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Svetlana Pironko


I have worked with Svetlana Pironko on several publishing projects – from the preparation of manuscripts for book publication to the teaching of fiction writing workshops – and I have found her to be an editor with a solid “big picture” sense of what good books require as well as a mastery of the page-to-page editorial mechanics that bring discipline and precision to a writer’s work.” Kevin Stevens, author of Reach the Shining River


Svetlana has been an instrumental editor for my crime novels. Her insight to genre and literary fiction has been an invaluable resource to me.” Charlie Stella, author of Rough Riders 


When it comes to editing fiction, Svetlana operates with laser precision. She has a way of going straight to the heart of what is right or wrong with a novel; more important she knows exactly what needs to be done to fix the problem. On several occasions I have baulked at her suggestions, only to look back at the result a year down the line and ask myself how I ever thought it could have been any other way.” – Donald Finnaeus Mayo, author of Francesca


Svetlana has an instinctive feel for what does and doesn’t work, and her insights into structure and character development lifted my novel to a much higher level. Simply put, she’s the finest editor I’ve encountered, and I consider it an ongoing privilege to be working with her.”   David Hogan, author of The Last Island


“This highly enjoyable course immerses you in every aspect of making the novel, from character and plot to editing and publishing. You will emerge a more confident, motivated and inspired writer.”  – Liz H.


“You can wait for thirty years for all the pieces of your novel to fall into place, or you can take this course and finish your book within a year, or, like me, you can do both.”   Tom C.



Whether you are self-publishing or seeking traditional publication, this service can help.

It provides the following editorial services to fiction writers:



We read your completed manuscript and provide a written summary on its strengths and weaknesses, including structure, plot, pace, dialogue, character development, and on its commercial viability. We would also answer up to three specific questions, if you have any.


Manuscripts under 25,000 words, €200;

manuscripts 25,001-50,000 words, €300;

40,001-70,000 words, €400;

70,001-100,000 words, €500;

more than 100,000 words: contact us.

An additional phone or Skype consultation can be scheduled for an extra fee, starting at €40 for 30 minutes or €65 per hour.



If you need help with structure, plot, pace, dialogue, character development, we’ll advise you on how to make your manuscript stronger. Content editing is an interactive process: we’ll make comments directly on the electronic file and then go back and forth, by email or via Skype, if you have questions or need further assistance with the revision.

This does not include copyediting or proofreading.

Price: €60 per hour, with an estimate and a binding agreement on the total cost after we read, free of charge, the first chapter or the first 20 pages of your manuscript.



If you have an idea for a book but don’t know where to start, if you are in the process of writing a book and aren’t sure where it’s going, if you have questions about the publishing business (both traditional and self-publishing) and your writing career, we can help.

We can work via email, phone or Skype (face-to-face Skype sessions are more interactive and productive). We’ll answer your questions and offer directions, based on our experience in all aspects of publishing: editorial, legal (contracts, copyright), marketing, translation rights, etc.

Coaching necessarily implies your manuscript evaluation (including work in progress) but doesn’t include copywriting or proofreading.

Price: €90 per hour for coaching sessions plus the following reading fee.

Manuscripts under 25,000 words, €60;

manuscripts 25,001-50,000 words, €100;

40,001-70,000 words, €130;

70,001-100,000 words, €200;

more than 100,000 words: contact us.


Please note that 50 percent of the agreed price must be paid upon signing of the agreement that establishes the terms of our relationship and the nature of services provided.

After you have signed the agreement and paid the advance, we will return a counter-signed copy to you.



About Svetlana Pironko

IMAG0174_BURST003-2An experienced international agent with a deep knowledge of selling rights all over the world, with personal contacts with the English-speaking publishing world. She has direct experience of working with creative writers, publishers, editors and agents in many international markets and languages. She speaks fluent English, French, Russian, and has working knowledge of Italian. Before creating Author Rights Agency Ltd. in Dublin in 2006, she was a director of Lora Fountain & Associates Literary Agency in Paris.

Email address: writing@authorrightsagency.com

How a good Social Media campaign coupled with PR services helped my book become an Amazon Best Seller

Coach Kevin Collins

030906-N-2383B-039 Newport News, Va. (Aug. 26, 2003) -- President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush share applause with Adm. Vern Clark, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), as they watch the Navy's parachute team "The Leapfrogs" perform during a keel laying ceremony honoring the building of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush (CVN 77). This will be the 10th and final Nimitz-class aircraft carrier as it undergoes the first of four ceremonial traditions that will happen throughout the life of the warship. U.S. Navy photo by Chief Photographer's Mate Johnny Bivera. (RELEASED).

