Tame the Marketing Beast Without Breaking the Bank

Carol Vorvain

3 questions about book marketing all indie authors have:

  • Can I compete with the authors from the Big 5 publishers?
  • Can I afford to invest in book marketing after paying an arm and a leg for editors, designers and so on?
  • Are there any completely free ways to market my book?

1 simple answer: Yes!Yes! And yes again!

Now, let’s get bogged down by details.

Can I compete with the authors from the Big 5 publishers?

Sure you can.

With your best friends next to you, you can achieve anything you want. And, the best friends of any successful authorpreneur are Mrs. Perseverance and Mr. Knowledge. They make a terrific couple. Every time there is a big party going on celebrating some awfully successful bestseller, those two are the culprits behind it. Befriend them and you’re a winner.


Where does Mr Knowledge live?

Well, nowadays he is quite a worldly fellow. Currently, you can find him at Writers Boon.

There, he provides guidance, tips, and resources that serve as a blueprint for action on all types of marketing and public relations: content marketing, email marketing, advertising, social media marketing, SEO, copywriting.

Let’s say, you decide to focus on content marketing.

On Writers Boon, you can learn more about different types of content marketing – videos, virtual book tours, public speaking, interactive content, press releases and so on – and find trusted experts and DIY tools & apps to help you achieve your goals.



You’d like to run giveaways.

Step 1:

Understand more about the process.

Easy peasy. Look under the Writers Boon Giveaway Books and Courses topic and start learning. When confused, head to the Q&A section and ask away. A giveaway expert will give you a personalized, trustworthy answer within days.

Step 2:

Start browsing different giveaway tools, like Woobox, Binkd, Rafflecopter and pick one.


Can I afford to invest in book marketing after paying an arm and a leg for editors, designers and so on?

Well, that would be kind of hard. But why should you pay an arm and a leg for a professionally published book in the first place? Unless you want to, there is no reason to.

If you want to get an editing or design quote on your project, head to Writers Boon discounted marketplace.  You will find top notch editors, indexers, book designers, illustrators, translators, formatters, narrators, cartoonists, happy to offer a discount of 15%, 20% or more on their fees.


How much will you save?


Let’s assume that you are looking for an editor. Let’s also assume that you found him on Fiverr where he is asking for $1000. If you accept, you’ll be paying $1000 plus a commission fee between 15% to 20%, which is what most curated marketplaces charge. So, a total of $1150.

However, if the same editor offers her or his services on Writers Boon marketplace, you’ll be paying $800. And that’s because Writers Boon does not charge you a commission fee and most of our curated editors are willing to offer a minimum of 15% discount on their services. That’s $300 to $400 in savings, money that you could easily invest in promoting your book.

Are there any completely free ways to market my book?

Book marketing on a limited budget is a reality that most authors face nowadays.

Here are 5 simple and cheap ways to market your book:


Go to conventions and conferences

These are extraordinary opportunities to learn from and converse with the best minds in publishing today. Use the power of networking. You can easily keep track of live training and book events with the Calendar of Events for writers.


Promote your book with Quozimus

It’s a unique and completely free book discoverability tool. Infused with the spirit of your book, it grabs readers’ interest and entices them to buy your book. And, if you have a book trailer, add it, it works even better.


Sign your name across my heart 

Remember the song? Well, be sure you have a link to your book in the footer of every email you send.


Create an Author Facebook Fan Page

And always remember likes are addictive, but engagement goes viral. Whenever you post on social media, strive to find the emotional link, the hot buttons.

Ask for engagement, don’t just expect it. Ask for advice, opinions. For example, you could post a few different book cover versions and ask which one is better.


Look for speaking opportunities at libraries in your area. Speaking is the fastest way to sell a book.

A higher percentage of people will buy your book if they like you and what you have to say. So, talk to your local libraries and offer to schedule an event to do a signing or meeting with their book club.


Pin your book cover on Pinnisbook

Pinterest is a powerful visual bookmarking social network that should not be ignored.

As the saying goes, “If we were meant to be controlled we would have come with a remote.”

So, dare to dream. Be the master of your own publishing journey. Unleash your creativity both in your writing and in your marketing tactics. You are now an authorpreneur. Try to be a successful one and have fun in the process.

