The Mothers Day Mix

Hannah Jenkins


 “My mother… she is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her.”

―Jodi Picoult

Looking for a new book to read this Mother’s Day weekend? Or perhaps a present for the event?

We have come up with a list of good reads for you, with a variety of genres.

Not sure which book to pick? Why not leave it up to our Matchmaker to decide for you. Simply press play on the video below, and pause it at any point.




Her Best Match: A Romantic Comedy by Tamie Dearen

The lovely widow heads off to the Big Apple for a job interview, expecting no more than a few days adventure in New York City, only to find herself with a new job working for the most infuriating man she’s ever met.


Billionaire Steven Gherring is one of New York’s Most Eligible Bachelors, and he has every intention of staying that way. But Gram has other ideas. She’s on a not-so-secret campaign to find a wife for her grandson.


As fearless as she is clumsy, Anne tackles every challenge (including her new boss) enthusiastically, with two lone exceptions… public speaking and recognizing her own feelings. Passions rise along with hemlines as Gram joins forces with Anne, a veteran matchmaker, to find the perfect match for Steven.


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Goddess by R.J. Castille

Leila King leads a double life…

In reality, she is a normal woman with everyday problems. A tough job as the Executive Assistant to an overbearing boss, Mr. Gordon Roth, whose sole purpose in life seems to be to make her life miserable.

As a powerful dominatrix in her other world, Leila takes on the persona of Goddess. In her fantasy world, Goddess rules with an iron fist and it begs for her mercy.

When her two worlds collide one night at the Red Velvet Room, a local BDSM club founded by her mentor and teacher, Master Jason, she is faced with a choice.

Should she play along and usher her new subject into her world of domination and submission?


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The Fireman’s Son by Tara Taylor Quinn

Secrets are burning out of control!

After she broke his heart in college, Faye Walker is the last person fire chief Reese Bristow ever expected to see again, especially as his new EMT. But that’s not Reese’s only surprise. Faye has an eight-year-old son, Elliott, whose counseling at The Lemonade Stand shelter is her first priority.

It’s nearly impossible to accept that she had a child with another man—and married that man—right after their breakup.

Trusting Faye won’t be easy. Especially when she reveals a secret about the boy that might tear them apart for good.


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My Girlfriend is a Vampire by Robert D. Jackson

Larry Evans is an average High School student who feels-out of-place in his small town. Veronique Cartwright is the spellbindingly beautiful new girl in town. Her past is shrouded in mystery and rumors that has the whole High School whispering, but when Veronique uses her looks to distract everyone from her true form, does any adolescent High School boy stand a chance?

Her past is shrouded in mystery and rumors that has the whole High School whispering, but when Veronique uses her looks to distract everyone from her true form, does any adolescent High School boy stand a chance?

An outcast in his junior year, Larry can’t help but fall for this siren as she opens him up to a world he never knew; a world full of hitherto unfelt excitement and a dark horror where vampires and mankind co-exist. Vowing never to leave her side, Larry delves deeper and deeper into her world. But are her charms distracting Larry from her blood-sucking ways, or is it true love?

Vowing never to leave her side, Larry delves deeper and deeper into her world. But are her charms distracting Larry from her blood-sucking ways, or is it true love?


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Child Play Mates by Susan J.Young

This is an enchanting erotic romance novel.

David Atkins and Robin Walsh grew up together as childhood playmates. Separated for years, they meet up again and fall in love with each other as adult playmates!


You will be captivated in this erotic tale that has a twisted fate for the characters involved – including a murder mystery that will have you begging to read and discover the outcome!



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Hurry Moon by Paul Steinberg

Seven year old Dalton Hunter is about to meet the love of his life, not in the new school he has enrolled in and not on the bus ride home. She’ll be waiting for him when he falls asleep.

Once Sienna Snow shows up in Dalton’s dreams, the two children begin their nightly magical encounters. Sienna starts as Dalton’s friend and advisor as he faces challenges during the day. There are new schools, first parties, first girlfriends, an interest in photography that she will encourage, and eventually college.

As they grow up together deepening feelings arise that neither can deny, but that both struggle to resolve. Dalton often worries that Sienna is imaginary.