The Dirty Locked Away History of the Democrat Party was a title I put hundreds of hours of sweat and research into. Although I sold a few hundred copies as a self-published book, years ago, with a different title and slightly different content, I decided I would re-launch it to really tap its potential. That´s when I decided to get a publicist. It proved a good decision.

Bill McIntosh of Ocasomedia is unlike other PR types I know. Although he has a US phone number, he actually lives in Peru so he charges a pittance compared to many other public relations firms in the US. I have heard of PR people scalping clients to the tune of $5-$6000 for a month and giving little back in return. Bill charged a lot less and did a PR campaign to thousands of media contacts which resulted in a nice bunch of interviews and we reached hundreds of thousands of potential readers thanks to the help of Laurence O´Brien of Books Go Social. Bill also created a Book Review service to get some early reviews-a key task and even took care of publishing the book on Amazon itself and did the promo write up!

with-cover-kaine-2-sensible-colors-book-meme-ecce-copiaMy book was pretty shamelessly political and so, not surprisingly, we conducted a campaign that was just as shameless. Bill created funny, tongue in cheek memes for heavy use on FaceBook, Google Groups and Twitter and email lists. To the media we sent PR pieces that were slightly off the wall (see below lest you think otherwise). We figured, why be boring? So we decided we would stand out. Our launch coincided serendipitously with the 75th anniversary of the famous V for Victory campaign that Churchill made famous so we made use of it in our first press release. When Trump went to Mexico-so did our meme; when President George HW Bush endorsed Clinton we created a meme to go along and when Clinton´s running mate interrupted Trump´s 70 times we had fun with that too-see attached.

We also followed Laurence O´Bryan´s excellent advice to bring the price down to .99 for a while and, thanks to this suggestion and the interviews that Bill set up, we sold a lot of copies and started to go up in our Amazon ranking dramatically. Let me say that some authors have an unfortunate zero sum game outlook on this issue and think they have to recoup their investment so a price cut is out of the question. If you are only selling a few books per month then stop kidding yourself, swallow your pride if that is what is holding you back and listen to Laurence O´Bryan and drop your pricing. You are investing real money in creating your author brand so don’t be cheap.

proof-beating-hillary-living-historyThe results prove what I say. See attached screen shot when our book bested Dreams From My Father by President Barack Obama and even reached #12 on Amazon in its category of Political Biographies Notable People/Kindle.  We also beat two titles by Hillary Clinton-Hard Choices & Living History with her in a huge media campaign to win the White House with all the expected publicity windfall to benefit her book sales.

Let me tell you something else. Lest you think you simply must spend thousands on

everything from a website, book trailer, editorial services, pagination software, promo campaign, book launch and for an artistic book cover you are completely wrong. We did this on a shoe string and with aesthetic standards and methods that a thousand priggish authors would have rolled their eyes over and refused to consider for an instant.

If you´re going to promote a book at all-promote it right and get some help in the process from qualified pros who can help you and have some fun in the process.

Good luck!

Coach Kevin Collins

P.S. You can get your copy here!



Want more readers? Start podcasting: Part 1 – Content and promotion

A.G. Billig


Pokemon-mania and Facebook Live may be the summer craze; but podcasting is here to stay as one of the best tools to build reputation and following. In April 2016, 21% of the Americans listened to a podcast.

This percentage keeps growing. And so does the number of podcasts. Everybody can make one nowadays. There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts on iTunes covering everything from cooking to politics. But only a few are successful.  Those are professionally made, interesting and well promoted.

Follow the guidelines presented in this article and you will be able to create a compelling podcast, which will reflect in the number of your readers and book sales.


To podcast or not to podcast?

podcasting-toolsThere are other benefits to podcasting besides getting more readers.

Podcast can help non-fiction authors establish and strengthen their expert positioning, increase awareness and grow their business.

Podcasts are also a great way to expand a professional network, if you choose to interview other people. Guests may also promote your podcast to their followers and you can get new followers.

.If you write fiction, you can use podcasts to bond with your readers. You can read excerpts from your books or use the podcast as a teaser for your upcoming novels.

You could impersonate one of your main characters, take questions from your fans, or talk about the major themes of your book, as Elizabeth Gilbert does.

With a bit of creativity, a podcast can be a great addition to your marketing tool kit. Please only podcast if you enjoy speaking and telling stories out loud.


Ok, I want to podcast. What next?

 Decide on a topic. It should be something you are passionate about. If you are a non-fiction author, decide which area of expertise you want to associate yourself with and build your podcast around this topic.

 Focusing on a niche market is a good idea. For instance, love is a broad topic, relationships narrower, young adult relationships even more niche and relationship problems for young adults a very tight niche.

 If you write fiction, pay attention to things your readers may also be interested in. You could find ideas in the comments and messages you see online. Think about what will be of interest to current and potential readers.

