Simplicity of Life: Why does being Human Complicate Everything?

Steve Leasock


What has humankind done with the simplicity of life? The evolution of our species has induced complexity into our existence. This doesn’t necessarily stem, from our ever-changing and developing human-made environment, but from our misuse of the wonderful gifts of humankind, such as creativity, intelligence, and a higher level of consciousness, which surpasses any other known living being. A somewhat discouraging downside to our species development is that we are also plagued by emotions, conditioning, and the ego, which manipulate, restrict, and corrupt many areas of our existence.

This combination of human characteristics forms the basis of our complexity. The irony is that most of these self-imposed confusions, fears, and complexities are not needed in our daily human activities. This demand to dominate life has imposed an illusion of separation from it.

The forms and objects of our man-made existence content are mostly an illusion. We progressively maintain a behavior that enforces the patterns which were developed throughout humankind’s history. We hold on to unsubstantiated assumptions and beliefs that often only divert our human consciousness from corresponding with the universal intelligence. We have more and more difficulty in finding peace and joy in living.

We have been taught to seek man-made materialistic content to fulfill our supposed emptiness. Many people; including family, friends, and institutions wish to dictate how we should live and what we should think. We are no longer able to enjoy our existence. Mankind is compiled to search and reach for something, anything, to fill a void, which we ourselves created. This illusion is nurtured by the content of humankind’s society. The happiness that does seem to appear from time to time is very short-lived. There is no real substance in many of our human endeavors.

Law of Attraction Shortcut Secrets

Maria McMahon


Why does success always seem to be so elusive — just beyond your reach?
The answer isn’t just trying harder, getting more education, or trying to play the corporate games. Sustained happiness and success in all ten categories of life Including Relationships, Career, Family, Friends, Finances, Health, Life Balance and more, can be yours, if only you know some of the secrets that are already working for others.

The Law of Attraction Shortcut Secrets is far more than a book. It is a complete system to implement the universal laws in your life. The system includes five core Cogni-Fusion MP3s and three Bonus MP3s. It incorporates a multi-disciplinary approach with insights from hypnotherapy, creative visualization, relaxation techniques, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), BWE (Brainwave Entrainment), and subliminal messages with positive affirmations and meditation. This system equips you to produce amazing life changes from the inside out.

By reading this book and applying the Cogni-Fusion Mind Expansion Technology system, you will learn:

• How to identify and break free of self-limiting beliefs
• How to transform your thoughts to attract and to achieve your life goals
• How to maximize your experiences with the universal laws of gratitude, attraction, and abundance
• How to avoid and overcome the all-pervasive “shiny object syndrome” plaguing us today
• How to begin attracting the abundance you deserve in the areas of love, money, health, self-esteem, (or all of them)
• How to overcome the seven critical blocks to your Law of Attraction success
• And so much more…

Chronicles From The Future: The amazing story of Paul Amadeus Dienach

Achilleas Sirigos (Editor)




December 2nd, 1918


I have decided to write a bit every day so that I can tell my sad story, little by little, from beginning to end.

During the first twenty-one years of my life, you would think I was the happiest person on earth. It’s been eleven years since then – eleven unbearable years. The only thing I am longing for now is some solace or something to keep me occupied.
It feels like yesterday, those happy days of craving a never-ending bliss with Anna. It can’t be true that this love has had such a sad and irreparable ending, that Anna has been dead for so many years now, that everything has faded away. No, I can’t believe it. Nine whole years without her…

“Why do you keep torturing yourself by thinking about all that?” they ask me. I understand. I need closure, but it is hard to find.

You do not know. Our love was no ordinary love. We were still at school when we fell in love with each other. Since then I had been imagining her name next to mine.

That man who brought destruction into our lives and sent her to the grave never loved her! He never considered Anna his one and only, like I did. He never saw anything in her eyes.

When I was young, I would stare for hours through my window, which overlooked hers. And when the weather was foul, that is when I would not budge an inch from there! I saw the people hurrying along, smiling at the thought of a warm soup and a cosy bed at home while I was wishing that the weather would continue so that I’d have a better chance of seeing her.

“What is Anna feeling at the moment? What does this colourless world look like through her eyes?” I would think.

And when I saw her in the lamplight, holding her embroidery, my longing became a life goal vindicated, my salvation from loneliness…

Only on holidays did I wish for good weather because a storm would lessen my chances to happen upon Anna and her family in the park. But still, I became nervous. I would have to greet her and it would be shameful for her parents to see me blush with embarrassment.

