Where to Seek Motivation, Being a Writer



Many believe that writing is a matter of talent, forgetting that it is also a daily hard work. We do everyday exercises, follow the order in business and life, but when it comes to creative work, we tend to rely on inspiration or, in extreme cases, the deadline.


However, to transform writing into something more than a hobby, you need to write regularly. And that’s the moment of many challenges, including the lack of motivation and inspiration.


So how do you motivate yourself to write?



#1 Reward Yourself


Do you know why bad habits take root much faster than the useful ones? Yes, just because they give us instant reward! The same is true for writing.


However, healthy habits can take root well too if they are associated with something beautiful. It may be a glass of fresh juice immediately after the chapter is done or anything else that points to the positive result of your labor.


I believe there are 3 basic rules of motivation:


  • It should be something that you really interested in. If you don’t like writing, you will never become proficient in it. Choose a worthy reward that will please you with no feeling of guilt.
  • It should be something that you can enjoy right after writing. It is very important for businesses that require a long-term motivation, such as the success after writing a book or an increase in the number of subscribers after the release of the informational product.
  • It should be something special. If you watch TV every single day, why choose another movie as the reward? Come up with something unique that you have never experienced before.



#2 Avoid Self-Flagellation

If you have just started writing and something is unfamiliar or does not work the way you want, please don’t blame yourself as it’s pointless, counter-productive, and can lead to the subsequent reduction in motivation. Praise yourself for each attempt, regardless of whether it was successful or not.



#3 Don’t Overwork and Follow the Inspiration

Hard work and perseverance are good features, but you need to keep your batteries full of charge. Don’t expect to work full-time without any productivity loss. There no single writer that can keep such a tempo. Feel tired? Then take a break or switch your activity. To come up with creative things, you need fresh brains.

It happens sometimes that the author doesn’t have any desire to write on the current topic, being at the same time full of other interesting ideas. Use this state to the full advantage. The moments of pleasure from writing are, actually, the main reason for being a writer. Cover what you currently want to cover.



#4 Become a Held Hostage

The method is quite radical, but rather effective. Give someone something valuable to you. It may even be the money. Every time you perform which was originally planned, the keeper returns you back some % of the total sum. The desire to get back your money and spend them on something nice can be a very effective motivation.



#5 Write a Letter

Studies have shown that students are much more productive when they write in the form of a letter. Imagine that you are writing a letter to a pretty young man, a friend, a relative – whatever – describing certain events. This will relax you a bit and speed up the process.



#6 Immerse yourself in the Writing Environment

Another interesting way to find the right motivation is to immerse yourself in the writing environment. That’s especially effective if you are accustomed to working in complete isolation. No, I don’t mean you have to steal someone else’s ideas, but you may generate a few personal ones though exciting communication with someone more competent or someone who’s treating the issue from a different perspective.




Lucy Adams is a blogger and one of the best writers from https://buzzessay.com/. This woman has a wide range of interests, so you can safely supply her with your craziest ideas. Lucy feels comfortable with covering topics related to writing, education, blogging, marketing, business, and a few more niches.

13 Great Books To Sink Your Fangs Into This Halloween



Halloween is here and there’s a bite in the air.

At BooksGoSocial we have carefully selected a list of 13 excellent books that will keep you spellbound until the last page. So light some candles, curl up, and give yourself the creeps… It’s time to bite back.




Killer’s Countdown by Wendy H. Jones

“Twists and Turns to the Very Last Page!” Mandy baker Johnson

Dead Women. A Ruthless Killer. A Detective with something to prove. Newly promoted Detective Inspector Shona McKenzie struggles to cope with her new job, the respect of her colleagues, and the need to solve the hardest case of her life. Will she succeed?

A killer stalks the streets of Dundee, Scotland. Shona,having recently returned to Scotland, relies on the local knowledge of Sgt Peter Johnston and the rest of her team to help her track down the killer. However, this is no ordinary killer. Shona needs to use every trick in and out of the book to bring them to justice. The final revelation will shock you to the core.

Available on Amazon here


Masquerade of Lies by Wendy Hinbest

Captivating and suspenseful young adult fiction that captures a slice of high school life.