Either way, social media and discussion sites such as Reddit or Quora are a great place for spotting trending topics.

Know your audience. Identify your average listener’s interests, likes, dislikes and create an avatar. Try to be as specific as possible. You can use Google Analytics, a free tool that you need to integrate into your website. The “Demographics” tab helps you to examine your audience makeup. If you have a Facebook Page, check the insights tool for demographic information about your fans.

 Choose your format. You can have a magazine type podcast with different features, parts of the podcast, or you can have it as a one conversation, a monologue. You could interview other people or you could interview yourself.

 Make an editorial plan. Plan ahead for a series of episodes. Launch the podcast when you have the first three ready. You could decide to release a new episode every week, although two episodes a month is enough for a beginner.

 Make a list of potential guests to interview (if you decide on this format). They should be relevant to your audience and the industry you are in. Don’t aim to interview Tony Robins, if you are in the self-development industry. Start with less known experts, who are in a growth phase, as you are.

They will be thankful and willing to offer their support when you need it.

 Make a promotional plan. All your efforts will be wasted if you don’t promote your podcast.

 Have a schedule of episode release dates and promote each of them. Use your social media channels and even consider advertising with BooksGoSocial. A survey conducted by Clammr Social Audio Discover, revealed that social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter generate 81% of podcast listener growth.

 Prepare your artwork, the podcast descriptions (really important – test them first), your logo, your short bio and your head shot. Please ensure you get a short bio and official picture of your guests as well.

 Record and produce.  If you don’t have the habit of speaking into the microphone, rehearse in advance. Nobody says you have to be a professional radio host, yet your voice should be loud and clear, your words and phrases easy to understand. Use short sentences and apply one of the golden secret rules in radio: smile when you talk. Your voice will sound different.

We will run you through the technical aspects a bit later in the next post.


A checklist of things to get right:

  • After your podcast is recorded, edit it before you upload it online, as you would do for a book.
  • Make sure it sounds professional. Make sure the volume is correct during the duration of the episode.
  • Make sure your are positive about your guests.
  • The recommended duration of a podcast is between 10 and 30 minutes. There are longer podcasts out there but it is hard to provide a one hour high quality content. Our attention span these days, as you know, is low.

Need some help to get started?

12705553_10153990084008982_1030494073006319981_n A.G. Billig, a best-selling author, teaches you create your podcast from scratch. She has +6 year experience as a radio host and producer. She is also the co-host and producer of booksgosocial.com podcast, The Seducative Writers’ Diary – 21st Century Digital Marketing Techniques For Bestselling Authors

 Don’t miss out on our third low-cost & high-value online course – A Master Class in Creating Podcasts That Sell Books – is now available at a low launch price with an 84% discount! To see the details click here.

A.G. Billig is also offering one-to-one coaching for audio podcasts creation and promotion, as well as audio podcasting production services. For a personalized offer, please contact her on e-mail, at contact@agbillig.com.



Going Places in Online Book Promotion

Laurence O'Bryan

BooksGoSocial reports it has helped 1,000 writers


Announces its innaugral Dublin Writers’ Conference

June 26-28, 2015

It has been almost thirty years since Roddy Doyle self-published his breakthrough novel, The Commitments, in 1987. Doyle is one of Ireland’s modern literary success stories.

2015-03-14_1236Yet, in spite of defining moments such as this, as well as developments in the digital world – such as Amazon becoming the world’s leading source for book buyers – there is still something of a stigma surrounding self-publishing.

But with every day that passes and every statistic we see published, that stigma diminishes across the English speaking world.

Authors are now able to publish their works exclusively online, in digital format, ensuring the cost of getting their novel out to readers is kept to a minimum. Times are certainly changing, regardless of the established industry’s resistance and the “head in the sand” attitude of many in the literary world.

These days, anyone with a little bit of grit and online elbow-grease, can get a novel published, and have it up for sale on Amazon in digital format. Sure, there is an argument – one upheld by literary purists and publishing houses, across the globe – that this is a bad thing. They argue that this leads to an inevitable drop in quality, a lowering of standards, and therefore a cheapening of the books which ought to be receiving our collective, reading attention.

irish-handsBut this simply isn’t true. For one thing, there have always been more books for sale than any audience could possibly read.

The argument against making more books available is simply an argument for defending the status quo in publishing, a system which has seen a decline in author earnings to “abject levels” (The Guardian, July 8, 2014) and a 20% rise in publisher’s profits in the past few years, despite all the talk of online competition.

The application of judgement and free will regarding which books to purchase, which books to review favourably, and which books ought to become number one bestsellers, has never relied on there being a lack of choice.

