmakers are dead, and much worse, their DNA is no longer viable for cloning.

Solution? Go back in time to some of Earth’s other—thankfully slower spinning—versions, and retrieve the alternates of the one couple in any universe who seems able to do the job.

Far easier said than done though, especially when the alternates are anything but a loving couple, and both are none too pleased to be thrown into the future.

What does oil and water create? Salad dressing or a real mess of aliens, humans, and matchmaking fun!


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The Celtic Contract by Jeanie Martin


The Celtic Contract (Kilts Book 1) by [Martin, Jeanie]Claire Regan is on a mission, and no one—not even sexy “bad boy” Liam Donahue –is going to get in her way. But when she’s forced to sign a contract that puts her in direct contact with Liam and his musical group, Kilts, all bets are off.

When Irish singer and star Liam Donahue meets reclusive Claire Regan, he uses every trick in his arsenal to win her love. And when she’s threatened by an enemy from her past, he’ll stop at nothing to save her—even from herself.

Strongly recommended to fans of hot Irish guys, Irish musicians, Ireland, chick lit and romantic suspense.


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Reflections by Clifton Kenny


Reflections by [Kenny, Clifton]In 1974, Shane Sullivan is a quiet, gangly teen in the suburbs of Boston who discovers he can explore the ancestral memories of a person’s lineage. Confused and frightened, his pursuit of this supernatural ability takes him down a dark and unexpected road of history long forgotten —or rewritten by historians.

With the aid of his two friends, Jimmer and Paige, he contemplates a more ruthless version of the reality he thought he knew. Shane finds himself on a shocking journey into a celestial world of truth that puts him face-to-face with his own destiny.

Filled with ghostly, historic discoveries of good versus evil, Reflections is a faithful, mystical tale about one teen’s unique coming of age.


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Tangle of Thorns:  An Eva Thorn Novel by Lorel Clayton


Tangle of Thornes: An Eva Thorne Novel by [Clayton, Lorel]When Eva’s brother is murdered in a city of rude elves and matriarchal dwarves where humans have no rights, she is forced to investigate the crime herself. What she discovers brings her up against a powerful slave-trading cartel, dark gods, and—worst of all—her twin sister. Both her family and the elven authorities want her hushed. She has no money and no magic of her own with which to combat them, but she does have an illegally-freed slave, a senile nanny, and an ex-almost-boyfriend on her side. Even when she nearly loses her job and almost loses her head in a sword fight on the same night, she isn’t deterred. It’s when the nanny goes missing that she really starts to worry.

Femme fatale turns hard-boiled investigator in this first Eva Thorne novel. Set in a fantasy world where magic and machines can’t stand against the God of Death, humans are on the run from the god’s invasion. Highcrowne is the only refuge, but that means living in the Outskirts of an ancient city ruled by Avian mages, indifferent dwarves, and elves who’d prefer to see humans as their slaves. No one wants her kind in Highcrowne and there are plenty who would be happy to see her brother dead. There are too many motives and not enough time to unravel them, because other people are dying … and Eva is fast running out of vacation time.


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Hooks & Eyes: Part 1 of The Ambition & Destiny Series by VL McBeath


Hooks & Eyes: Part 1 of The Ambition & Destiny Series by [McBeath, VL]England 1846: Widowed with two small children, Mary Jackson fears for the future. Moving to the town of Birmingham, she hopes to put her troubled past behind her.

Mr Wetherby craves respectability. His only priority is growing his hooks and eyes business, and he’ll stop at nothing to get his own way.

When their paths cross, Mr Wetherby is not prepared for the impact Mary has on him. He longs to know the real woman, but there are things from her past she’s determined to keep hidden. As their relationship grows, someone is watching … ready to reveal her biggest secret. Can Mary overcome the betrayal? Or is she about to lose the only hope she has of a secure future?

A captivating family saga of love, loss and betrayal.


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Young Again … and Again … and Again by Chuck Van Soye


Young Again .... and Again ... and Again by [Van Soye, Chuck]Clay and Jennie Evans, an aged couple celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary on a trip to Florida, stumble into a mythical reality and are reborn as teenagers overnight. Their immediate joy soon turns to confusion as they are forced to deal with an unbelieving world. Help eventually comes along from members of a secret society, ultimately leading them into the adventure of their lives within a remote African village. Dodging death while preserving Kenyan native life, the couple returns months later to their Alabama home where they uncover the science behind their newfound youth, potentially leading all humanity to longer healthier life.

