Books You Should Definitely Read This Women’s Day



With International Women’s Day just around the corner we at BooksGoSocial have curated a list of great books to celebrate and support female authors.


So shed your winter skin and break out one of these excellent reads.



 Quantum Lace by Bella St John

Once upon a time… Sounds like a simple enough way to start a story – and particularly a story about time travel, but what does it mean, ‘once upon a time’? What is time?

Clocks can tell us what time it is, but they cannot tell us what time is!  
The story of time travel you are about to read, while a work of fiction, is largely based on real science, real people and real events.
Where fact leaves off and fiction begins is for you to decide.
“Intriguing! I have never heard anyone presentsuch a compelling notion of how time travel could ACTUALLY work. Makes me want to test it for myself.”
Jonathan McTaggart

.The Enchanted Swans by Christy Nicholas

In pre-Celtic Ireland, Fionnuala was a fae princess, born to a life of luxury. She knew her duty and loved her family. She missed her mother, who died in childbirth when Fionnuala was but ten years old. Still, she had hopes and dreams of love and a full life.

All her dreams were stolen from her, ripped away in a torrent of envy and magic.

Now she must care for her three brothers while learning to live under an evil curse. Will she find a way to break the spell, or would they remain swans, tethered to three places for nine hundred years?

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The Six and the Crystals of Ialana by Katlynn Brooke

Mutant creatures, a Reptilian Dragon King, and a mysterious shape shifter… For fans of epic fantasy, the first book in the Ialana Series delivers a thrilling and fast-paced adventure saga.

The quest, 500 years in the making to find and restore the lost crystals of Ialana, unites six young people who, along with a seventh between the ages of 15-21, were all born with a secret buried deep within.

Guided by a shared dream, they leave the only homes they have ever known and set out on a life-altering quest through a maze of mountain caves and tunnels where they encounter insidious creatures, but none so dangerous, perhaps, as one of their very own.

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 The Long Road Home by Carolyn M. Bowen

Kate’s life was in turmoil after the death of her parents. She’d always been protected and sheltered by them. Suddenly she finds herself with a conniving fiancé living under her roof, a powerful businessman with terrorist ties from across the ocean trying to kill her and more family secrets than most American politicians. S

he was also unaware that a half brother she knew nothing of was about to enter her life. Her situation was getting precarious right at the moment she was least able to cope with it.

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Old Baggage: It’s Never Too Late for a New Beginning by Toni Kief

It took most of her life, but Elizabeth Donovan has finally had enough. Years of a difficult marriage, she has finally fought back. She had no choice but to leave the life behind and face the secret from her youth.

The old life doesn’t want to let go, as she stumbles into the mystery that involves her deeper than she ever could imagine.

Old Baggage is the overdue coming of age for a woman learning to stand on her own..

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La Vita by Don Arsenault

1920. Assunta and her young daughters, Marietta and Maddalena, leave their mountain commune in the Gran Sasso of Italy and begin their journey to the promised better life in America where Camillo, her long-absent husband and father of the girls, waits for them.

The story takes us from the confusion of their departure in Antwerp, the crossing of the Atlantic in steerage, their detainment on Ellis Island, to the mountains of northern New Hampshire where, after the birth of two more children, their better life is cut short by Camillo’s death.

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Hot Lemon and Honey by Catherine DeVrye

‘Information in this book can lead you on the road to success.’ So commented the late Sir Edmund Hillary, first man to conquer Everest:

This book is for you if:

  • You want to reach your personal summit of success; however you define it in your own heart
  • You sometimes make mountains out of molehills
  • You want better balance between your professional and personal life
  • You need a boost of common sense, perspective and inspiration in times of change

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 TouchStone for play by Sydney Jamesson

Charismatic and sexy Ayden Stone is a multi-talented media mogul by day and playboy by night, seducing and discarding women, seeking only sexual pleasure without commitment. He is looking for the love of his life, but is settling for stand-ins—then Fate intervenes.