Their magic nights lead to his career in fashion photography. With Sienna as his inspiration, success comes quickly. The resulting recognition attracts the notice of Samantha Choice, editor of Fashion Expose magazine. Samantha is sexy and intelligent. She decides Dalton is her perfect match. Dalton must decide between his dream girl and the real Ms. Choice.


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Passion’s Vision by Mary Adair

In a time of combat and clash between white settlers and Native Americans in the 18th century, visions point towards an unlikely romance. New Moon, sister to a Cherokee chief needs a strong warrior, at least one stronger than she is. Her impenetrable pride and fierce regrets over the loss of her first husband join force to resist her attraction to an outsider to her tribe. James Fitzgerald has an agenda and a past that presents impediment to his undeniable attraction to New Moon.

Their paths are riddled with difficulty during a time when early settlers and native tribes contested for supremacy, land, and right, even among their own kind. Picturesque historical detail surrounds a love story that abounds with adventure, intrigue and aching struggles of the heart. The enchanting tale of romance between New Moon and James takes readers through a tumultuous time in history when every day survival, expectations of culture and tradition, efforts to thrive in an undeveloped land and even disease lay hold of every opportunity for passion’s vision to soar

The enchanting tale of romance between New Moon and James takes readers through a tumultuous time in history when every day survival, expectations of culture and tradition, efforts to thrive in an undeveloped land and even disease lay hold of every opportunity for passion’s vision to soar.


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Lives Collide by Kristina Beck

 You can plan your life, but sometimes life has a mind of its own…

Following Lisa’s near-death experience as a teenager, she is haunted by the emerald-green eyes of the stranger who saved her life. Her only connection to him is the leather jacket he left behind. Years later, she’s still reeling from the aftereffects of her injuries, convinced that no man will love her once he uncovers her secret. She lives a life of solitude and hides behind her days of monotony. And then James storms into her life.

After James helps a young girl in a car accident, he sets his life course—determined that nothing will stand in his way. Once he accomplishes his dreams, one unforeseen event changes his orderly existence into one of chaos. He spirals downward and can’t summon the strength to pull himself from the edge of despair. Until Lisa becomes a beautiful distraction.

Familiarity and a sense of peace draw them to one another. They soon discover they lived parallel lives that intertwined at the most crucial points. Can their revelations help them face their fears and move forward, or will history repeat itself?


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The Governess: Australian Rural Romance by Victoria Capper

 In Australia, love blossoms in the bush.

Life in the far west is more challenging than Thea expects – men carrying guns, huge spiders, murky water, what will she find next?

She finds Bruce, a very attractive single man who is in desperate need for a woman’s touch to help with his two young daughters.

Attraction is immediate, but can it survive this harsh environment?

A beautiful story told with gentle humour and an authenticity only possible from an author with an intimate knowledge of outback life.


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The Child on the Terrace by Virginia Winters

Anne McPhail, retired pediatrician, shattered by her experience in Bermuda, rents a tiny house in Setenil, Spain, hoping to reconcile what she learned about herself and Thomas after the gunfire in that dark room on the island.

But she sees a child on the terrace of the local cafe who doesn’t seem to belong to her minders and then Ari, the Mossad agent who saved Anne’s life, seeks her out with a plan to rescue the child from kidnappers. Should she trust him?

Three days later, she is on the run with Ari and the little girl, with killers Esti and Sergio on their trail. She glimpses a man she thinks is Thomas. Is he, too in Spain?And why?

How far will Anne go to save Naomi?

From Spain to France to Italy, this is Anne’s most dangerous journey.


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Becoming The Wolf: A White Wolf Justice Thriller by R.H. Neil

 Who is JD Ward?

A farm boy with combat experience as an Army combat tracker.

A rookie police officer, burdened to solve a cold case that’s haunted him since childhood.

And a reluctant vigilante known as The White Wolf. A fierce guardian of justice who uses Cincinnati’s forgotten underground-abandoned since the 1920’s-to wreak havoc on the city’s most violent criminals.