“A science-fiction fantasy written with the wonderment we used to love in those classic pulp magazines … yet as up-to-date as modern-day hydrogeology!” H. L. Osterman, editor of Time Travel and Other Science Fiction Journeys.


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The Englands Book 1: Sophie Lost and Found by Rebecca Winkler


THE ENGLANDS BOOK ONE: SOPHIE Lost and Found by [Winkler, Rebecca]After an accident took the life of Sophie Winters’ first husband Brian and she finds herself alone in Nashville, Sophie moves back to Amalfi, Italy where she was born to start her life over. Her intent is to hopefully find true love someday, and have a large family. Jamie England is the catalyst to her happiness.

Her father, indifferent to her since she was born, left her an unknown inheritance that makes Sophie a billionaire, but Jamie had no idea what he is to become when he marries Sophie. Their priority becomes safety, to protect them and their children against Jamie’s vengeful and greedy ex-wife, Candace; palpable threats from within their circle of employees; and dangerous persons lurking on the outside fringe of their lives, planning to commit murder and kidnapping. Sophie transforms from a young widow, with no family and a history filled with family secrets including her real identity, to a strong woman who survives the worst of tragedies.


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Stay With Me by Sheryl Wright


Four women are about to embark on an emotional voyage that will be the ultimate test of love and loyalty. Will it end in smooth sailing-or leave four hearts hopelessly adrift?

Despite dealing with family dynamics that can be one tent short of a circus, the future looks bright for Tyler Marsh and Georgie DiNamico. Deeply in love, the two are also deeply committed to the success of the DiNamico-Phipps Company of DynaTech, a leading marine engineering firm headquartered in Buffalo, NY.

Georgie’s steady recovery from the head injury she suffered in Afghanistan and the company’s survival from a hostile takeover attempt, means the couple can finally concentrate on planning their wedding. Until an unseen event propels their relationship into turbulent waters.

Lori Phipps, the President of the company’s Dyna Craft Yachts division is a master boat builder – and a master player when it comes to loving women. Until she crosses paths with someone unlike anyone she’s ever met before. Unfortunately, Lori’s past is about to catch up with her in the very slinky form of a not-so-casual hook-up.


Available now on Amazon!

Becoming The Wolf by R H Neil


Becoming The Wolf: A White Wolf Justice Thriller by [Neil, R.H.]Who is JD Ward?

A farm boy with combat experience as an Army combat tracker.
A rookie police officer, burdened to solve a cold case that’s haunted him since childhood.
And a reluctant vigilante known as The White Wolf: A fierce guardian of justice who uses Cincinnati’s forgotten underground-abandoned since the 1920’s-to wreak havoc on the city’s most violent criminals.

As The White Wolf, JD Ward is pulled back into a world every bit as deadly as the one he’d left behind in the military. He finds himself hunted by a homicidal clan, a street gang, and a federal task force, forcing him to step out of the shadows to save Cincinnati from a cunning plan of revenge and total devastation. And the conspiracy turns out to be more treacherous than JD could have imagined, and more savage than he may be able to survive.


Available now on Amazon!

False Gods (The Sentinel Book 2) by Yolanda Ramos


False Gods (The Sentinel Book 2) by [Ramos, Yolanda]A monstrous evil stalks Cormac in his new role as the Seventh Sentinel. His prime objective is to find and secure supernatural weapons of mass destruction left behind after the Great Flood by the Watchers and their offspring, the Nephilim.

Cormac and his paladins travel to Africa to safeguard his family, battling fiends of awesome proportions along the way and discovering entities that are the stuff of legends and beyond comprehension. The rogue sentinels will do anything to stop or distract Cormac from his sacred quest. The stakes are high on both sides. Life or Death? Hellfire or Heaven?

Cormac must also come to terms with his own personal demons and find the strength of will to resist the temptations that lie in wait for him, while his private life takes a turn for the worse.


Available now on Amazon!

 Self-Help Selections


I’m Uncomfortable In My Own Skin by Amy Khan

I'm Uncomfortable In My Own Skin by [Khan, Amy]

A short read, this book was created for teens and young adults, having issues or questioning their gender/sexuality.