About the author:

Carol Vorvain (@writersboon) is an Australian international lawyer, mediator, author and founder of Writers Boon. Her books, When Dreams are CallingWhy not? – The island where happiness starts with a question and  A Fool in Istanbul – The adventures of a self-denying workaholic have been featured in a number of travel magazines including the International Traveller magazine and can be found in libraries, bookstores and on Amazon.

January Book Recommendations

Amazing Reads

As we enter into New Year what better way is there than to spend the evenings curled up with a book? Here are some great books at amazingly low prices that you should add to your reading list!


On the Horizon

A collection of 22 Fantasy and Science Fiction full novels from an international cast of bestselling authors.

This action-packed boxset features strong-willed individuals in unusual and exciting settings. Encounter queens, witches, wizards, werewolves, shifters, angels, dragons, or shadowy nemeses.

Witch on Parole

All Bryn ever wanted was to fit in, to be one of the respected professional thieves and never practice the magic that destroyed her mother. But her dreams crashed and cremated when she was captured on her first thieving mission. Incarcerated and paroled two months later, Bryn snatches at the chance of a new life.

But her corrupt parole officer won’t let her. He has every intention of using her magic to suit his own dark plans. She finds herself wedged between a rock and a jail cell. Doing what he wants will cost her freedom and her newfound family. If she tells on him—no one will believe her. He’s a respected supernatural corrections officer and she’s—just a WITCH ON PAROLE.


History’s most peaceful race created one of its deadliest weapons.

Forged in the Living Flame by a long-extinct alien race, The Gem of Notna is the stuff of legends, on par with Pandora’s Box or the Holy Grail. But once archaeologist Dr. Jack Corbett stumbled upon the crystal deep in the Amazon, he triggered a whirlwind of events and found himself neck-deep in a centuries-old holy war. The Divine and the Underworld have been locked in a virtual stalemate for the past three hundred years, and the Gem of Notna could be the key to breaking it.


The Tremblers

Charlotte Blackburn—Beautiful, intelligent, a gifted tinkerer—lives in a cloistered world of wealth and privilege beneath the Electric Tesla Dome that shields survivors of The Great Calamity. But when her father is abducted, and a strange sickness starts transforming men into vicious monsters, she discovers that technology is no protection at all.

Ashton Wells has a dire mission: Secure Colonel Blackburn and deliver his research to The Order of the Sword and Scroll. But the plan goes awry, and he is left with nothing but the colonel’s daughter who has a target on her back and is willing stop at nothing to rescue her father—including handing over to the enemy the only means to stop the monstrous plague.

Science Fiction

Dragons of Dobromia

The COMPLETE Alien Weredragon Romance BESTSELLING Series full of lovable characters, steamy Weredragons and lots of Romance!

Betrayal, loyalty, adultery, survival, and love! Dragons of Dobromia has it all. A collection of 4 steamy alien Weredragon romance books. Each sexy Weredragon has a battle to win and a love to save. Be prepared to get lost into these steamy worlds with big, sexy Alien Weredragons!

30th Century

Which side will you be on? The side of the Syndos, genetically-altered humans, or the side of the Naturals.

Captain Jennifer Hero is leading a task force from the thirtieth century on a one-way trip to the Diversion Point. Their goal is to plant a virus that will disrupt the genetic tendency toward sociopathy among the Syndos. After an intense attack on their remote South Pacific island base, Jennifer sends her colleagues back 300 years. But she does not go with them, opting instead to travel alone back to 2015 to grieve the loss of the love of her life, the time machine’s inventor, and to find herself.

Paradise Girl

A highly infectious and incurable virus spreads worldwide. Seventeen-year-old Kerryl Shaw and her family live on a remote farm and think they will be safe, but the plague advances. Despite deaths around them, the Shaws survive. However, this changes when a stranger arrives, and it soon becomes apparent he has brought the infection to their door. One by one the family succumbs, leaving Kerryl alone.

Kerryl is sure it’s only a matter of time before she, too, dies. She decides to record what she thinks will be her final days in a diary. She realises that it will never be read, so she imagines a reader and calls him Adam. As loneliness and isolation affect the balance of her mind, Adam ceases to be an imaginary character and becomes real to her.

Masters of life and the universe

Super fast cloning self-replicating technology for urban, cosmological, medical purposes as salvage or hecatomb for an entire civilization, Earth, space. Explosion speed of two-way( for macro and micro versions) development of cell robotic mega towns for shaping our life and the whole environment – the universe in harmony with natural technology(like a cell or big bang!) path of development.