Now the predators have become his prey…

As The White Wolf, JD Ward is pulled back into a world every bit as deadly as the one he’d left behind in the military. He finds himself hunted by a homicidal clan, a street gang, and a federal task force, forcing him to step out of the shadows to save Cincinnati from a cunning plan of revenge and total devastation. And the conspiracy turns out to be more treacherous than JD could have imagined, and more savage than he may be able to survive.


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Petrocelli by John Rachel

Lenny Petrocelli had always been a slacker, a mediocre low-life, getting by on his good looks and street smarts. One day he woke up.

Entangled by his gangland bosses in the web of child prostitution and human trafficking, he was being set up as the fall guy to take the rap, if the horrifying but lucrative enterprise went down.

Seeing the violence and abuse young girls from Asia were subjected to in the gruesome world of sex slavery, Lenny did the most difficult but the most important thing in his entire life: He became a better person. Now he would risk everything, even his life, to put an end to this savage exploitation.

Peer into this awful world. See it through Lenny’s eyes. Discover what’s possible even in the face of the worst, most pernicious evil and cruelty.

Embrace the promise of redemption and the power of love.


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The Isle of Thom

After a day of hot-air ballooning is ruined by a recurring quarrel, Jake and Rinah Richardson drive head-on into a fierce summer squall on Long Island’s North Fork.

Blinded by the flash storm, Jake inadvertently veers onto a narrow road to a small out-island, where they become stranded for the night.

Already furious at him, Rinah adds this blunder to a growing list of offenses. Soon, they realize that the island is not an island at all but a living thing that is slowly taking them out to sea.

Now Jake has to call on his cunning and creative resourcefulness to figure out a way to escape before the Isle of Thom takes them to a deep and watery grave.


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The Runaway Prophet/ The Faithful One/ The Peacemaker by Michele Chynoweth

Modern Day Bible Stories by award-winning author Michele Chynoweth bring stories in the Bible to life for today’s readers with contemporary characters and plots so they can better understand and relate to God’s messages of faith and hope.

Michele’s universally-appealing inspirational novels are filled with drama, suspense and romance and include “The Faithful One” based on the Book of Job, “The Peace Maker,” based on the story of David and Abigail in the First Book of Samuel, and “The Runaway Prophet” based on the Book of Jonah.


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Five Uneasy Pieces by Debbi Mack

1.“Deadly Detour” — a female spy’s assignment goes horribly wrong when a pregnant young woman abducts her at gunpoint. The strange girl takes the woman on a detour that has deadly consequences and bodes well for no one.

  1. “The Right to Remain Silent” — Dan Marinelli is a prosecutor who smells something off about the case he just won. Finding out the truth leads to more trouble than he bargained for.
  2. “A Woman Who Thinks” — Dr. Morris Fein wants to help his therapy patient, Lila, with her debt problem. However, Lila has an agenda they haven’t discussed during their sessions. One that doesn’t bode well for the good doctor.
  3. “The People Next Door” — When you live a cheap apartment with thin walls, what you overhear or notice about the neighbors may be cause for alarm. Especially if your spouse eggs you on about it to the point you have to prove it: a philosophy that doesn’t always pan out well.
  4. “Sympathy for the Devil” — When the beautiful, but naïve, Lainie thinks her husband’s cheating on her, she tries to hire a cheap private eye straight out of Central Casting. Lainie’s situation takes an even more unfortunate turn when she returns home to find her husband in bed, but not sleeping or with another woman.


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Last Seen: A Dr. Pepper Hunt Mystery by J.L. Doucette

 Psychologist and police consultant Dr. Pepper Hunt, struggling to deal with the murder of her husband, leaves the private practice they shared and relocates to Wyoming. There, in the stark landscape of the high desert, there is nothing to remind her of everything she lost and left behind.

Then her new patient, Kimi Benally, goes missing in a Wyoming blizzard after her last therapy session―making Pepper the last person to see her.

She knows the secrets Kimi shared in therapy hold clues to her mysterious disappearance, and she joins forces with Detective Beau Antelope to try to discover what’s happened to her.

But as she follows the trail of Kimi’s obsession with the past, Pepper begins to fear the worst for her missing patient―and her own haunted memories surface.


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Dance Like you Mean it by Jean Skartsiaris

What if you wrote a steamy, erotic novel that was so hot bookstores couldn’t keep it on their shelves? What if you couldn’t tell anyone you wrote it?