Neither has it relied on the prior vetting of proof-reading interns in large publishing houses with aspirations to be the next T.S. Eliot. It has always relied on the quality of the writing itself, and, almost equally as important, the marketing.

Dickens knew how to hook a reader. He released his novels chapter by chapter in periodicals, and was the king of the cliffhanger. His best chapters ended in the same way the most effectively scripted episodes of House of Cards end – leaving the audience desperately wanting more. This, as well as being a popular literary technique, is a cunning marketing strategy. The success of a book – let’s face it – has an awful lot to do with its format, and its packaging (otherwise, books would all come in plain white sheaths simply stating the title in Times New Roman. We all, invariably, judge books by their covers).

One man who has embraced modern trends in publishing, is Laurence O’Bryan, founder of BooksGoSocial.com, a digital marketing service for books, based in Ireland, but supporting authors all around the world. The service recently passed the one thousand mark in the number of authors it has helped with online marketing.

readingLaurence is one of the few members of the literary industry in Ireland who has not only fully embraced modern developments brought about through digitalisation and the accessibility of self-publishing, but who has also staked his career on it.

His background in marketing comes to the fore here, but Laurence is also an author. It was his experiences in dealing with publishers himself – and their marketing strategies – that made him appreciate the gap in the market for a marketing tool like BooksGoSocial for authors.

“The public decides which books they want to read,” says Laurence O’Bryan, sitting in his offices on Dame Lane in Dublin, next door to the Stag’s Head, where James Joyce often enjoyed a small Irish whiskey.

“My job is to help a book, and its author, to get noticed, to ensure that they are exposed to a potential audience, and don’t simply fall under the radar. But that’s all I can do. After that, the work has to speak for itself. Books have ultimately always had to speak for themselves. It’s no different to previous publishing methods, except that the format, and the means, have changed drastically.”

Laurence is clearly passionate about what he does, and feels it is important to give people the opportunity to have their voices heard and their books read. He deals with authors all over the globe, and the company he has built, which has now helped over a thousand authors worldwide, has full time operations and online editorial staff on call to authors needs and queries 7 days a week. Its promotional services run 24/7, globally, using social media services such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, email and the BooksGoSocial.com web site.

“It’s a lot of work,” he laughs, “but it’s rewarding. It’s wonderful to see the success stories. We have had number one selling authors, whom, had it not been for their exposure through BooksGoSocial, may not have come to light. That’s incredibly rewarding.

I enjoy developing relationships with the authors too. We have a dynamic group for authors on Facebook, and we’re holding a conference for all authors, members and non-members June 26 -28 in the Irish Writers’ Centre in Dublin. This is the only writer’s conference in Dublin this year that we are aware off. By writer’s conference we mean a conference which provides opportunities for writers to learn the writing craft. We will also be live streaming conference excerpts to the 400,000+ followers we have online.”

Laurence, needless to say, is also a great promoter of Ireland’s role in the literary world.

“Even though BooksGoSocial is truly an international service and website, there is still undoubtedly an Irish feel to the company. I’m very proud to have set this up from Ireland. Ireland has an incredible literary heritage. We have always been known as a ground-breaking people in terms of literature. I see BooksGoSocial as a natural step in that trend in our culture. We are at the forefront of the move happening globally towards self-publishing and digital marketing. We are simply helping authors who weren’t selected by traditional publishers for one reason or another, or whose books aren’t celebrity biographies or safe publishing bets, to reach a wider audience.”

“BooksGoSocial has provided its marketing services to a number of incredibly talented Irish and International writers, both self-published and those involved with publishing houses. For example, we work with JJ Toner, a historical fiction writer based in Ireland, who self-published his work late in life, only to go on to be a top selling digital author in the U.S. That was enormously exciting for us. We also work with recognised, critically acclaimed authors such as Catherine Dunne and AD Garrett who are both award winning internationally published authors.”

BNO-EL-stitch-Websml“Our international success stories also include Barbara Devlin, the popular US self-published author who, for example, sold over 16,000 ebooks in January, 2015.”

So what about the future? “We are expanding our team and expect to have a dozen employees by the year end as we build our online marketing programs. Our services now include multi-book video trailers, interactive Facebook ads for books and a rapidly expanding international book promotion email service. Digital marketing is not going away and every other industry is using it. I see no reason why authors shouldn’t also embrace it. And they are. Every day we have more and more authors signing up. It just confirms what I thought when I set up BooksGoSocial – that there was a major gap in the market when it came to assisting and supporting authors in the modern digital age.”


For more on the BooksGoSocial conference see: http://thebookpromoter.com/conference/ 

For more on the books we promote see:


To contact BooksGoSocial email: admin@booksgosocial.com

Or call: +353 86 8369254


5 Dame Lane, Dublin 2, Ireland

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