“This book was a good read for people who are spirtual or looking for a better connection with God. Lot of great passages and connections from the bible to everyday life. Good buy!”   5 star review on Amazon




Available now on Amazon!

Raising Fatherless Sons: Happy & Successful Without a Father by Jovani AM Miguel


This book is not only focused on fatherless sons but also fatherless daughters who are raised by a single mother/father. Jovani appreciates single mothers and fathers who have decided to raise and parent their children on their own. In this book, single parents are encouraged in the process of raising their children, even though it might not be easy. Furthermore, new perspectives are given on single-parent households.

Fatherlessness is an epidemic: more and more children are raised without their father. Others experience fatherlessness, even though they have been raised by both parents.

This book is an inspiration and motivation for you and your children to stand firm and carry on during hard times. It is also for households with a father/mother who is physically present in the house but emotionally absent, and it is for people who are going through hardship, so they can get strength from it.

Available now on Amazon!

Boucher impresses with debut novel

Lionel Boucher


If you’ve been inspired by the movie Titanic then you’ll definitely fall in love with the heart-warming story of The Obstacle. It is described as a gripping drama and a poignant love story, but what put this book above all others is the message it promotes about the ‘true’ nature of love. Yes, this could be the eagerly anticipated romance novel to come along in some time. And, with the way in which it tackles issues affecting parenthood, difference in status, family problems and poverty faced by so many, it is not hard to see why this book is interesting, and sure to please millions of readers.

In his debut novel, Boucher tells the story of a young woman who is a member of an aristocratic family and falls in love with a middle class man with nothing except dreams. Because of a decision made by her strict father, the young lovers are separated. Against all odds, however, they find a way to get back together. But when she accidentally meets a rich Italian restaurant owner who also happens to be a notorious crime boss, all hell breaks loose and they are soon forced to confront their biggest fear and at the same time fight the temptation that put their long-term relationship to the challenge.

Except for the sensational, romantic tale and movingly tragic events, the book is a look at two seemingly different worlds which tackles head-on the ever debating issue of the existence of true love in a materialistic world. The Obstacle will provide a forum for people to discuss their feelings about wealth, poverty, status , and everlasting love. The manner in which the books deals with all these aspects is enough to inspire each and everyone to rise above life’s obstacles.

Although the subject matter is serious and dramatic, the book is kept from being morose by delightfully romantic moments.

The Obstacle could be one of the best romantic books of our time and the fact that it’s receiving rave reviews, ensures that this is powerful reading material. Although The Obstacle written by the debut South African author Lionel Boucher focused most of the time describing the main characters’ powerful love affair – after a few chapters, the plot thickens and the readers’ attention will be grabbed in such a way that they won’t be able to put the book down. Each follow up chapter is suspenseful and outstanding.

Set In New York, Boucher picked two neighborhoods to depict the extreme difference in the finances of the two lovers. Christine lives in the affluent Long Island neighborhood while Frank live in The Bronx.

Boucher always felt he could write a successful book, but unless he really needed to do it, he would not given it one hundred percent. The catalyst that finally prompted the author to put pen to paper was the blockbuster movie Titanic. ‘After seeing Titanic,’ he says, ‘I was so fascinated by how the film portrays true love that I had to write a love story with a similar background, but with more profundity. I wanted to give it a shot. And I did.’

He also said that the book became his biggest challenge because he didn’t want to create just a good love story that would be of interesting reading, but one that would reside with readers for years to come. In other words, a book that would give people a fresh view of the ‘true’ nature of love.

Boucher creates some happy and even funny moments that keep the book from becoming maudlin, even though the final chapters will certainly bring a number of readers to tears. And most importantly, he has made us one with Frank and Christine, feeling the beat of their hearts as they experience the kind of love we all dream about, but seldom find.

The Obstacle is currently available on Amazon as an e-book. For readers who wants to purchase a hard copy, orders can be made at Amazon or your local library and bookshop.

About the Author

Lionel Boucher began writing The Obstacle in 1999, but because of a very competitive market, he struggled to find success with the publication of it. With determination and hard work, the long-shelved manuscript has now been published to the delight of his fans. His book is described by some as a gripping drama and a poignant love story that breathes new life into the genre that make this no ordinary love story. Boucher’s reply was: “The book is not really philosophical. It’s merely a work of fiction. I don’t know how my readers perceive it, but I do know that while doing research for my book, I was giving myself a liberal education.”