At night, nurse Cassie Calabria pens a bodice-ripper novel, using an alias. She sends it to a few agents, then forgets about it. She’s more than surprised when she gets an offer for a publisher to include her book, Wild Rose, in a “summer-of-love special.”

Wild Rose becomes a blazing bestseller.

Suddenly she realizes she can’t let anyone know that she wrote it. What would her children think? Or her own mother, who “taught her better,” and, worse, her husband who would question her made-up fantasies of sex on the beach.

How could she be thrown into the “red-light district” spotlight and still be a good mom?

Unless she went incognito.


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SciFi / Fantasy


Fatemarked by David Estes

The Hundred Years War has ravaged more than three generations of kings, queens, and citizens across the Four Kingdoms. Corrupt rulers dominate. Religious intolerance runs rampant. The cycle of vengeance continues to turn with the seasons.

An ancient prophecy by a legendary oracle has been long forgotten. The prophecy promises the return of peace to the Four Kingdoms on the backs of a chosen few, the fatemarked, individuals marked at birth and blessed with specific magical powers. One shall be the Kings’ Bane, and will bring death to the warmongering rulers, using fear to force peace; another shall be the Peacemaker, bestowed with the rare ability to heal. Opposite sides of the same coin, dark and light, death and life, the Kings’ Bane and the Peacemaker are responsible for the fate of an entire continent.

As they fight to achieve their destinies, adversity will hinder them in every realm: in the frozen north, assassination attempts and a brutal power struggle; in the holy west, a vicious queen and her self-righteous army of warriors; in the mysterious iron-clad forest of the east, revenge and glory rule the day; and in the southern empires of Calyp and Phanes, maturing dragons, slaves, and a civil war.


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The Gift-Knights Quest

Chandra never asked to rule Kensrik, but fate took a strange course. Known as a usurper and sorceress by most and traumatised by all that has transpired, she is forced to make use of the few loyal allies she has in order to hold together her restless empire.

In an attempt to identify and defeat the conspirators who inadvertently landed her in power, Chandra risks putting the lives of many in mortal danger, as well as her own.

Derek is an aimless wanderer – the youngest in a lineage that has long fallen from nobility. He finds himself summoned by tradition to serve a family historically considered his bitter enemy.

As he journeys down the same path a fateful ancestor once travelled, he struggles with personal demons and begins to reconsider his loyalty to the mission.

Duke Lenn found one true cause in love and it cost him everything. His legacy shaped the present in which Chandra and Derek find themselves. Now their choice will shape the future of Kensrik…


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The Crown Princess’ Voyage by Dylan Madeley

Chandra Kenderley is the crown princess of the world’s mightiest empire. She has successfully foiled two conspirators, each with different visions of what her empire should be. In the truest testament to her power, Derek, her greatest and most dangerous enemy, has become a loyal personal guard. Sorcery may be nothing more than a people’s superstition with little basis in fact, but in the face of such feats their beliefs only grow stronger.

Sorcery may be nothing more than a people’s superstition with little basis in fact, but in the face of such feats their beliefs only grow stronger.

Peace in Kensrik will be short-lived. The people still demand more drastic changes to the way they are governed, and even a prime minister sympathetic to Chandra’s plight can’t do better than suggest that Chandra flee for her own safety. How wonderfully convenient that an invitation should arrive from a land not even marked on the world maps of the day, suggesting one place where Chandra might be not only welcome but respected.

That’s what the sender is counting on; the same puppet master who hoped that Lords Merton and Belheff would get the job done. Alathea has plans to reshape the entire world, and they encompass a dangerous obsession with Derek and Chandra. She knows Chandra must accept that invitation. She knows Chandra will have nowhere else to go, and she expects poor bewitched Derek to follow Chandra until Alathea can save him from humiliating servitude…


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A.J.: The Android Credo: Be Useful; Be Human by Joe Dacy

In 2038, a young quantum programmer is given a critical mission: revamp the “Wisp,” the Hard-Wired Human Safety Protocol (HWHSP), which prevents Companion Androids from harming humans.

His second goal is to enhance her human interaction; his third, to find a way to give her emotions, intuition and foresight.