A chance meeting with shy school teacher Elizabeth Parker triggers a passionate reaction in him that he cannot explain. Unable to help himself, he is drawn to her by a kind of gravitational force.

Up close, he recognises her charm and beauty and is consumed by the idea that they have met before.

.Available now on Amazon!..

Palette of Secrets by Joan Fallon

Nancy Miller, a well-known artist, is approaching the end of her life.

She has been persuaded by her agent to publish her memoirs, and Ana agrees to help, but the task is more difficult than either of them ever imagined.

Talking about her life brings back memories that Nancy would rather forget, and it soon becomes obvious to Ana that there is a terrible secret in Nancy’s past which, if revealed could ruin her reputation and devastate her family.


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 Her Other Family by Edward Dreyfus

HER OTHER FAMILY tells the story of Marianna Bolton, a young, married, LA woman who, after learning that she was adopted by the man she thought to be her father, sets out to find her birth father. She discovers that he is the son of a mafia capo and has a large family on the east coast.

She is caught in a moral and psychological dilemma: should she leave her husband of five years and the comfortable life they created, to become a part of the exciting, though immoral life of la famiglia?

Why after living a law-and-order life, would she even consider giving it all up to become a member of an organized crime family?

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.Soul of a Warrior by Denna Holm

A handsome blond stranger shows up at Kimi Wicker’s place of work claiming to be her mate. But he also claims to be from another world. She does what any sane woman would do in her situation.

She runs.

Tagging along are her two best friends and a feisty tabby cat. No one could anticipate the second stranger showing up, one with a completely different agenda.

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Adirondacks Artemis by D. L. Luke

Author D.L. Luke vividly portrays the intriguing tale of one of life’s greatest fears-being lost in the wilderness. In Adirondacks, Artemis faces not only her present fears but fears for the future with only her dog and past experiences to guide her through her lonely introspection, her strengths, and weaknesses.

Artemis and her dog are left deserted and alone with winter approaching, in the Adirondacks, with only a prayer and a hope for survival. Real and imaginary fears cloud Artemis’s judgment, but not her desire to reach the county road and safety.

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That Melvin Bray by Margaret McBride

A heartfelt story about friendship, hope, and forgiveness: two childhood friends, Maggie and Lizzy, seek self-discovery and personal healing. They ultimately find inspiration after searching to reveal the reasons for Maggie’s lifelong tendencies toward self-denial as the “great pretender”

A courageous book which stirs the soul, this novel demonstrates that the written word is far from silent. This journey of healing undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression, as it not only provides divine inspiration to accept life’s disappointments but also recognition of the compelling power of forgiveness. After all, if the heart truly forgives, there is nothing to forget.

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One Perfect Love by Maryann Miller

Fans of ONE SMALL VICTORY can finally discover if Jenny and Steve can find true love together.

They both want, and need, that special someone in their lives, and the memories of the electricity that sparked between them two years ago are still strong for both of them. They couldn’t act on that chemistry because of professional boundaries that had to be respected between a police detective and a civilian working as a confidential informant, not to mention the emotional wounds they both were experiencing. But the wounds have healed, as much as deep wounds can, and they believe they are ready now. Jenny has gone back to being a mother and flower-shop owner and no longer works for the drug task force.

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Beltway Betrayers by Taylor Marsh

There’s a secret. 
A woman is heard whimpering in a parking garage.
A dark side to the powerfully rich is exposed.
And Alex Gantry is at the center of it all.
After several frightening events that shook Alex’s world, things have settled down.
So it seems…

Elite life coach, Alex Gantry, is enjoying her new life in the Washington, D.C. Beltway. T.J. Gale, who’s part greenpreneur, part leader of a quick-strike unit of former military and intelligence professionals, has set her heart aflame.

Alex and T.J. are in love. Enter Jett Spence, a man who once was part of T.J.’s world but who is now an unknown, because no one can tell whose side he’s on.

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Cooks, Crooks and a Corpse by Maria Grazia Swan

Can’t resist lighthearted comedy dressed with a little mystery that never takes you down a dark road?