Born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in 1975, Boucher was forced to drop out of school due to an acute respiratory infection. Determined to get educated, however, he completed his senior year by enrolling at a correspondence college, where he earned his high school diploma. He then studied hotel management while working in the industry as a part-time waiter and bartender.

His talent certainly isn’t limited to writing, though. This seasoned author can also sing, write songs, and act. Music is really his number-one creative passion. But he’d never do it professionally as he has had to go through two critical nose and throat operations that badly affected both his voice and his self-confidence. He reluctantly gave up his music career.

Feeling that he was born for the entertainment industry, he next tried acting and in 1997 joined the Sanderson Drama School. Since that time, he has performed in several plays, including at the prestigious Grahamstown National Arts Festival, where he made his first television appearance. He was also one of the key decision makers of the school and the directors relied on his brilliant creative abilities to help organize forthcoming shows. But just as his acting career was beginning to flourish, problems intervened again as the school closed down due to unforeseen circumstances. After that, he tried out at a few smaller drama schools, but none of them were as successful as Sanderson. Lionel then tried his hand at modeling, and once had the opportunity to meet Giano Franco, the man who discovered Charlize Theron. But that did not turn out very well at all.

Discouraged and broke, Lionel left Port Elizabeth and ended up in Johannesburg where he hoped to find out if he had any luck there by going for auditions for television commercials and soaps. Johannesburg is the entertainment center of South Africa, the mini-Hollywood, as many call it, but it’s mainly where black people live and because of the government’s new policy of black empowerment, he ended up with no luck at all.  Discouraged and on the verge of giving up his artistic dream, he returned to Port Elizabeth, where he did all kinds of odd jobs.

The catalyst that finally prompted him to write a novel was the blockbuster movie Titanic. “After seeing Titanic,” he says, “I was so fascinated by how the film portrays true love that I had to write a love story with a similar background, but with more profundity. I wanted to give it a shot. And I did.”

Initially, he wrote a screenplay and sent it to DreamWorks in Los Angeles. But because of company-imposed submission policies, they declined to read his screenplay.

But he had a story that needed to be told, so he decided to write a novel. He knew that the new direction he wanted to take would be a huge challenge because he had no idea how to write a novel. After taking a short writing course, he was able to master the craft. Another challenge he had to face was the language, as English is his second tongue.

Asked why he chose an American setting for his first novel, Boucher draws an analogy with his failed music career. “If I had the chance to be a singer-songwriter, I’d always be second best if I stayed in South Africa. I would need to go to America to find out if I was really any good to be truly successful. It’s the same with fiction. You have to find the biggest league in the world, and then get in there and compete.”

Having an American editor, he believes, has helped. It has also meant a lot of research on geography and the American culture. “It was a rough road of doubts and insecurities, full of hard work and perseverance,” he recalls.

Many times, due to a lack of resources and endless rejections from literary agents and publishers, he felt like giving up, but he always got the strength to carry on by visualizing the new life he had marked for himself and the satisfaction of knowing that, despite all the misfortunes in his life, he would reach his dream. When he’s not writing, Boucher enjoys exercising, watching movies, and having barbecue with friends. He’s currently writing his second novel.

 Read what satisfied readers say!

The Obstacle, Boucher’s first novel, and what an excellent effort!’ –The Writing School

 The Obstacle has the ability to grab and hold your attention. There is no question but that it will shoot into the top ten’ – Christian Martin, South Africa’s former Provincial Minister of Public Works

‘An entirely absorbing novel. In all respects an outstanding love story’ E.Wise, Librarian

‘This is probably the best romantic book I have ever read…it kept me glued to every page’ – Monique Van der Linden, Third Year Student at the University of South Africa for Bed (bachelors of education)

 ‘Sure to be a blockbuster. Boucher has concocted an amazing tale’ – Jesse February, WIM: Woman International Master in Chess

‘A deeply moving story that brought me to tears in the end, then also, so realistic to my own experience, the message it promotes about the power of love through the whole tragedy is invaluable. This is a must-read book for women who had been disappointed in love and seeks new meaning in’ – Felicity Williams, Entrepreneur


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