Haunted by the peril of Invasive Automation, some in this world of high-tech marvels oppose android development. Robots have already stolen their jobs; they fear they will become the Servants of the Machine. And they will resort to violence to achieve their ends.

But does a more subtle danger lurk within this hard-science drama? Will amplification of the semblance of humanity in androids result in the diminishment of humanity — in humans?


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The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga by Taffey Champion

 An unsuspecting young man meets a mysterious beauty through a bizarre encounter in Paris, France. After speaking with her, he agrees to live among a secret society of persons called Mystics.

Here, he learns about their secret alliance and their mastery of a spectacular self-defense technique: The Mystery Arts. Soon, Evian discovers that there is no turning back from the path he has chosen.

“Amazing book – combines mystery and spirituality all in one. The author did a wonderful job of truly developing the characters, making you want to get to know them better and follow their journey to the end!” – Amazon review


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I Dream of Fire by Daphne James Huff

 When the world ignores a warning of destruction, it rebuilds itself around the Dreamers that can predict and prevent another catastrophe.

Dreamers are revered, rich, and powerful. They are protected from all the dangers this new world presents.

So when Charlie discovers she has the talent, she’s shocked that her parents want her to hide it.

Her father spends years secretly teaching her the rules and helping those she sees in danger, rather than sending her away to be trained and protected.

Now in her final year at school, with her own future uncertain, she’ll be faced with the choice of following her Dreams… or her heart.


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Odysseus: Bound by Stephen Logsdon

In the year 2164, humanity is expanding outward into the galaxy at an unprecedented rate and has yet to meet up with another form of intelligence to impede its progress. Knowing it’s only going to be a matter of time before it does, it was decided, and at considerable cost, to dispatch ships more qualified to search out and make contact with these unknown civilizations, all in the hope of promoting peaceful coexistence.

It is aboard one of these vessels that we find Lieutenant Barrett Hannom, a navigator who wanted to see more of the universe. With this particular career choice, he would be sitting on a bridge aboard a starship, guaranteeing himself a front row seat on every new star system they entered. Maybe there would be the occasional bit excitement, and maybe it would be intermingled with a whole lot more monotony of the scientific survey, but to Barret it didn’t matter. He was out here at the frontier to explore.

But never in his wildest dreams did he imagine being forced into a fight for his life during a far from peaceful alien encounter. In fact, this first-contact thing had gone so bad, all of humanity’s representatives aboard didn’t know what hit them before it was too late.


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Return to Me: God’s Heart Cry by N.A. Newlan

Return to Me; God’s Heart Cry starts by introducing the prophets, their life, experiences and their messages. It is written in an interactive style that through your imagine allows you to experience what they have and by a series of questions brings their world into yours. For example, how would you respond to being abandoned, found by a king’s daughter and raised as royalty or what if you were eaten by a big fish only to be spit out on the beach, how would you feel?

Would you be calm standing before hungry lions with no fear? Would you stand up for what you believed in even if you knew, if you did, you would be thrown in a furnace to be burned alive? How would you feel and what would you do in those circumstances?

Return to Me; God’s Heart Cry turns to our beginning and our reconciliation. It takes us back to the very beginning where it all started. It shows us how sin entered the world and puts you in the garden for you to be the judge of the events. After you live the events, you see how God provided the reconciliation necessary by sending His own Son. Jesus, God’s Son, lived a perfect life, died on a cross to bear the penalty for our sin, who rose from the dead on the third day and who is now seated at the right hand of the Father. It is through Him and only Him, we have reconciliation with God.


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The Warrior by Joyce Swan

James is sitting at a Ft. Worth intersection waiting for the light to change when he hears the roar of a truck speeding toward him.

Before he can react, his motorcycle is crushed, and he is thrown fifty feet onto the median.

At that precise moment in Dallas, Elizabeth’s sleep is interrupted by a vivid dream in which she witnesses James’ accident.

As she watches him begin to pass from life to death, she extends her hand and cries, “Don’t die if you don’t know Jesus!”

Although neither James nor Elizabeth is aware of the other’s existence, they begin a ten-year odyssey in which their lives are inexorably intertwined, changing their futures and the futures of those they love most.