How happy were the days that followed! Shortly before her brother left the city to study, I got to know him better. He invited me to his home and I went many a time indeed. I swear to God, my acquaintance with Anna was not the product of my own initiative. I never would have found the courage. Those who have loved purely and vigorously in their early adolescence are well aware of that and deeply understand it.

Blessed Inspirations – The Greatest Is Love

Q. M. Herrera




Life is a journey…
To find love,
To find peace,
To find happiness;

Life is a journey…
To find our destiny,
To find our life’s purpose,
To find God and
To become One with our Creator.


Life truly is a journey. We find ourselves constantly searching for knowledge and hungry for information that will help us become wise, but wisdom is not acquired automatically. In this lifetime, we will meet people and encounter many experiences that will serve as great inspiration and building blocks in our growth as individuals. I have learned that we must live our lives, make mistakes, and even suffer losses and heartaches, in order to grow and learn from those experiences. Those experiences, not only help us become wiser over time, but they reveal hidden qualities, gifts or talents about ourselves that we perhaps overlooked or did not realize that we possessed all along.


Our lives continue to evolve each day and we never stop learning. Although the truth may hurt at times, we must go through certain experiences, which allow us to face the truth about ourselves, including truths about the people, relationships and circumstances in our lives. By facing these truths and seeing things more clearly, we are then able to execute change for our better good, resulting in the achievement of peace and true happiness.


Divine Justice: Healing through Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness

Marsha Hankins



What is Divine Justice and how is it different from what we do now? At first glance it might not seem that there is any difference between justice in our 3-D world and justice in the divine sense. Whether it is the belief in heaven and hell, a karmic balance sheet, or other system, most people believe in some form of afterlife reward or punishment based on their performance.

I am going to start with what justice at a higher level might look like. The story of the Babemba tribe of South Africa has been circulating since 1974 based on the work of Leonard Zunin. The story became more widely known when Alice Walker wrote of the Babemba in her book “We are the Ones We have Been Waiting For: Inner Light in a Time of Darkness.”

Many people have held strong to the truth of this story while others have debunked it as a hoax. Either way, the story represents what we are capable of becoming with time, love and compassion. It can work.

According to this story, when anyone acts outside of tribal standards—is unjust, irresponsible, abusive, or disrespectful in any way—the person is placed alone in the center of the village. The other members of tribe gather in a circle around this individual. One at a time, all of the members of the tribe say something positive (and only something positive) about the offender. The tribe reminds this person of all the good things he or she has done in life, of all the good qualities he or she has, and of how much he or she is loved. Everything said must be true. This continues until everyone has said all that can be said, even if it takes days. Then the offender is ceremoniously welcomed back into the tribe. The tribe has very little problem with abusive or disrespectful tribe members.

Son of Man: A Biography of Jesus

Henry H Harris


Chapter 1: A Voice from the Wilderness

A voice cries out: “Clear a path in the wilderness. Make a straight highway in the desert for our God. Let every valley be filled and every mountain and hill be made flat. Let the crooked places be made straight and the rough places smooth. Then the glory of the Lord will appear for all to see. The Lord himself has promised this.”
—Isaiah 40:3–5

Spring–Autumn, AD 29

A religious stupor rests upon the land. Seven centuries have passed since the prophet Isaiah predicted a voice would call from the wilderness to prepare Israel for the Lord’s arrival. Most people believe the old prophecies shouldn’t be taken literally, but some still look with prayerful anticipation toward the desolate lands west of the Salt Sea, where the prophets said a new exodus will begin. “I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her there,” the Lord told Hosea. “I will make the valley of trouble into a door of hope.”

This is a tremendous promise, but hundreds of generations have come and gone, and only the names of the oppressors have changed. “How long, oh Lord?” is the question on the lips of many as the poor become poorer and the weak become helpless. Recently there have been reports from the Jordan River of a Nazarite hermit who is reviving interest in the old predictions and announcing the arrival of the Messiah. “Repent,” John bar Zechariah demands, “for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

Like the prophets before him, his counsel is blunt: prepare to meet your God—He will be here soon. To the poor, who are convinced that only the Lord can deliver them from their hopeless situation, John’s news is encouraging. To others, his words sound more like a warning. Maybe even a threat. John’s appearance is as startling as his message. He’s in his early thirties, but years in the desert have weathered him. His dark skin is cracked and leathery, his beard is long and matted, and his hair is uncut and cascades down his back in thick coils. His body, lean from a diet of honey and locusts, is clothed in a coarse camel-hair cloak that is cinched at his waist with a leather tie.

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