Good, because that’s what you get when you put two hot Italian imports together. Meet the hot pink Fiat 500 and its owner, real estate agent Monica Baker.

Now stir in a dead body, a caterer about to lose her license, a real estate office coming off the rails, a goofy Great Dane, and a lively heroine who can’t help falling for the brooding bad boy. This is the world of Monica Baker: a high-speed mystery with a serving of mischief and a side of laughs.

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My Perfect Life at Cornish Cottage by S J Crabb

A deliciously romantic and humorous read about love, loss and starting again.

Sophie Bailey is your typical yummy mummy. She lives in a small village where life is all coffee mornings and party plan.

You may think she has the perfect life – she certainly did until she woke up one morning and her husband dropped a life changing bomb into the mix. Maybe I should let her explain.

A bittersweet love story that will have you laughing out loud before crying into your latte. When life explodes around you who can you really count on?

This is a story of shattered dreams and broken promises. When life deals you a hard blow you have no choice but to carry on. Throw in a mad dose of humour and you can get through anything. Can’t you?

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Healing Bear by Amber Belmont

Are some people too broken to love?

When the rudest man she’s ever met storms up to Abi Palmer’s stand at a wedding fayre, it’s hate at first sight. There’s absolutely no way she’d ever do anything for Nathan or his family. So what if he’s tall, dark and alpha? She’s had more than her fill of shifter ego.

But when she’s forced to spend more time with him, she gets to see a different side to Nathan, a softer, gentler side. Abi wonders whether she can heal this broken bear’s wounds.

Will Nathan be able to melt her heart or is it just another one of his games?

Available Now on Amazon!

Calling All Women: From Glass Slipper to Glass Ceiling by Cristina Carballo-Perelman M.D

The author challenges today’s woman to become empowered in this compelling and dynamic book.

Why have women not achieved equality in socio-economic, educational opportunities, voting and health? Why do men still outnumber women in positions of power? How can we change these perceptions and realities forever and create a new world for future generations?

A MUST read for women!

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Before the Darkness by Annette Creswell

In pre-World War Two London, Penny works as a maternity nurse at the Royal Women’s Hospital.

Happy in her work and with two really good friends and several doctor suitors, little does she realise how her life will be changed by a chance lunch-time encounter.

Who is the ruggedly handsome man who helps her? And how will their lives entwine as the war clouds gather?

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Alone by Laura Burke

The killer is terrified that everyone they meet will somehow know what happened, will know their shame. And so, they pave the nation’s seminars with the corpses of physicians, believing only the deaths of their tormentors will finally set them free of their debilitating fear of humiliation.

Detective Masson and Tara finally find themselves alone together for a long deserved vacation in sunny Miami. During their first night, they cross paths with a physician attending a seminar in their hotel who feared she was being stalked. Her fear weighs on their minds and tarnishes their efforts to enjoy their vacation. Immediately upon returning home to Chicago, Masson receives a call from FBI Agent Wright.

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Beyond Death: The Afterlife Series Book 1 by Deb McEwan


“With so many supernatural tales on the shelves it’s hard to find something genuinely original yet Beyond Death fits the description well, with author Deb McEwan bringing a distinctive new voice to this ever popular genre.” Book Viral

What really happens when we die? Claire Sylvester is about to find out.
In her strange new world Claire watches the secret lives of those she loves unravel, while deciding who deserves to be saved.

And more than she knows depends on her actions, and those of her unlikely partner.
‘Beyond Death’, a fast-paced paranormal thriller of life, death, deceit and danger.

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The Band 4: The Air We Breathe by Marguerite Nardone Gruen

Marguerite is on holiday in London, finally free after 27 years of feeling like a hostage to her strict and overbearing parents. Also in London, and struggling with his thoughts of freedom, is Chase Martin―one fourth of the most successful band on the planet―who knows that freedom can only come at the expense of his band-mates.

They come from completely different worlds, but when those worlds collide―on a rainy night in a small coffee shop―nothing will ever be the same again. Before ever laying eyes on him, his pain and anxiety somehow reaches her, and she feels moved to alleviate it… to offer comfort, which he desperately needs.