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Breaking the Silence by Diamante Lavendar

Joan Eastman was born like any other girl. However her life would prove to be a life of great pain…Growing up, she was treated differently by family members, powerless to defend herself against their sexual and psychological abuse. Feeling she had been dealt a wicked hand by the “powers that be”, she spiraled into substance abuse and troubled relationships. She became a victim of addiction and self-hatred.Not giving up, she becomes aware of a greater spiritual being that protects her and she begins to heal. Then she finds herself pregnant. She learns to understand nothing is hopeless; that with a changed view and

Feeling she had been dealt a wicked hand by the “powers that be”, she spiraled into substance abuse and troubled relationships. She became a victim of addiction and self-hatred.Not giving up, she becomes aware of a greater spiritual being that protects her and she begins to heal. Then she finds herself pregnant. She learns to understand nothing is hopeless; that with a changed view and

She learns to understand nothing is hopeless; that with a changed view and self discovery, there is real hope in every situation, no matter how difficult.As she and her husband look forward to the birth of their child, she writes in her diary as a way of expelling all of the evil memories. On bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy, she endures tests and tribulations that at first she couldn’t begin to understand. But no matter how high the hurdles in Joan’s life are, she doesn’t look back, and pulls the pieces of her life together…fr herself and her unborn child.

On bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy, she endures tests and tribulations that at first she couldn’t begin to understand. But no matter how high the hurdles in Joan’s life are, she doesn’t look back, and pulls the pieces of her life together…for herself and her unborn child.


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Right Foot First… by Teddy Crawford

YOU DON’T NEED TO BUY THIS BOOK (EXCEPT AS A GIFT) If, you know for certain (100 % positive) that you are capable of protecting yourself, your children and loved ones, if (God forbid) you were to experience any of the following:

1.You are out walking, with your kid(s) or with family members. Gunshots erupt suddenly around you. You are caught in the middle of a shoot-out between rival street gangs.

2. Midnight. You awake to find a man standing beside your bed, Naked!

3.You surprised someone trying to break into your vehicle in the mall, supermarket or the movie parking lot. The burglar turns at you, crow-bar in hand.

4. You are jogging in the park, and is confronted by someone you are certain fits the description (put out by cops) of the serial rapist terrorizing the neighborhood. 5.You step onto the elevator. Someone slips in behind you, displays a dagger and tells you to go with him up to the roof.

5.You step onto the elevator. Someone slips in behind you, displays a dagger and tells you to go with him up to the roof.

6.Your Limousine is rear-ended. Your trusted body guard suffers serious, disabling injuries. Until the cops arrive, YOU must body guard your body guard! Could you? Buy this book! Read, digest and read again. Feel the new confident you emerge.


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Family Life


Hello, Agnieska

Elise thought she knew her mother. Agnieszka Halverson is a caring woman, a great cook, and an exceptional piano player; but living in a secure, predictable world, she’s also a little dull. Her world is devastated when her oldest son attempts suicide, and Elise finds her mother has a past–both sweet and bitter–that she must now reveal to explain the suicide attempt.

A past rich with a passion for music and shattered dreams, betrayal of a sweet but  tragic first love, second chances and renewed hopes.

Born to immigrant parents weighed down by their roots, Agnieszka takes solace in learning to play the piano, taught by a sympathetic aunt who was a concert pianist in Poland before World War II.

But when her aunt betrays her and her parents cast her aside for violating their traditional values, can Agnieszka’s music sustain her? Can she, at eighteen, build a life on her own?


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Racial Realities and Post-Racial Dreams: The Age of Obama and Beyond by Julius Bailey

Racial Realities and Post-Racial Dreams is a moral call, a harkening and quickening of the spirit, a demand for recognition for those whose voices are whispered.

Julius Bailey straddles the fence of social-science research and philosophy, using empirical data and current affairs to direct his empathy-laced discourse.

He turns his eye to President Obama and his critics, racism, income inequality, poverty, and xenophobia, guided by a prophetic thread that calls like-minded visionaries and progressives to action.

The book is an honest look at the current state of our professed city on a hill and the destruction left on the darker sides of town.