The Jubilee Problem

The year is 1897. Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James, his lovely young American daughter, must finally unmask the traitor who has crossed swords with them in their three previous adventures. Their secret adversary is now masterminding a well-orchestrated conspiracy to destroy the most glamorous event of the Century: Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration. Lucy’s growing relationship with Detective Constable Jack Kelly will be seriously tested as she and Jack work with Sherlock and Watson to defeat their deadly enemy.

The Eden Legacy

June 4, 1967, was supposed to be a high point in Noah Greenspan’s year. It’s the night before the grand opening of Potomac Centre, the urban development project he spearheaded in the heart of Washington, DC. But the outbreak of the Six-Day War in the Middle East eclipses the event.

In the aftermath of the short, bloody war, Noah’s fiancée, Palestinian American journalist Alexandra Salaman is assigned to Israel to cover the political implications for Israelis and Palestinians alike. It’s a dangerous task, partly because Alexandra was, years earlier, instrumental in preventing a terrorist attack and partly because she’s a Christian Arab engaged to Noah, a Jew. Such a marriage is certain to arouse anger from either side of the Israeli-Palestinian divide.

Branded Wives

Sergeant Ash Denton and her wife forensic psychiatrist Lana Denton are baffled when wealthy, beautiful women in their town are targeted by a vicious serial killer. Only in fiction books are law enforcement officers allowed to work one case at a time. Follow Ash and Lana as they work cases involving an internet pedophile ring, drug cartels and prostitutes while trying to stem the flow of dead bodies left behind by the serial killer.

Ash is accustomed to dealing with murder and death, but she learns the true meaning of fear when the serial killer targets Lana, the woman that makes Ash’s life worth living.

The Jewelled Egg Murders

A Christmas holiday in Vermont turns deadly for Dr Anne McPhail whose hopes for a quiet family celebration with Thomas Beauchamp derail when his children reject her, and his mother falls ill.

Anne flees to her friend Catherine’s B&B for comfort and a place to stay, but when she goes for a walk in the snow to the town square, she stumbles across a body in her friend Erin’s antique store. A few hours later, Erin disappears.

Is Erin a suspect or a victim? While Anne joins the search, an old adversary, plotting revenge, arrives from Europe. Anne stumbles over another body, and then the killer closes in on her.


Mirror, Mirror, A Legal Thriller

On the day that Jeff Ryder learns he is going to be made a partner at Warrick, Thompson, and Hayes, his past catches up with him. The State Bar of California accuses him of coaching witness Marty Lewis to lie seven years earlier while he was working as a prosecutor in order to convict small-time con man, Dillon Reese, of the attempted murder of police officer Christopher Rafferty, a former Navy SEAL.

Jeff loses his million-dollar lifestyle, but sets up his own law office, determined to clear his name, by proving Reese is the shooter. Jeff discovers that Chris was wearing defective body armor made by Armor Up Corporation on the night he was shot.


Minstrel’s Bargain

An ordinary man. An age old evil. A blood soaked nightmare with no escape.

When reporter Phil Sturgess hears of a new rock band called Minstrel’s Bargain, his life descends into horror. As the city he lives in succumbs to ever more violent and macabre episodes of shocking murders and barbarous acts of self-destruction, Sturgess begins to understand that there is something very wrong with Minstrel’s Bargain. Something very wrong indeed.

With time running out for humanity, Sturgess is threatened with an ancient malevolence. And to stop it, he is forced to confront the terrifying stranger who has been dogging his footsteps for months. The only question is; will Sturgess do what needs to be done? If not, the souls of millions will be destroyed.

Women’s fiction

The Apple Tree Blossoms in the Fall



Native Girl Rites

Mari Gray has always embraced her mixed heritage – garnering her strength from her African-American grandfather and her healing hands from her Native American grandmother. She hopes to draw upon both as she follows in her Jewish American father’s professional footsteps as the town’s abortion doctor. And with one year of college left, Mari is well on her way. But when a wealthy classmate violates her in the worst possible way, Mari must take matters into her own hands – calling on the powerful and omniscient Mother Moonshun, an ancient Native American deity whose domain it is to protect and preserve the health of women. But will it be enough?