After years of performing with his band-mates, they are closer than brothers. They are a part of one another, and the compulsion he is feeling to separate from them, is tearing him apart.

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The Naked Nymph in the Dark Flicker by Ray Dyson

Rachel Ann Maddon is about to become America’s next great movie star. Adored by the camera, loved by her public, beautiful Rachel Ann has it all, including a dark secret from her past that threatens to blow up her promising future when her mentor and lover—a man old enough to be her father—turns up dead. Did he fall or was he pushed? Or did the bullet in him do the job? Either way, a homicide investigation will be deadly publicity for Rachel Ann and her family.

Rachel Ann’s movie studio switches into high gear to protect her teetering career, but then Neil Brand, the studio’s security chief, uncovers a blackmail scheme over illicit sex films that threatens other major motion picture stars. As the heat builds, the rich and powerful scramble to get out from under.

That’s when the bodies begin to pile up.

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Relentless Alien Eyes by Nina Hann

Byron wondered why the beautiful Margaux seemed so different? What is it that makes her so special and alluring. Why can’t he stop thinking about her?

A mysterious loner, she had already made it clear that she was not interested in romance, but that did not deter him from trying to pursue her. Eventually, the star-crossed lovers fall deeply in love only to be separated by a chance encounter with a blinding, white light from above. Several years later, they cross paths with each other.

And yet, Margaux, still traumatized and confused by her memories of the huge, dark eyes, made it all the more difficult for Byron to rekindle their love, a love that never really faded with time. As Margaux and Byron grew closer together, they soon found themselves haunted by the inexplicable secrets of their past. Secrets that will ultimately change their lives.

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Lick-it Man by Camille Carida

After a radioactive lollipop turns Beaver Sparker into LICK-IT MAN, women all across the globe are empowered with “enlightened orgasms” and men have the perfect role model.

Author Camille Carida creates a hilarious, smart, and sexy laugh out loud full-color 65 page graphic novel.

Beautifully illustrated by Marvel and DC Comics artist Joe Quinones, this award-winning ebook is a playful and twisted comedic take on the superhero genre combining bawdy sexuality, tongue in cheek humor, and tinges of political satire.

Available now on Amazon!

Beats Me: Love, Poetry, Censorship, from Chicago to Appalachia by Maryrose Carroll

BEATS ME is quintessentially a love story and a “fascinating account os some of the most vibrant, stormy and controversial times in American literature.”

Combining literary history with very personal drama I tell the tale of my husband, Paul Carroll, and his exploits with the censorship of his little magazine, Big Table, by The University of Chicago and the attempted censorship the U. S. Post Office in 1959. His stories, told to me nightly, progress like Scheherazade’s through the course of the last year of his life when he learns he is dying from cancer.

His wounded friendship with Allen Ginsberg evolves over the course of three decades. Allen is pivotal in the first publishing of excerpts of Naked Lunch in Big Table but dictatorial in his directions of how Paul should write his poetry.

Available now on Amazon!

Hotline to Heaven by Darrell Bain

Darrell considers Hotline To Heaven one of his best books, and quite different from anything else he’s ever done. Humor, chicanery, sex, betrayal and romance, along with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end. It has such a fun plot that it will even have you wondering who you should be cheering for, the rascally villain Ed Tanner, or the innocent young Violet.

“Bain’s characters march across the pages to his fast paced drumbeat to conquer and charm, despite their very human faults and foibles. Hotline to Heaven is a story peppered with the special wit and humor author Darrell Bain fans have come to expect, and spiced with the unexpected that is sure to have new readers joining the fan club.” — Charlene Austin, Writers and Readers Network.

Available now on Amazon!

Georgina: Holocaust Survivor Stories from the Darkest Days of the Holocaust by Gabriella Kovac 

An Incredible True Story of Survival Audacity and Deception from the Darkest Days of the Holocaust. December 1944 whilst heavy snows fall over Budapest and soldiers battle for the streets,

Georgina a young Jewish woman, is nearly starving to death with her new born son. The battle outside is one of the most savage in the entire war. She knows that to go into the streets is virtually a death sentence or rape, but she must find food within the next few hours or her baby will certainly die. For Georgina there is no choice. Alone and completely vulnerable she heads out into the freezing cold.