Hanna Clark desperately wants to escape her dark past of self-mutilation and psychosis, but after she moves with her mother to a new city, she soon becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

Hanna races against time to prove her innocence, but if she doesn’t find the killer in time she’ll end up behind bars, while her mother is left to pick up the pieces of her life.

Available on Amazon here.



Onyx Webb by Andrea Waltz, Richard Fenton

Delectably Creepy. Gripping. Fascinating. Get Entangled in Onyx Webb: An Addictive New Paranormal Suspense Series. Onyx Webb is a multi-genre mash-up that combines supernatural suspense, crime, horror, and a touch of romance.

Onyx Webb is a ghost. Billionaire playboy Koda Mulvaney becomes obsessed with a girl he sees inside a mirror. Juniper Cole is on her way to the prom and… well, we don’t want to spoil anything – we’ve probably told you too much already.

Available on Amazon here



Dead of Night by William Todd

Dead of Night is a compilation of turn of the century era horror stories with a Victorian flare and traditional horror story plots with unexpected endings. If you like ghosts and ghouls and demons and werewolves, these stories are for you.

“I couldn’t stop reading to find out how each story ended and loved the twist and turns in each story. I love the Whitaker House Curse and felt like I was transported back in time. I highly recommend this book to everyone” – Amazon Review.

Available on Amazon here



Deeply Flawed: The Zombie Apocalypse by Ro Ruffalo

What would you do for 6 seconds of perfect bliss?

In Deeply Flawed: The Zombie Apocalypse, a new synthetic drug called Primal is giving users the ultimate rush. There’s just one teensy side effect – a mad craving for human flesh. The creator of this drug is the sinister Prospero. An evil chemist gone Breaking Bad, Prospero seems determined to send the entire city into a feeding frenzy.


Available on Amazon here


The Spirit of Grace by Terry Lynn Thomas

Sarah Bennett doesn’t remember the night her mother tumbled down the stairs at Bennett House, despite allegedly witnessing the fatal fall. There was talk of foul play, dark whispers, and sidelong glances, all aimed at Sarah, prompting her family to send her to The Laurels, an exclusive asylum in San Francisco, under a cloud of suspicion.

In order to clear her name, Sarah must remember what happened the fateful night her mother died. But as she works to regain her memory, the real murderer watches, ready to kill again to protect a dark family secret.


Available on Amazon here



An Unbidden Visitor by Dianne Ascroft

An Unbidden Visitor is a Short Read – reading time approximately half an hour. Inspired by the story of the famous Irish poltergeist, the Cooneen ghost.

A tale of family, friends, and fear…
And the unnatural force that threatens to ruin everything…

When an unnatural and terrifying force invades their house, threatening their family, Bridget is surprised to see so many backs turning on her. Will Bridget find a way to save her home and her family before there’s nowhere left to turn?


Available on Amazon here



Crossing The Whitewash by Nick Rippington

An act of violence brought them together… now an act of violence has driven them apart.

Football prodigy Gary Marshall and troubled teen Arnie Dolan are inseparable. As members of the notorious Boxer Boys they tackle challenges head on, both out on the streets and closer to home. Then a rival football fan dies after a match, and their lives change forever. Now Arnie wants a reunion. He needs answers, and has a shattering secret to impart.

But where is Gary? And why is he so desperate not to be found?


Available on Amazon here



Truly Disturbed by Ro Ruffalo

The first corpse, decomposed and mutilated, is discovered in a small bungalow on a quiet street. It’s everybody’s worst nightmare as a serial killer descends on this peaceful bedroom community. The Shadow Man’s victims are like lambs to the slaughter.

But are these victims truly blameless, or did they somehow bring this horror upon themselves?



Available on Amazon here



SEVEN-X by Mike Wech

SEVEN-X is a bone-chilling exploration into the root of evil within us.
Freelance Investigative Reporter Eddie Hansen gets a tip on a missing death row prisoner, Annette Dobson, known as “The SIDS Killer.”

Pregnant at the time of her execution, Eddie adamantly believes it was staged and Dobson was secretly shipped to a Behavioral Health Center in a remote location outside the small town of Dell City, Texas.

But as Eddie dives deeper into his investigation, he is forced to confront his own demons, becoming an unwilling participant in the asylum’s paranormal rehabilitation experiment.