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Historical Fiction


Forgiven by Geoff Lawson

Richard meets the love of his life and moves to a larger provincial town to pursue her, while she is the daughter of a successful entrepreneur and is used to the better things in life.

Rachel is intelligent, cultured and charming, but things are not as well as they seem.

She reaches a low point in her life when she is brought down by rumour and innuendo, but with Richards support all is well until Richard volunteers to fight in South Africa and leaves Rachel under a cloud.

Once in South Africa, Richard is drawn into the murky world of counter espionage and misadventure, where he experiences more excitement than he bargained for and only in the face of imminent death does he realise the true value of what he has left behind.


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That Woman: Beating the odds in colonial New York by Wayne Clark

Illness suddenly deprives 17-year-old Sarah Da Silva and her older brother Jacob of a mother. Before Sarah has come to terms with that loss, her merchant father grows frail and increasingly desperate in the face of impending bankruptcy.

On the rainy night their father scours the docks of Bordeaux, France, to make his final bid to save his family, his children are kidnapped and forced onto a ship bound for New York City where they’ll be separated and sold to the highest bidder as indentured labor.

Purchased by a grotesque merchant whose wealth, backed by a team of henchmen, allows him to dominate the chaotic East River docks, Sarah strikes back the only way she can. Vowing to never allow him to put his hands on her again, she presses a knife to his fat neck.

She demands her freedom, a roof over her head and the means to start a business. Her leverage? Knowledge obtained on the voyage that would bring the big man to his knees forever. He yields to her demands but privately swears to become her worst nightmare.


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Self- Help


Moments of Inspiration: Thought provoking insights to uplift, impact and inspire by Ruby Mabry

Life can be overwhelming at times. It can leave you happy, sad or even confused. We all could use a little motivation and inspiration.

This book is a thought provoking book with short stories and messages encouraging you to become a better person every day.

The author takes you on a journey that is uplifting, inspirational and empowering. It’s a short read that is intended to be read and re-read in hopes of self-exploration, self-improvement and self-discipline. It will leave you feeling hopeful and uplifted.

The authors mission is to stimulate your mind and let you know that a beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. Begin each day with a peaceful heart, positive mindset and spirit of compassion. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.


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The Fugitive’s Sister by Linda L. Case

 Linda made a promise to her brother, Dan, on his deathbed to take care of their younger sister, Becky, in his absence. Two days following Dan’s funeral, Becky’s company was raided by the FBI and shut down.

Ultimately, Becky was convicted by a jury of numerous white-collar crimes and was looking at a sentence of up to seventy-five years in prison. Prior to sentencing, Becky escaped, disappeared and became one of America’s Most Wanted fugitives; then she contacted Linda for help, professing her innocence.

Although Linda was raised to protect and support her family “no matter what”, her dedication and commitment to her sister ultimately landed Linda jail.

As Linda struggled to stay alive and maintain her sanity behind bars, Becky was living the high-life in another country. Intense and intertwined, Linda’s most unusual story of grief and loss, The Fugitive’s Sister, reveals how quickly an American Dream can become an American Nightmare. What happens next is a warning to all…


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Buddha, Christ, and the Eagle: Finding Happiness by Dr. Frances Rinaldi

They used to tell stories about Shangri-La, a land of peace and prosperity hidden in the heights of the Himalayas. In the adventure that lies ahead, Janet Locke doesn’t find the mythical city, but she does find a new, joyous existence up on the roof of the world.

It starts with phone call. An old friend wants to know if Janet wants to join her on a bicycling trip through Bhutan. Janet knows absolutely nothing about the small, central-Asian country. When she looks it up on the Internet, she learns that its gross national product is happiness. Janet, frustrated with life’s challenging moments, decides that this sounds delightful.

After a quick stop in Thailand, Janet is on to Bhutan. She falls in love with the charming country. As Janet ventures out into the wilderness surrounding the awe-inspiring Himalayas, she learns lessons about the many worries she carries. Like so many others, this journey will change her life.

In Janet’s adventure, author Dr. Frances Rinaldi mixes several spiritual traditions, including Buddhism, Catholicism, and Algonquin and Lakota spirituality. Together, they inspire Janet to let go of her worries and be happy and free.


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