Georgina My Mother’s Story is an incredible true story of one woman’s bravery and daring in Hungary during the Holocaust and through the brutal communist regime beyond. It’s the story of a carefree young woman thrust into the worst tragedy in human history- and emerging triumphant.

Available now on Amazon!

My 18 Year Weight-loss Journey by Irina Dura

How I Finally Lost 35kg (77 Pounds) While Still Enjoying my Favorite Food!

This book is ideal for those that are struggling to lose weight and need motivation and inspiration from someone that understands the pain and frustration of dealing with obesity and weight-loss.

You will learn from my mistakes, what has and hasn’t worked for me, this alone will save you so much time, pain and frustration!

Learn about the simple strategy I use daily to re-start my metabolism each day and beat weight-loss plateaus. My strategy is not a diet it is a life-style and is designed to help build healthy habits for life.

Learn the first step I had to take which was crucial to my success and has to stay with me for life.

Available now on Amazon!

Professional Performance 360 by Joseph Marcius

“You can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”-Napoleon Hill

The Professional Performance 360 Special Edition: Success authors and entrepreneurs in this book may be considered the offspring of those ambitious goals: Success and Achievement. In this compilation, they share their experiences (both successful as well as those to avoid) to help others better understand the prerequisites of success.

This careful selection of experts highlights the qualities that are required to achieve goals-regardless of their nature. The reader may note that it is no different mindset to set aspirations for lofty goals or down-to-earth ones. In fact, some experts need to work their way up to higher goals while others have a mindset to go for broke-and both make it work!

Available now on Amazon!

Like I Used to Dance by Barbara Frances

“Our kids, my, my, Gracie, where did we go wrong? One marries God, another a Jew, and the last one, the devil!”

Texas, 1951. The Wolanskys—Grace, Bud and their three grown children—are a close-knit clan, deeply rooted in their rural community and traditional faith. On their orderly farm, life seems good and tomorrow always holds promise.

But under the surface, it’s a different story. Grace is beset by dark memories and nameless fears that she keeps secret even from Bud. Their son Andy has said no to becoming a farmer like his dad and, worse, fallen in love with a big-city Jewish girl. Youngest child Regina is trapped in a loveless marriage to an abusive, alcoholic husband. Even “perfect” daughter Angela’s decision to become a nun takes an unforeseen turn.

And then Ceil Dollard breezes into town.

Available now on Amazon!

My Main Mother by Barry Beckham

My Main Mother” is a novel about growing up. Without a father. With a mother who is beautiful, promiscuous, avidly ambitious. In a small town in Maine. In the human jungle of New York.

Growing up defiant and scared, happy and torn up. Growing up black. And growing up human. It is, quite simply, one of the most remarkable novels of the 1960s, and Barry Beckham’s first at age 25 to start his distinguished career.

“The scenes of Harlem, of how it feels to be a black getting a flat tire on Times Square, of encountering a homosexual in the Village, of street gangs and boarding houses, of the ironies of racism, are fantastically vivid and compelling.” -The New York Times

Available now on Amazon!

In Love’s Time by Lilian White

Sweeping through the 1800s, through the despair of poverty and the glory of hope, through shepherding on a croft, through the atmosphere of Fort Worth and Texas to war-torn France and Europe, from modern Brisbane to heady New York City, In Love’s Time is as ageless as the aborigines’ dreamtime; it takes you from tragedy to the triumph that occurs when fortes fortuna juvat (fortune favors the brave).

For Catrine Stewart, it a time of discovery and intrigue…

Available now on Amazon!

Ignoring Gravity

Sandra Danby

ignoring gravity



There was a sharp slap followed by a cry. The sound of an animal echoed in my ears and my soul and my empty womb and didn’t fade.