Available on Amazon here



The Cicada Prophecy: A Medical Thriller by J.R. McLeay


Dr. Richard Ross has discovered a miracle cure for aging. But it comes at a price. Everyone who wants eternal youth must undergo an operation before passing into adulthood that locks their body in the form of a preadolescent youth. When seniors die off, immortal juveniles rise to power and take over the world.


Available on Amazon here



Five Uneasy Pieces by Debbi Mack


The New York Times bestselling author of Identity Crisis brings you five short stories of gritty and dark crime fiction. If you enjoy stories of psychological suspense, sometimes with a twist of dark humor, these five are sure to satisfy.

“FIVE UNEASY PIECES packs a nasty punch that will keep mystery fans enthralled.” —Simon Wood, author of TERMINATED


Available on Amazon here


One Night in Tehran by Luana Ehrlich

CIA operative, Titus Ray, is searching for answers. Meanwhile, an assassin searches for him.

In Tehran, while hiding out from the Iranian secret police, CIA officer, Titus Ray, finds shelter with a group of Iranian Christians. Compelled by their unwavering faith, the battle-hardened agent becomes a believer shortly before they smuggle him out of Iran to freedom in Turkey.


Available on Amazon here


How a good Social Media campaign coupled with PR services helped my book become an Amazon Best Seller

Coach Kevin Collins

030906-N-2383B-039 Newport News, Va. (Aug. 26, 2003) -- President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush share applause with Adm. Vern Clark, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), as they watch the Navy's parachute team "The Leapfrogs" perform during a keel laying ceremony honoring the building of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush (CVN 77). This will be the 10th and final Nimitz-class aircraft carrier as it undergoes the first of four ceremonial traditions that will happen throughout the life of the warship. U.S. Navy photo by Chief Photographer's Mate Johnny Bivera. (RELEASED).

The Dirty Locked Away History of the Democrat Party was a title I put hundreds of hours of sweat and research into. Although I sold a few hundred copies as a self-published book, years ago, with a different title and slightly different content, I decided I would re-launch it to really tap its potential. That´s when I decided to get a publicist. It proved a good decision.

Bill McIntosh of Ocasomedia is unlike other PR types I know. Although he has a US phone number, he actually lives in Peru so he charges a pittance compared to many other public relations firms in the US. I have heard of PR people scalping clients to the tune of $5-$6000 for a month and giving little back in return. Bill charged a lot less and did a PR campaign to thousands of media contacts which resulted in a nice bunch of interviews and we reached hundreds of thousands of potential readers thanks to the help of Laurence O´Brien of Books Go Social. Bill also created a Book Review service to get some early reviews-a key task and even took care of publishing the book on Amazon itself and did the promo write up!

with-cover-kaine-2-sensible-colors-book-meme-ecce-copiaMy book was pretty shamelessly political and so, not surprisingly, we conducted a campaign that was just as shameless. Bill created funny, tongue in cheek memes for heavy use on FaceBook, Google Groups and Twitter and email lists. To the media we sent PR pieces that were slightly off the wall (see below lest you think otherwise). We figured, why be boring? So we decided we would stand out. Our launch coincided serendipitously with the 75th anniversary of the famous V for Victory campaign that Churchill made famous so we made use of it in our first press release. When Trump went to Mexico-so did our meme; when President George HW Bush endorsed Clinton we created a meme to go along and when Clinton´s running mate interrupted Trump´s 70 times we had fun with that too-see attached.

We also followed Laurence O´Bryan´s excellent advice to bring the price down to .99 for a while and, thanks to this suggestion and the interviews that Bill set up, we sold a lot of copies and started to go up in our Amazon ranking dramatically. Let me say that some authors have an unfortunate zero sum game outlook on this issue and think they have to recoup their investment so a price cut is out of the question. If you are only selling a few books per month then stop kidding yourself, swallow your pride if that is what is holding you back and listen to Laurence O´Bryan and drop your pricing. You are investing real money in creating your author brand so don’t be cheap.

proof-beating-hillary-living-historyThe results prove what I say. See attached screen shot when our book bested Dreams From My Father by President Barack Obama and even reached #12 on Amazon in its category of Political Biographies Notable People/Kindle.  We also beat two titles by Hillary Clinton-Hard Choices & Living History with her in a huge media campaign to win the White House with all the expected publicity windfall to benefit her book sales.