Childrens Book

Victor Viola Moves to Music Town Coloring and Activity Book

This coloring and activity book features all your favorite musical instruments from the companion storybook Victor Viola Moves To Music Town. Children will enjoy coloring the whimsical illustrations that feature an array of characters from Music Town like Victor Viola, Veronica Violin, Donald Double Bass, Chelsea Cello, and Granny Fiddle. This book features a wonderful assortment of activity pages such as dot-to-dots, drawing instruments, find the differences, matching, and mazes. What a fun way to introduce children to musical themes and instrument recognition!


Healthy Wealthy and Wise

As the frantic little old man moves fast to escape the clutches of the greedy King he must hide somewhere that the King and the witch can not find him and his magic flute.



Through a series of letters written to his son who died from a drug overdose, the author explores on various levels the experience of parenting and ultimately, losing to death, a son who drifted into heavy and long term substance abuse.  The letters are personal, open, honest, informative, intimate, at some points heartbreaking, and at other points humorous.

Along with providing reflection on the impacts of death by overdose, the book shows how such letter writing can be a valuable medium for processing grief and moving toward healing.

The Nationalists

Described by one reviewer as “bloody accurate”, The Nationalists is an Irish story set against the bloody backdrop of the 1916 Easter Rising, the War of Independence and the Irish Civil War.

From the author of The Scribe, The Soaring Spirit, Kolbe, and Land of Our Father comes a sweeping new novel that spans the turbulent years in Irish history – 1916 to 1923.

The 1916 Easter Rising wasn’t just a military rising, but a cultural revolution too. The Nationalists tells the story of a doomed love affair between a revolutionary journalist and a headstrong Kerry born Cumann na mBan girl. The story also explores how the catholic church viewed the events of the day.

The Irreducible Primary: A Dialogue on Nature, Spirituality, and the Human Condition

An active cognizance of our influence on the big-picture flow of creation, in which we all participate, is the responsibility of every human being. It is only through this effort that we can understand those spiritual competencies that are most relevant to the critical cause-and-effect interactions that have the most sway over our existence.

So too is it incumbent on humans to embrace the concept of unconditional love, and to understand why we alone get to take the journey toward it. It is only in a space where spirituality is allowed to uncover our inner structure and dimensions of consciousness that we engage this important energy force.

The Irreducible Primary is an unapologetic examination of spirituality, nature, and the current state of human interaction. Here, spiritual seekers and religious types who’ve grown dissatisfied with religious dogma, along with individuals frustrated with governmental and political impotency, find fresh reason for hope.


Ambitious Drive

Alexandria loves her job as Finance Manager and has worked hard to be a candidate for a huge promotion. Landing this promotion proves to be a lot more challenging than expected. Her competition doesn’t care about breaking the rules.

He wants the job and her and will do anything to get what he wants. Her other challenge comes in the form of Keed Kerrington, owner of Kerrington Holding Investments and her boss, who wants to put pleasure before business.

However, Alexandria doesn’t want to be known for sleeping her way to the top.

Once Upon a Tablecloth

Nick Jordan acquires failing restaurants, then makes them prosperous. But when Lily Mercer calls him for help, he didn’t count on falling in love. Or that someone wants to kill her.

And with so many obstacles and threats, can she survive? Can their love?


Some things in life were inevitable; death, taxes, and lying, whoremongering men.
One woman would never be enough for one man.
So I traded in men for a Harley.
Nothing beats that kind of power between my legs.
Then I blinked.
And he was there.
Some things in life were inevitable; death, taxes, and badge bunnies willing to hop into my bed.
The only problem is I’m a one woman kind of man.
In my line of work, I’ve seen it all.


Civil Bloods

Two young brothers attached by their bootstraps, decide to go and fight for the Confederate Army. En route to form up with the rest of their company, they are captured by the North. Sent to Camp Douglas, Illinois. The brothers bribe their way out, and eventually end up in Wisconsin, to start new lives.

With help from their uncle, the boys open up a tavern/casino/cathouse in Dundee, Wisconsin. Their lives begin to change in a big way, with help from some notorious outlaws.

The Search for Xavier

An insider piece: set in a friary in Dublin, Ireland, in the late 60’s.

A play centred on friars living in community – in poverty, chastity and obedience – in the immediate aftermath of Vatican Two but before the effects of that Council have really begun to take effect… Inside the cloister, behind closed doors.

Mistress Suffragette

A young woman without prospects at a ball in Gilded Age Newport, Rhode Island is a target for a certain kind of “suitor.” At the Memorial Day Ball during the Panic of 1893, impoverished but feisty Penelope Stanton draws the unwanted advances of a villainous millionaire banker who preys on distressed women—the incorrigible Edgar Daggers.

