Worlds Within Worlds

Tahlia Newland



Ordinary reality peels away, as if some cosmic hand wipes a film from my eyes. The sounds of cicadas, frogs, crickets and trickling water take on a vibrancy that thrums through my being like a mantra. Ripples from the gentle waterfall spread across the pond, like the vibrations of my mind spreading to all humanity and beyond. Never have I seen trees so luminous with life or such a depth of blue in the pristine sky. The forest and the sky have not changed, merely my perception of them. The limitations of my mind have fallen away and I glimpse beneath the veil.

This is where I belong. This is where I aim to be in every moment of my day. Let the storms of life rage around me. In this, I will remain firm. This is not a thought. It is a knowing. Movement. Like a fish rising from the depths of a clear, still pond, some remnant of ordinary mind surfaces. A desire. Work calls. Someone must put food on the table. I sigh. And the veil falls back as I turn my mind to the mundane.

As a self-employed editor, I make my own work hours, but I don’t always take the time I should for the things I should. Like housework. Argh. Why bother when in a few days everything is dirty again? I’d love a Brownie. Not the chocolate eating kind—though I’d like that too. No. The Brownie I’d like is the Fae kind—the kind that does your housework while you sleep—but it’s dangerous to commune with the Fae world. I don’t believe in faeries anyway. Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell would die if it were up to me.

Worlds Within Worlds Description:

“This is riveting stuff, part magical realism dreamscape, part taut psychological thriller, and I was literally on the edge of my seat when the final twist—and what a twist it is—came around. Phew, what a ride!” Frank Kusy, author of Rupee Millionaires.

This inspirational, transrealist work—a mix of metaphysics, thriller, fantasy and romance—has been awarded the Awesome Indies Seal of Excellence and a BRAG Medallion for Excellence in Independent Fiction.

Imagine living in a multi-layered reality of separate but complimentary worlds—physical, mental, spiritual and technological—when a bully you thought safely tucked away in the cyberworld suddenly appears in your physical world looking suspiciously like your worst nightmare.

Can you stuff him back into your computer? And if not, can the Magan Lord’s daughter from the fantasy book you’re editing, your dreams of a rabid beast and your visions of a Tibetan Yogi help you maintain your sanity and survive the darkest night of your life?

Find out in the double award-winning metaphysical thriller Worlds Within Worlds when all this happens to author, editor and reviewer Prunella Smith.

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