‘4lb 3oz. Girl. Write it in the Statement Book, then take it away.’



Someone took her by the arm, forcing her to sit down. Breath warmed her cheek. She was icy all over. She could see nothing, nothing except one word written in the diary.


Suddenly pain, starting at her cheek and spreading through her head. Again, and again. Each slap beat that word deeper into her unconscious.


Rose Haldane fell off the edge of the world.

Boundaries Redefined

Bhagya Chandra



The Darshan International Hotel buzzed with activity as the staff diligently prepared the venue for the day’s meeting. The project manager, Mr. Ayub Khan, scrutinized their progress, eyes flitting every now and then to the entrance, which Mrs. Thomas, the secretary to the managing director of Sharma Industries, was due to breeze through any minute.

The impeccable service, elegant interior décor, exceptional dining options, and immaculate external appearance made the Darshan International a preferred choice for Sharma Industries’ annual meetings. The hotel offered a balanced blend of ancient sophistication and modern convenience. Mrs. Thomas arrived early in order to inspect the arrangements. A lively and upbeat Anglo-Indian lady in her fifties with slightly graying hair, she’d been working with Varun Sharma, the managing director of Sharma Industries, since the beginning of the company and took great pride in organizing the annual event.

The spacious rectangular conference room could accommodate over a hundred and fifty people. The plush-backed chairs formed two columns on the carpeted floor, facing a purpose-built stage with a large white screen to one side. Mrs. Thomas projected the presentation on the screen to test for alignment and clarity, and, once satisfied, made sure the lighting and temperature in the room was ideal. She paused and looked around, pleased all was in order.

The food arrangements were a feast for the eye. Pastries, tea, coffee, and pitchers brimming with fruit juice awaited enticingly on tables lined up along the back wall. “Mr. Khan, please ensure the tea and coffee are continuously refilled and that the beverages are hot,” she said as they walked to the dining area. Mrs. Thomas quickly glanced through the menu and confirmed it with Mr. Khan. She inspected one last time, then with a warm glow of satisfaction walked back to the conference room to take charge of the presentation.

One Summer in Montmartre

Teagan Kearney

one summer


Chapter One


Life is unfathomable in its infinite variety. People come and go, loving, hating, making babies, laughing, crying their tears, caring and not caring as they live their lives till death arrives. On the whole, we view our own lives as the most important.

London, May 2007

Anna was indifferent to the clamorous sounds of the city, focusing on the click of her heels as she walked. She kept her head down and her attention fixed on the pavement, diverted on occasion as a pair of flamboyant shoes flashed passed. Even the smell of freshly ground coffee failed to tempt as it teased its way through the air chasing a flirting drift of newly baked bread. From time to time, she looked up to check her direction, trying at the same time to ignore the hurrying passers-by. She avoided looking at shop windows—she did not want to catch sight of herself.

Anna did stop once, when a window display caught her eye. She was mesmerized by the long swathes of pure white cloth, before noticing her reflection in an oversized gilt edged mirror in the centre. The black jacket and skirt she wore did her no favors. Her hair, bright auburn in her youth, now fading and tired, was scraped back in a bun, although several strands had escaped and fluttered around her face. Her pallor, the dark shadows under her eyes made her look wraithlike and ghostly. She wanted to retreat into her inner world, away from the noisy bustle of pedestrian and motor traffic.

Anna had postponed this trip after the sudden, shocking death of her son, Jeremy, in a car accident six months ago, until she surrendered to the fatalistic realization that each day would be no different from any other. Jeremy had loved spring. A shame it wasn’t raining, because then no one would have noticed a tear or two, but the fresh spring day with chubby white clouds scudding across a blue sky and air that was apple crisp with promise, meant she needed to work harder at the pretence of normality.

The old fashioned bell tinkled as she opened the narrow door of the art restoration shop tucked away in a corner off Belmont Mews. Sighing with relief, she gratefully accepted the peaceful respite offered by the dark comforting interior. She had come here for a purpose. The world reconfigured itself back into an identifiable place where she could function.