Over a series of encounters, he promises Penelope the financial security she craves, but at what cost? Skilled in the art of flirtation, Edgar is not without his charms, and Penelope is attracted to him against her better judgment. Initially, as Penelope grows into her own in the burgeoning early Women’s Suffrage Movement, Edgar exerts pressure, promising to use his power and access to help her advance.

Confessions from the Pumpkin Patch

Growing up in a small Pennsylvania town, Lovella is an intelligent and rebellious child of the ‘60’s. She adores her alcoholic and ineffectual father while despising her controlling mother, and discovers in her teens that the most potent revenge she can take on her mother is through sexually acting out.

When she goes away to college she meets Earl, an “ugly hippie” who takes her on a journey through life that she never dreamed she would take. She discovers that things aren’t always what they seem, and life seldom turns out the way we planned.

Christian Fiction

Discovering Jesus in the Least

Did you ever wonder what life is like for those called to serve the poor and homeless who populate our inner-cities across America?

In “Discovering Jesus in the Least,” you’ll walk alongside veteran outreach worker, Chris Ramsey, as he uncovers the depths of God’s love not only for the “most overlooked and ignored” folks in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood…but also for himself. Ramsey welcomes the reader into his world through a wide variety of short, poignant observations amassed over 25 years.

What he discovers will undoubtedly challenge you to examine your own views regarding the poor and the homeless of our 21st century American society.


The God Mind Principles

Beginning of the earth;Body mind & spirit;Conscious & subconscious mind;Enlightenment inner knowing;Environmental crisis;God Goddess Father Mother;Healing power within;How evil came to existence;Inner peace global peace;Inspiration empowerment & personal growth;LGBTQ;Life after death;Life purpose meaning & spiritual balance;Love compassion & gratitude;Paranormal eternal dimensions;Power of good over evil;Self awareness & self realization;Spiritual self help & discernment;Suicide depression;Unlock the mystery of life intelligent design.


My Spectacular Bid

Let me pull up my chair and tell you my story. But, my story is to be read as a conversation; not as some pure and perfect work of literature. It’s not a story of fantasy or science fiction, but it’s a story of mystery, intrigue, murder and young teenaged boys looking and finding a life full of adventures in a world that exists only at night.

Have you ever been sitting on the hood of a car, on a dark gravel road when heat lightning can be seen high in the late night sky. And, at the same time the Whippoorwill birds begin to sound off and the lightning bugs light up all around you, so many of them that you can see your friends face. All of that, while you listen to an eight track tape of some good rock and roll music.

Amazing January Sale Guide for Inspirational Reads

Amazing Reads

As we enter into New Year what better way is there than to spend the evenings curled up with a book? Here are some great books at amazingly low prices that you should add to your reading list!


The Irreducible Primary

An active cognizance of our influence on the big-picture flow of creation, in which we all participate, is the responsibility of every human being. It is only through this effort that we can understand those spiritual competencies that are most relevant to the critical cause-and-effect interactions that have the most sway over our existence.

So too is it incumbent on humans to embrace the concept of unconditional love, and to understand why we alone get to take the journey toward it. It is only in a space where spirituality is allowed to uncover our inner structure and dimensions of consciousness that we engage this important energy force.

God’s Plan for Your Future

Is there a God? If so, why does He allow evil in the world? Why do bad things happen to good people? What is the purpose of my life? Are heaven and hell real? What happens to my soul when I die? Can I earn my way to heaven by being “good?” The answers to these and other perplexing topics are found in the 66 books of Scripture. Unfortunately, the volume of the Bible intimidates many who seek the answers.

This book is the solution. It condenses the entire Bible into a single volume by gathering relevant verses from the Hebrew and Christian texts and arranging them by topic in outline fashion. The first two chapters review the rise of the Jewish people and the lessons it teaches.


THE BOOK OF THOMAS THE DOUBTER: Uncovering the Secret Teachings is a biblical, historical novel based on the Gospel of Thomas and Acts of Thomas uncovered among the ancient Nag Hammadi texts.

The book depicts Thomas carrying out Jesus’ secret teachings as a disciple and as an apostle in India. In India, there are sites and landmarks commemorating Thomas. Also in India are the Thomas Christians (the Syrian Nasrani), affirming their founder as the disciple Thomas.