Let me tell you something else. Lest you think you simply must spend thousands on

everything from a website, book trailer, editorial services, pagination software, promo campaign, book launch and for an artistic book cover you are completely wrong. We did this on a shoe string and with aesthetic standards and methods that a thousand priggish authors would have rolled their eyes over and refused to consider for an instant.

If you´re going to promote a book at all-promote it right and get some help in the process from qualified pros who can help you and have some fun in the process.

Good luck!

Coach Kevin Collins

P.S. You can get your copy here!



Sell Your Story to Hollywood: Writer’s Pocket Guide to the Business of Show Business

Kenneth Atchity

sssLOS ANGELES, CA—Through the expanding influence of the Internet and the corporatization of both publishing and entertainment, the process of getting your book to the big screen has gotten more complicated, more eccentric, and more exciting.

This little book aims to help you figure out how to get your story told on big screens or small. It’s not going to give you rules and regulations, because they simply don’t exist today. Any rule that could be promulgated has and will be broken. What this book offers instead is nearly thirty years of observation of how things happen in show business, the business of entertainment (better known around the world as Hollywood). Dr. Ken Atchity’s Hollywood experience ranges from writing to managing writers to producing their movies for television and theaters. He’s seen the Hollywood story market from nearly every angle, including legal and business affairs.

dddKen Atchity spent his first career as a professor, a career he embarked upon innocently because he wanted to focus his efforts on understanding stories and helping writers get their stories told—and here he is thirty years later still pursuing the same goal—because it’s a worthy and never-ending goal.

He’s made films based on nonfiction books, and made deals for a number of nonfiction stories. But most of his experience lies in turning novels into films. As a lifelong story merchant, what Dr. Atchity develops and sells are “stories,” because he believes stories rule the world. Many of the observations outlined in this book are simply about selling stories to Hollywood.

This pocket guide will help you expedite the transformation of your show business dreams into realities.

Ken’s most recent films include Meg, Angels in the Snow, The Lost Valentine, Erased, and Hysteria.


The Citadel 7 Superverse just got a lot bigger.

Yuan Jur


 A Test of Good and Evil, Book 3 in the Citadel 7 saga by Yuan Jur is now available!


The US Review of Books said amidst other positive observations about book two in Yuan Jur’s Citadel 7 series, War and Lies; Fans of science fiction that go deeper than space ships and bug-eyed aliens might want to give his series a try. Read more here.

Yuan Jur’s Citadel 7 series is vast in scope for any interested in grand scale Time Travel Paranormal epics featuring heroes and villains many and varied. Jur’s third offering and award winning title, A Test of Good and Evil, launched World Wide through Promontory Press on the 4th of Oct 2016.

What’s it about?

“Nothing’s as it seems!”

Like a dynamic spring board beyond anything we’ve seen before, the concluding volume of Citadel 7’s opening trilogy keeps our heroes Ben, Uniss and Dogg in a pressure-cooker to the very end.

The existence of the Superverse now hangs in the balance.

herexBen Blochentackle’s life and understanding of reality have been changed forever with what his mentors Uniss and Dogg have exposed him to. All he thought about his life is proving false. As the ante continues to be raised ever higher nothing it seems can stop Lord Herrex or his insane Evercycle mother, Three, from reaching their objective. Uniss has been kidnapped and Dogg’s life is at great risk as the Scarzen-Flaxon race war rages on.

Underneath it all, something even more sinister is at work, and Ben discovers that he is somehow the key to either victory or oblivion for the entire conflict.

For interested BGS book review club members ARC copy of ATG will be made available soon. Meanwhile Bk2 War & Lies is still available for review or purchase. As always we appreciate BGS members’ reviews.

Yuan Jur’s author Central page and titles can be found here.

About me: Peter Martin

Peter Martin

a-sense-of-discovery-complete-2I’ve always had a great love of books, right from an early age. My first memories are of reading books like Biggles and Just William. I loved to transport myself into the story I was reading, and often wondered how the author managed to create such captivating stories filled with lifelike characters.

At school English Language and English Literature were my favourite subjects, Literature especially as I got to read classic stories like Cider With Rosie, Great Expectations, Treasure Island, To Kill a Mockingbird to name but a few.