Mr. Bentonly popped out from between the faded purple velvet curtains which separated the front of the shop from his workspace. He adjusted his glasses, his careworn face creasing into a smile when he saw his customer.‟Ah! Mrs. Seeger. How good to see you! I hope you and the family are well?”

A sliver of panic edged itself into her awareness. What should she say? The truth? She didn’t need to hear the same respectfully polite phrases trotted out where they ran needle like along well-worn grooves rasping at her grief. People were sometimes uncomfortable when a truth they were unprepared for was laid out too bluntly. And whereas she and Greg had used this particular framing shop for many years, this was a business relationship.

“We’re fine, thank you.” She hoped her clipped tone would discourage conversation.

“And the children? I expect they’re grown up and flown the nest?” His mild politeness hurt.

“Oh yes, off doing their own thing.” She pushed down on the emotional wave swelling in her gut. For a second she was back in the church, standing at the end of the pew next to Jeremy’s wreath covered coffin. She’d been so medicated she hardly managed to stand‒Greg’s hand under her elbow held her upright‒and the one image impossible to eradicate of Jeremy’s broken remains in the coffin. Her prayer, then and ever since, was that his guardian angel had taken away his pain and eased the last few minutes of his life. Please God, she begged, no more questions. “Does the frame do justice to the painting?”


The Geometry of Love

Jessica Levine





I was in the old Barnes & Noble on Eighteenth Street—the original, quirky haven, half on one side of the avenue and half on the other— looking at the remaindered poetry, when I noticed a man wearing two collared shirts, a red one on top of a white one, with the sleeves pushed up. I’d once known someone who dressed like that.

“Michael!” I cried out.

He looked up. He was unshaven and slouched as he’d always been, and a little heavier and grayer, but still handsome enough to stand out in a crowd. A tall man, with a large, important-looking head and an arresting gravity of expression. Just what you’d expect a struggling composer to look like.

“Julia!” he exclaimed.

We stared at each other across the remainders table for a long second. I knew Michael well. While a graduate student at Yale a decade before, he’d shared an apartment with my boyfriend, Ben.

“Wow,” I said, as he came over and gave me a hug.

“You look beautiful! I almost didn’t recognize you. I mean, you were always beautiful, but now, with the makeup and the shorter hair, you’re gorgeous.”

“You look good too,” I said. “But what’s that?” I dared to touch the long scar starting at the jawbone and running down the left side of his

The Pink House

Trish MacEnulty



From the Journal of Nicole Parks


I promised Lolly that I would write the story of my time in prison. She said I should call it a memoir, so here it is. Some of it is from my journals, and some of it I remember though there is plenty I have forgotten, thank you very much. But what I can’t forget is Lolly Johanssen and what she taught us in her classes. Lolly inspired me to be a writer. Some people go to prison and end up finding God. Lolly helped me to find me.

I was in prison for possession of narcotics and for carrying a concealed weapon—an unregistered firearm at that. But what you need to know about me is that I am not, nor have I ever been, a dope fiend. I have never done any drugs, have never stuck any drug-type substance up my nose or in my arm, and have never even smoked a blunt. To tell you the truth, I pity addicts because their lives do not belong to them. They belong to the drug. I should know because even though I never touched drugs or smoked a nasty cigarette in my life, I had my own addiction: to a man. A smooth as melted chocolate, sweet-between-the-sheets man named Antwan. And that’s how I wound up in this place – this prison with its pink painted buildings up in the middle of Nowhere, North Florida. Sometimes we joke that it’s a grand palace, and we’re all a bunch of ladies in waiting, waiting, waiting.

In some ways prison is just like any place else; there’s a game to it. You can be all cool and rebellious and you can do every single day of your time and then some if they can figure out more charges to put on you. I have seen that happen to many a stupid-ass woman. They sneer at the C.O.s and refuse to do their work and get written up and locked down every day. They know they are the shit. I decided right away that wasn’t the way I wanted to play the game, and I got put into a different category. See, even those people who run the prison are willing to cut you a little bit of slack, well not exactly cut you slack.

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