Strength in a Heartbeat

This is my journal I kept when my daughter Lauren Meizo became sick and eventually ended up needing a heart transplant. When my daughter became ill, I gave up my business designing custom gift baskets to be by her side 24/7. Family comes first. Lauren’s health declined to the point that I lived in the hospital in Boston Ma. with her for months on end.

During that time, our story will define all the ups and downs of life in a hospital. To sum it up… I have slept in hospital chairs, window sills and couches. Skipped meals and cried from fear. I have become an expert on Lauren’s condition. I am a strong advocate that had to make life changing decisions. I am a parent of a medically complex Warrior!!!

Writers of SciFi

Don Viecelli

I joined BooksGoSocial Science Fiction Team 2 one year ago in January 2017 along with 10 other members. Since that time we have grown to 19 active Members and work with 7 Collaborators from other Teams.

We call ourselves, Writers of SciFi. It has been a much more productive experience than I imagined. Along the way we have learned what it takes to be successful Indie Sci-Fi Authors.

The lessons learned were mostly from trial and error. However, we did have BooksGoSocial guidelines, training tools and helpful suggestions to point the way. Our Team is more than willing to offer suggestions to other BGS Teams in exchange for some friendly Collaboration or Social Marketing efforts.

You can track our activities on BGS Google Spreadsheet at this link.

I was asked to say something about my work, which is completely about Science Fiction. I have authored ten Sci-Fi books so far, the first one self-published by an POD distributer in 2003. Since then I have steadily increased my online presence using Amazon, Barnes & Noble (Nook) and Smashwords self-publishers. My work is easily viewed on my website.

My most successful books are part of The Guardians Series, Books 1, 2 and 3. Go to my BookFunnel link for a Free copy of The Guardians – Book 1, no Newsletter sign up required.  

Interested in joining an author team? Click here.

Amazing January Sale Guide for Science Fiction & Fantasy

Amazing Reads

As we enter into New Year what better way is there than to spend the evenings curled up with a book? Here are some great books at amazingly low prices that you should add to your reading list!


Apollo’s Raven

Can a Curse Control Ancient Britannia?

The world is in turmoil. Celtic kings hand-picked by Rome to rule are fighting each other for power. King Amren’s former queen, a powerful Druid, has cast a curse that foretells Blood Wolf and the Raven will rise and destroy him.
King Amren reveals to his daughter, Princess Catrin, the grim prophesy that his former queen pronounced at her execution for treason to him.

The gods demand the scales be balanced for the life you take. If you deny my soul’s journey to the Otherworld by beheading me, I curse you to do the same as mine. I prophesize your future queen will beget a daughter who will rise as a Raven and join your son, Blood Wolf, and a mighty empire to overtake your kingdom and to execute my curse.

Last Reunion

In a dystopian 2040, an aging comic joins his surviving high-school classmates at a five-star, lakeside resort.

The Austin, Texas, Class of 1970 has been lured by a failing Social Security Administration’s offer: give up your remaining benefits to spend a free week in unrivaled luxury — pampered, protected, and entertained by one of your own.

The resort’s brochure also includes a final inducement that seems too good to be true:
You WILL be returned to your youth. You WILL be young again.

The Colony

When Lydia first heard him, she thought she was going crazy. But when she realized she could feel him, too, the feelings he invoked in her, pulled her from the edge of disappearing into a void of emptiness and pain. For he was her soulmate, Jordan. And he lived in another plane of existence. Through his words, his tone, and the life that he filled her with, she knew that his feelings mirrored hers. But when he pulled her through spacetime, to be with him in his dimension, she found herself in a world without him. A world, controlled by an artificial intelligence, the Guardian, whose sole purpose was to protect the power source that ran the planet. But it did so, at the cost of all who lived outside of its perfect city. Saved by someone also from Earth, she was brought to the Colony, where she was sheltered and protected from the Guardian, by two advanced races, themselves also from other dimensions. But even they didn’t know how far the Guardian would go to get to her. To survive, she found within herself the courage and strength to fight for her life. But to save Jordan and the colonists from the Guardian, she would give all that she is.

Endless Possibilities

After the tragic loss of her husband, Alexis Mathers packs up her clairvoyant, seven-year-old daughter and heads for home only to find that her grandmother, Evelyn Bozeman, has died in a mysterious accident. As Evelyn’s life was an enigma before her marriage into the Bozeman family, Alexis makes it her sole mission to understand who her grandmother was and the kind of life she left behind.