As time passed, I tried my hand, mainly for my own pleasure, at writing short stories and then poetry. Many were about my angst at being a teenager and learning about life the hard way. I never thought I’d have the stamina to write a full length novel, although it was a distant dream of mine.

I scraped through my O Levels at the second attempt, and on leaving school my aim was just to get a job of sorts and earn some money. Unfortunately, any aspirations I had to be a writer were put on the back burner indefinitely when I started work as a bank clerk. Even so I continued to read, mainly on the journey to and from work and during lunchtimes. My favourite authors were Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Wilbur Smith, Robert Goddard, Ken Follett, Alistair MacLean, Hammond Innes, amongst many.

In the early eighties, I got married and had a family, and concentrated on my career in the bank. Then one day with nothing on the television, I decided to try my hand at writing a book. A fictional story about my school days when I’d suffered at the hands of bullies. Surprisingly the words seemed to flow, and I never got bored. I finished the first draft in longhand, and started on another and then another. Eventually I had quite a collection filed away destined never again to see the light of day.

In the meantime, in an effort to improve my writing, I went through several correspondence courses, all of which in my opinion was a waste of money and effort. Never one to give in, however, I set about sending out three chapters of what I considered my best book to a number of agents. A stream of rejections followed, sufficient to cover all my bedroom walls. I stupidly believed my unedited work was good enough to be published.

Unable to see the situation clearly I carried on in the same vein, editing and proofreading my own work. Bad idea! As an author misses his own mistakes. Little did I know.

against_her_will_april14My lifesaver was Amazon and Kindle self-publishing. I thought I’d give it a go, and put out three titles out under my real name, and actually sold a few copies, but got bad reviews. Most found fault in the amount of errors in grammar and spelling. I had to take the books off Amazon, and feared the end had come. I seriously needed to do something about my reputation. First, I confided in my wife, an avid reader who has a natural knack of spotting errors in other people’s books, even well-known authors. She offered to proofread and edit my books for me, and so a partnership was born. First, we changed my author name, and went through each book meticulously, line by line and I was amazed at the errors I’d made. It took a year for the first book ‘Against Her Will’. Now my wife is not a professional proofreader or editor, and while the book wasn’t perfect, I felt confident about putting the book out. It did OK. It didn’t sell truckloads of books, but enough to make a bit of money.

Only when the second book, ‘Missing – Dead or Alive’ came out a year later did my sales escalate. From about 100-200 a month to 2-3,000 a month. Since then every month I’ve managed 1,000 a month or more. But to this day I’m not sure how I did it. Maybe luck played a part, maybe the books aren’t bad, maybe it was because of my twitter activity – I tweet about my books a lot, but not too much, so hopefully people won’t think I’m spamming. I’ve changed my keywords on Amazon, thanks to Kindlespy and Kindle Samurai, a couple of pieces of software that have worked for me. I’ve tried paid promotion services and some success with the better ones like EReader News, Bargainbooksey, and a few others. Bookbub the best if expensive site still eludes me despite numerous attempts to get on it.

I’m exclusively on Amazon because of KDP, but I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, but decent page reads and good royalties make me want to stick with that at the moment. I know I’m missing out on about 40% of the market, but I’m reasonably happy right now. I keep the price of my books low 99c/99p because I’m worried about losing sales and also even with 34k sales I don’t feel I can call myself a real author until I have a bestseller. And as I do everything myself without professional help it seems unfair to charge any more.

What I will say is writing is damned hard work, I’ve sweat, blood over the years, made many mistakes, been down lots of times over a string of bad reviews, poor sales, not being able to get the book right and so on. But I’m not one for giving up, I am persistent, and am prepared to listen to valid criticism. I have several more books in the pipeline and other ideas I’d like to expand on, if and when I get the time with all the promotion I have to do. Reading too is a love of mine, but I rarely have time to read more than half a dozen books I like a year.

Now having retired from the bank, I’m able to devote more of my time to writing. This is despite having grandchildren to look after three times a week. If someone asked me for advice, I’d say never give up, get your book as good as you can, get it proofread and edited, get a great cover (There are lots of good book cover designers out there), and be prepared for lots of ups and downs along the way. If you want something badly enough, you can do it.


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