Although Tyler Jameson grew up on a neighboring ranch, he was a staple on the Bozeman farm, where he, Alexis, and her brother were constant companions – until the day they weren’t. His appreciation for Alexis always stopped just short of flirting, but now that she’s back in town, she’s more of a distraction that he could ever imagine.

The Well House

The Well House: A Man’s Incredible Journey To Save His Pregnant Wife From the Ultimate Evil

Ben Carson’s pregnant wife, Anne, is locked in a coma and Ben is the only person who can save her and the unborn baby … but he has no idea how to do it. Haunted by intense dreams about a small white well house and black flying creatures, Ben has a feeling the visions are important but doesn’t know what they have to do with Anne. One day he meets a mysterious woman who shares information that shakes him to the core: how to free Anne from the force keeping her in the coma. It is through a mysterious well house that Ben finds passage to another dimension, where he locates the dark zone and faces the ultimate evil that holds Anne captive.

The Well House II: The Revenge

The Well House II: The Revenge: The ultimate evil comes to earth in a human body to carry out a sinister plan of retribution against the man who defeated him seventeen years earlier. In 1998, Ben Carson saved his pregnant wife, Anne, from the ultimate evil. Now, in the summer of 2015, the future looks great for Ben and Anne. Their son Taylor is married to his longtime love, Jenny, and they are expecting their first grandchild.
Their daughter, Molly, now almost seventeen, is a beautiful, intelligent teenager. Life has never been better for the Carson family. But that is about to change. The disturbing dreams are back and Ben is terrified. The ultimate evil force has not forgotten what Ben took from him and he is back in human form seeking revenge with the help of a handsome young man who befriends Molly and infiltrates the Carson family.

Earth to Centauri

The year is 2095. Voyager 1, launched in 1977 with its golden record, has been found by someone. They’ve sent a signal back to Earth.

With a newly constructed faster than light spaceship ‘Antariksh’, Captain Anara reaches the source of the signal, the nearest star to Earth – Proxima Centauri. Her crew includes novices such as Lt. Manisha, and seasoned professionals, including Commander Ryan. But before she can even meet with the aliens, Anara must clear obstacles on her own ship, including a recalcitrant Artificial Intelligence and inexplicable radiation, which threatens the safety of the mission.

False Gods

A monstrous evil stalks Cormac in his new role as the Seventh Sentinel. His prime objective is to find and secure supernatural weapons of mass destruction left behind after the Great Flood by the Watchers and their offspring, the Nephilim.
Cormac and his paladins travel to Africa to safeguard his family, battling fiends of awesome proportions along the way and discovering entities that are the stuff of legends and beyond comprehension. The rogue sentinels will do anything to stop or distract Cormac from his sacred quest. The stakes are high on both sides. Life or Death? Hellfire or Heaven?

The Chronicle of Eden Book 1

This is a fictional story of two mountain climbers, Keith Watson and Claire Leung, had an accident on top of Mount Logan and mysteriously time-transported back to the time of Garden of Eden. Little did they know they became a major player in the story of Adam and Eve.
Keith turned out to be the catalyst of knowledge to the Adamites after Eden was destroyed. Claire became a puppet of the Devil. This is the first book of the Chronicle of Eden.

The Apple Tree Blossoms in the Fall

“The Apple Tree Blossoms in The Fall” is the life journey of Carineh — a child, a teenager, a wife, a mother, but most of all a Woman of purpose.
From stories of her parents held-up by bandits; the white donkey gifted by Khomeini; her father’s death from Baptism in frozen waters; the family’s fall into poverty; the miracle of apple blossoms; her love for a man with a secret; camping in Siberia; evading minders in Moscow, to boarding the last Pan-Am flight from Teheran, the Author paints Carineh’s life in a series of vignettes that merge into a colorful masterpiece celebrating victory of love and purpose over deceit and despair.

Amazing January Sale Guide for Mystery and Crime

Amazing Reads

As we enter into New Year what better way is there than to spend the evenings curled up with a book? Here are some great books at amazingly low prices that you should add to your reading list!


Nomad on the Run

Beneath the golden desert and azure seas of Morocco lurks a hidden world of greed, deceit and financial terrorism. But the players are not who you might think.

Lured away from his seemingly idyllic life as a managing director for a major international bank in Toronto, Eric Martin returns to his ancestral roots in Morocco. Tempted by a mysterious offer from a boutique financial firm, Eric soon discovers he has walked into the middle of a whirlwind where everyone has their own secret agenda, and he unwittingly has become the key to unlocking them all. From the broad avenues of Toronto to the mean streets of Casablanca, Eric rushes to discover the truth before time runs out.

Identity Crisis

A missing client, a dead body, the FBI, and the Mob.

How much can one lawyer handle?

A simple domestic abuse case turns deadly when the alleged abuser is killed and Stephanie Ann “Sam” McRae’s client disappears. When a friend asks Sam to find Melanie Hayes, the Maryland attorney is drawn into a complex case of murder and identity theft that has her running from the Mob, breaking into a strip club and forming a shaky alliance with an offbeat private investigator to discover the truth about Melanie and her ex-boyfriend.


If Michael the avenging angel is watching, you’re already dead…

When a typed message quoting the Bible is delivered to Detective Dani McKenna, she discovers a calculated serial killer – stalking his victims before choosing the right moment to strike.

What is the dark secret that Dani’s been hiding for years? Could it be the reason for the murders?

When the case threatens Dani’s sanity, she must battle her own personal demons as well as catch a killer who’s getting ready to end yet another life. But the victims might not be the only ones being watched… Dani’s own life could be on the line.


The plot of Predictable Violence is intelligent and full of twists, with a reveal of whodunit that will shock. If you love gripping detective thrillers with a jaw-dropping ending, this book is a must for you!

Mackenzie Anderson’s husband and two-year old daughter were shot and killed when Mack was only nineteen years old. When the police stopped trying to find the murderer, Mack began working with a private investigator. But, the murderer was a ghost. Mack had no way of knowing then that in a fluke of life she would come face-to-face with the murderer six years later. Now, she must decide if she will risk everything for vengeance.

Murder Will Out


And three times Logan means three times the adventure.

1930s Hollywood wasn’t just moving picture stars and backlots. It was also a petri dish crawling with crime. Power breeding corruption, wealth motivating robbery, and revenge leading to murder. In these three tales, Private Investigator, Tom Logan uses his brains, fists, and caustic wit, to first, take on a mysterious organization called ‘The Syndicate,’ which is usurping territory from other mobs and has placed a target on him, and the female witness he’s protecting.

A Silver Medallion

Human Trafficking terrifies her. Seeing it face-to-face forces her to act.

In 2015, Crystal Moore encounters a slave in Dallas, Texas — a slave trapped not by chains, but by threats her two girls held hostage in the jungles of Mexico will be killed if she escapes.

To naïve Crystal, it’s clear. The children must be rescued first, or the mother will never escape, knowing the brutal man in Mexico would kill the girls.

Crystal would like to forget it, but her conscience will not let her.


The Price of Silence

Trying to put an abusive relationship behind her, Amy Robinson joins a group of young people on a weeklong kayaking trip in the wilderness of British Columbia. She makes new friends, and together they face the thrills of the rapids and the hungry bears.

But the biggest danger facing Amy has nothing to do with nature. Her ex-fiancé Tyler has followed her from Vancouver. He’s on the run from drug gangs and in desperate need of cash to help him flee the country – the cash Amy has saved for her expanding hair-salon business.

Luckily for Amy, one of her new friends is a cop, and although she’s wary of his affection at first, Amy is gradually drawn to Police Detective Ben Malik.

The Stone House Secret

Since reporter Jenessa Jones’ return to her hometown, her romance with Detective Michael Baxter has begun to heat up–but his ex-wife and her ex-boyfriend do all they can to keep that from happening. When a scandalous murder is uncovered on the local college campus, Jenessa is assigned the front-page story.

Her aunt is named as a prime suspect, compelling Jenessa to find the real killer in order to keep her family member from going to prison. As she follows the trail of clues, Jenessa’s investigation puts her life in grave danger. Can Detective Baxter capture the murderer and save the woman he loves?

What Hides Beneath

Hidden beneath a lump of clay and dirt is a very rare art work crafted by a Japanese artist known as a warrior. Two museum curators, who specialize in Asian art say it is valuable but renowned appraiser, Annette Williams claims it is worthless and her words carry weight in the art world. So which is it?

Pete White, an insurance investigator disappears from the museum where he is researching the treasure. Did he uncover its true value or find it’s a fake?

Lieutenant Detective Philip Samyn wonders why he is assigned to investigate a low priority robbery from a museum. Is his boss trying to push him to retire?

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